Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fall scents to awaken your inner Goddess according to your Zodiac sign


Fall is a most bewitching time. Shorter days, and longer nights remind us that the veil between the world of the seen and unseen grows thinner as we wind down the Wheel of the Year. It is a time to work your personal magick and what better way is there than to leave the memory of your scent behind wherever you go.

Scent has always played a part in magickal workings since the herbs, flowers, roots and resins hold within themselves potent vibrations of energy. The aromas awaken our primal sense of smell and logs into consciousness as a memory.

Adorn your inner goddess with fragrances that signify the mysteries and working of your personal magick.

Below are suggested perfumes for each zodiac sign. If you know your Venus sign you can also wear that scent too.


Aries is the bold initiator, and pushes through obstacles. A fantastic fall scent for Aries is Tom Ford’s, Fucking Fabulous. The notes of almond, tonka, orris, cashmerar,leather ,and clary sage are a blend of strength and beauty, just like an Aries woman.


Taurus is loyal and steadfast. You can count on them to be your honest "go to" person when you need a grounded sense of advice. Byredo, Gypsy Water, is the perfect scent for this earthy sign ruled by beautiful Venus. Hints of bergamot, incense, and amber resonate to Taurus’s serene nature.


Gemini is inquisitive, flirty and fun. Marc Jacobs, Daisy is youthful, fun and innocent with a note of warmth. Violet leaves, wild strawberries, jasmine bouquet, touched with a base of musk and vanilla infusion. It is spirited and fresh like Gemini.


Cancer is sensitive and intuitive Pure Grace by Philosophy shimmers with notes of. bergamot, water lily, lavender, jasmine, cool greens, and musk. This scent resonates with Cancer's deep etheric nature and loving heart.


Leo is dramatic, creative, and fierce. Chanel No. 5 is an all-time classic just like Leo. With notes of neroli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, amalfi lemon and aldehydes adorned with middle notes of iris, jasmine, orris root, rose and lily-of-the-valley; on base notes of vetiver, musk, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, amber, vanilla and civetta  No one can dismiss the chic, commanding presence of Leo.


Virgo is practical, analytical, and fastidious. They are as reliable as the morning Sun. Marc Jacob’s Perfect is the scent that fits Virgo the best. The scent is feminine and modern, with an unexpected floral. Top notes are juicy rhubarb and bright daffodil. The heart not is almond milk with a base note of cashmeran. Perfect for Virgo.


Libra is all about love, beauty and balance. Jo Malone's Red Roses is a voluptuous blend of seven of the world's most exquisite roses. With crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon, it unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Clear, balanced, and romantic like Libra.


Scorpio is deep, intense, and Sexy. Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Black brings Scorpio into the full mystery of their essence. Nirvana Black is a bold, addictive blend of violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla. Edgy and sexy like Scorpio.


Sagittarius is spontaneous, freedom loving, and sporty. Burberry Sport perfume has notes of magnolia, honeysuckle, sea salt, mandarin, cedar, and musk, which resonate with Sagittarius's true vibrant nature.


Capricorns are traditional serious, and drawn to timeless elegance. First by Van Cleef & Arpels captures the sophisticated nature of this sign. The top notes are aldehydes, mandarin, blackcurrant, peach, raspberry, and hyacinth with haunting middle notes of tonka, oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, honey, and civet which gives this fragrance an extraordinary power to command attention in an elegant way.


Aquarius is unusual, a trend setter, and a true bohemian. Chloe' Nomad is a blend of mirabelle, bergamot, lemon, and orange with middle notes of freesia, rose, jasmine, and peach nestled upon base notes of oakmoss, amberwood, patchouli, sandalwood, and white musk. It emphasizes Aquarius's free exotic spirit.


Pisces is intuitive, artistic, dreamy, and mystical. Christian Dior's Hypnotic Poison is a blend of bitter almond, caraway spice, sambac jasmine, cinnamon, tuberrose, vanilla, musk, mosses and jucarunda wood which encompass the femininity and bewitching nature of Pisces.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Age of Piscean illusion and magicians gives way toward the golden Age of Aquarius

 Excerpt Chapter8-The Book of Transformation
The New Golden Age: From Indigos to UFOs and Beyond
As our solar system transitions from the Age of Pisces (illusion and religious dogma) into the Age of Aquarius (advanced, intuitive technology; humanitarianism; and  exploring other star systems in space) our consciousness will be tuning into a higher frequency in a process that our creators and the great civilizations of the past—particularly the Mayans—had long foretold. The part of our DNA that codes to the spirit gene was deactivated centuries ago for fear that we would misuse the advanced psychic aspect of our nature. The “fall” of humanity into the lower dimensions of consciousness meant that we were trapped for centuries under the veil of false illusions that blocked any activating light or energy from getting through. Earth’s electromagnetic grids which were held captive by the heavy, negative fear vibrations which were mirrored back down to us as reversals and illusions. The illusions “worked” for a time because multiple sources of information were pitted against each other to cause confusion, and with confusion there can be no light, no clarity. These conflicting sources of information left the human race completely at the mercy of matter because reality was based only on what could be experienced with the five senses.

The gig is up. Due to the precession of the equinox into the constellation of Aquarius, the dormant codes within our DNA will now automatically be tuned in and turned on to the brighter light and frequency coming into the world as part of this amazing transformation. Our perception will now be guided by our internal psychic source, allowing us to see the truth that transcends all physical matter. The electromagnetic grids on our planet will also be altered and refined, which will inspire the consciousness of our planet to ascend into a higher dimension. This shift will outshine all fear. Fear will not diminish completely, but we will now be able to understand and manipulate it as a frequency instead of a fact. We can dial down the volume of this harmful frequency in the same way that we turn down our radio. The Age of Piscean illusion and magicians gives way toward the golden Age of Aquarius as we embark on a spiritual journey that awakens the true spiritual mystic in all of us. Our enslavement to the material world will finally end as we evolve and wake up to remember who we really are—spirits from one ultimate Source. This is the end of materialism as we know it.

The source of this upgrade will be the stellar frequency package of Aquarius, comprised of  Alpha Aquarii (Sadalmelik), a giant star with a diameter 100 times that of the sun; Beta Aquarii (Sadalsund) , the brightest star of the constellation, shining at magnitude 2.9; and Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia), a spectroscopic binary that shines at magnitude 3.8. Their Arabic names translate as “luck of the king”, “luck of lucks”, and “lucky star of hidden things,” respectively. These three heavenly bodies combine to create the luminosity of about 25 suns. The intensity of this light will further activate our additional strands of DNA. It may even allow scientists to identify the “spirit code” or “God gene” in our genetic make-up.

The first computers were the precursors to the lightening-fast communication we now enjoy when we surf the Web or e-mail our friends. Now, through your advanced senses you will be able to connect telepathically into the world-wide consciousness. Ultimately telepathy will replace all other means of communication. We are the new technology. This is all very Aquarian. On a related note, I wonder if the 1960s musical group The Fifth Dimension understood the synchronicity inherent in their name, or that it is the dimension associated with the Age of Aquarius., a song that they made popular.

From Separateness to Unity
Planet Earth and her inhabitants will once again experience life as it was before the “fall,” when humanity was thrust into the abyss of the lower dimensions of consciousness. The higher band of frequency coming into Earth’s atmosphere is enticing and magnetic, and will fill the world with a new energy. Once you begin to sense how you can move and flow with energy you will never again want to go backward and attach yourself to the slower, dense energy of matter. Matter will still exist, and your physical body will still function in a material world, but you will now be driven by a higher, more psychic creative consciousness. You are like a baby all over again, learning to make your way in and even manipulate this new world of energy for the very first time. You will finally see our planet as being part of a larger cosmos made up of magnetic forces, bands of frequencies, and layers of consciousness; we are all part of one amazing living organism that spans into infinity. As our awareness increases, we see that there is no separateness, because the self and the Source of self are one and the same. Once you open up and connect with nature and your environment, everything speaks and communicates to you through the telepathic frequency waves of the universe. Your transformation will allow you to experience the interconnectedness of everything.

Social and cultural changes [
This transformative upgrade will have a direct impact on how we function as a society. In keeping with the vibration and temperament of the Age of Aquarius, society will become ever more creative, technologically advanced, progressive, psychic, and unique. The transformation will open up a myriad of new jobs and careers to serve the needs of a more advanced society. You can expect a steep rise in the number of jobs in alternative health, super technology, and various psychic disciplines. This is also a climate in which creative conceptual artists and inventors will flourish. Lightworkers will be the new social workers, and humanitarian efforts will be fueled by the collective consciousness that recognizes that we are all linked into each other and the main Source, the universe.
Education will embrace more of a balance between left brain and right brain. The schooling of “special needs” children will also undergo a radical alteration, as we now know that they are telepathic and psychically attuned rather than “ADD” or “challenged.” Teachers will be dealing with students who see the answers even before they see the questions on exams; cheating will become a thing of the past. Cyber-schooling may become a trend due to the extreme sensitivity of these children. Until grounding and aura protection are fully mastered, exposure to group energy can be overwhelming for them. Schools will teach the true history of our planet, to include information about our ancient ancestors, the real galactic explorers that seeded and colonized Earth. Geography class will teach where the great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria once were and how they are still accessible through the spirit’s ability to astrally project. Imagine school field trips to these locations via group teleportation!


The more psychic we become the more we will want to expose and break down the false structures and beliefs that have held us down for so long. The Indigos did a wonderful job of starting the process, but now we must carry forward and actively embrace the changes and challenges of our evolving consciousness. The great Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, Muhammad, John the Baptist, Buddha, St. Germaine, and Shiva, just to name a few, will all be recognized as teachers of the same universal truth of love, peace, and unity. The religious separateness that was once the cause of many wars will give way to unified spirituality as we become aware of our mutual Source. These Masters wanted us to realize that love raises our consciousness because it has the highest vibration and initiates healing on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual. With our new consciousness we will finally be able to put aside the differences that were created out of and nurtured by fear. Just as every rose on a rose bush is slightly different but nonetheless part of the same plant, the rebirth of the world into a new golden age enables us to transcend the notion of separateness in favor of sensing the uniqueness and diversity of the one Source from which everything originates. We no longer have to operate within a system that compartmentalizes and separates everything; instead, our advanced awareness encourages us to help one another instead of always competing and comparing. Religious, racial, and cultural wars, all fueled by greed, propaganda, and fear, will serve as reminders for us to never sink back into the depths of lower consciousness.
Given that we are now fully aware of how the universe communicates to us through frequency, we will gain a new respect for the art of astrology. Once considered an esoteric art meant for the gifted few, it will become an everyday practice.  Acknowledging the fact that our ancient ancestors came from one of those star systems or planets that share space with us in the vast heavens means that we will finally drop our arrogance as Earthlings.

We will also open up to the amazing benefits of vibrational medicine as the type of healthcare that is most suited to our highly attuned physio-psychic system. Integrated medicine will be a combination of scientific Western medicine and holistic treatments because we understand that disease in the body is always rooted in the frequency of the subtle body. Eventually centers for chakra system programming and balancing will be as common as hair salons. Our innate ability to heal from within will be “remembered” as we integrate vibrational medicine with the technology that was and is still being given to us by our extraterrestrial emissaries. Our views on death and dying will also be completely reconfigured because we know that frequency supersedes and ultimately transcends matter. Many holy books claim that at the time of the passing of the old Earth into a new Earth, the dead will rise from their graves. What this actually means is that because of our awareness of spirit energy, we will not experience death in the same way once we are in higher consciousness. We know that there is more to life than height, weight, and depth; the fear of facing our own mortality will be a thing of the past.

A new environmentalism
As we become more attuned to and linked into the vibrations around us, a renewed respect for the environment will emerge. We will more readily embrace the use of natural energy alternatives such as solar, wind, and even psychic energy power. This will lessen our dependence on oil, the lifeblood of our planet. Architecture will take advantage of these natural energy sources and thus will be more conducive to living in a world of higher vibrations. New homes will be built in the shape of a pyramid because pyramids collect subtle energy and transfer it easily to our own frequency. Because of their anti-aging effect, staying home will be more beneficial than going to the gym. The intensity of Alpha waves also increases inside pyramids—this will help keep residents relaxed and effortlessly alert, a great combination for staying in the Now moment. Pyramids also charge energy, so communication and transmitting telepathic messages over long distances will be easier inside these new homes. They may even boast built-in sound and color systems that will help their owners reboot their vibrational levels should they fall short. Imagine a room that is programmed to change color according to the frequency that is needed in order for you to stay physically, mentally, and psychically attuned.  Think of the business opportunities that will arise for real estate developers, architects, and interior designers!

The rebirth of the world doesn’t guarantee that you will live in a Utopian society because, remember, the lower vibrations still exist. Your evolution and extrasensory advancement will merely make you more aware of these lower energies so you can better protect yourself from anyone or anything that could compromise your well-being. You will still be functioning in a physical world, and not everyone will be evolving at the same rate; some won’t evolve at all. Fortunately, our transformation will bring us into a vibration that leads to peacefulness and humanitarianism.
We will need to be governed by leaders who are in tune with the morals and ethics that support higher consciousness. The leaders of the rebirthed world will have positions that resemble diplomatic advisory positions more than actual leadership roles. Organized councils will oversee different arms of the government, instead of autocrats and power-mongers who are operating under the mistaken assumption that they alone hold omnipotent authority. This is not a One World Order as much as it is a One World Consciousness that will connect all of Earth’s inhabitants. Of course, our admission into the Galactic Society means that being vigilant about the intentions of our alien neighbors will be more of a priority.

One of the most anticipated events of the empowering shift is the opening of the stargates that will allow us to travel to other worlds. These portals were shut down after the “fall” of humanity, but upon our awakening transformation, we will once again gain access to the galactic communities that have been watching and waiting for this moment. The many scientific and technological breakthroughs and advances of the 20th century were given to us by our galactic neighbors in order to help our planet survive the empowering shift into the Aquarian Age and help socialize us into the new Galactic community. Some of our biggest advances have come from the retro-engineering of UFO technology. It will soon be possible to communicate with beings from distant star systems; wormholes into parallel universes and stargates will once again be accessible to us; and the pineal gland will become our personal stargate portal, making time travel and astral projection possible.
Portals into other dimensions, such as those that lie on the Bermuda Triangle, at the Puerta de Hayu Marca (gate of the gods), and at the location of the ancient Sumerian city of Ur, were and likely still are the doorways through which our ancient alien ancestors entered our realm. Many new portals like these will open up as we move into the Photon Belt and Age of Aquarius. This will enable us to travel to other worlds and parallel universes. Earth, once at the outer edge or “suburbs” of the Milky Way Galaxy; now it is moving ever closer to the center. We will no longer be isolated from the surrounding star systems. We will need to get ready to introduce ourselves to our Galactic neighbors.

Beyond Earth: UFO’s and Other Star Systems

The rebirth of the world and the ushering in of a new age presents a whole new Galactic landscape for us to explore. The time for earth-centered narcissism is over. We will be forced to admit once and for all that there are other intelligent beings out there in the universe who have been visiting Earth for some time and who are quite possibly living among us right now. The UFO sightings and abductions that have been occurring since time immemorial will finally make sense.  The fact is that our galactic neighbors have been visiting Earth for millions of years. We already discussed the Annunaki, who manipulated the genetics of Earth’s primates and created Adam, the first human race. UFO sightings date as far back as the Rama Empire of Northern India and Pakistan, which developed approximately 15,000 years ago on the Indian sub-continent. According to ancient Indian texts, there existed flying machines called vimanas. The skies of India were once filled with UFOs. Alexander the Great encountered these UFOs as he attempted to cross the Indus River into India in 329 bc. Gleaming silver flying shields swooped down on his cavalry several times, making both his own soldiers and the enemy flee for their lives. He had another such encounter when he invaded and conquered Tyre—it would appear that the great soldier had some alien help!
And of course, there are the countless records of UFO sightings throughout history, up to and including the infamous Roswell Incident. There is still a great deal of speculation that the government has been trying to cover up these incidents. High-ranking government officials have actually been privy to knowledge of alien contact here on Earth for a long time. Supporting documents indicate that President Eisenhower himself actually met with aliens before he left office. Henry W. McElroy, Jr, a retiring state representative from New Hampshire, saw an official brief to President Eisenhower stating that there was a continuing presence of extraterrestrial beings in the United States of America. It was suggested that President Eisenhower met with such alien representatives in February of 1954.  Finally, the American astronauts Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong have all had sightings of extraterrestrial spacecrafts but were advised by the U.S. government not to discuss any of their experiences. Although they will never admit to this, agencies such as NASA are in the business of gathering intelligence and data relating to astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs. Is it possible that they know something we don’t?
German author Erich von Däniken was one of the first to come forward with historical proof of extraterrestrial visits to Earth. His book Chariots of the Gods reveals how various archaeological discoveries and monuments all point to visitors from space, sojourners who came to Earth as developers to build magnificent structures, cultivate gardens,and simply relish in the temperate climate that made the entire planet a virtual Garden of Eden. In Twilight of the Gods, von Däniken advises us to prepare for their return, and states that they may already be here. The author Zecharia Sitchin built on von Däniken’s work, educating the public about the alternative history of ancient humanity and the extraterrestrial influence on our planet. I went to one of his lectures in Philadelphia in 2010. The room was packed with a very intelligent audience that hardly seemed representative of the fringe element usually associated with belief in UFOs and aliens. The public is continuously looking for information on the subject of extraterrestrials and the true history of our planet. Decision makers and people in power are likely afraid of what the reaction would be if the truth came out. What they don’t realize is that we all have the opportunity to get back to that primordial Garden if we drop the fear consciousness and proceed with the higher vibrations of love.
Then again, I can think of a few places and neighborhoods on Earth that might frighten our extraterrestrial cousins. Jeffrey Seelman, an instructor at International Metaphysical University, hosts a radio show and often interviews experts on UFOs. According to Jeffrey, there seems to be a general consensus that the aliens view our planet as a violent place. Because of this they are concerned about our planet shifting closer to their star systems.  Remember that we have the instincts and brutishness of our animal DNA combined with the psychic powers of our alien ancestors. This is quite a lethal combination, especially if one is not of the right consciousness. They are right to be concerned about the consciousness of our planet because we have had a very violent history, indeed. If we cannot get along with each other, how will be able to live in peace with them, a race so utterly different from our own? There is some speculation that alien abductions are really just attempts at mind control in order to neutralize our free-will consciousness and bring us through this shift without our posing any risk to the galaxy; others claim that such mind control is meant to make us passive so that aliens can more easily take control of our planet. This is one of the main reasons that our transformation into higher consciousness needs to be of the right vibration. The vibrations from love are the most refined and resilient, so we will need to stay attuned to these vibrations if we want to stay at the top of the frequency food chain. Some of these worlds that will open up to us will be thousands of years ahead of us so it’s important that we be able to ascertain whether we are in the company of beneficent beings or those of a lower vibration. Protecting and defending our own energy will be of utmost importance when we meet our galactic neighbors. Not all alien contact will be positive; there will always be a faction out there that seeks to conquer and control.
Now you can see how the psychic evolution prepares us for the empowering shift of our planet into a different realm of consciousness. Yes, the shift will also charge our planet’s chakras. There is one main chakra center on each continent and many minor ones scattered all over the world. Major Earth chakra centers, such as those at Mt.Shasta, California; Lake Titicaca, South America; Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia; Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England; and Great Pyramid in Egypt; and Mt. Kailas, Tibet, will spin with new, vibrant energy. Earth’s ley lines, her energetic “grid,” will glow and radiate with light.
The true chronicle of our planet and our race as humans has been cloaked behind religions, myths, and primal fears for centuries, but the empowering shift and our awakening into transformed energetic beings will finally reveal the truth to us. There is no separateness, only a unity of diversity.  Everything—our planet, the human race, the cosmos itself—comes from the one Creator who will finally lift the veil to the eternal life of the spirit. Indeed, “the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4). The physical world may pass away someday, but the spirit is eternal and will continue to be part of the universe. And, as it turns out, it is a very big universe, indeed.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February's Full "Snow Moon"​ and how it interplays with your relationships

The Full Moon holds a lot of intense energy which can deeply stir emotions. The Full Moon
occurring on February 9, 2020 is know as the Snow Moon, will be in the sign of Leo, a sign known for playfulness, drama, bold emotions, and loyalty. People are more prone to take the lead under a Leo Moon. Instinctively we are not afraid to go after our passions. Increased emotional strength and intuition play a big part in relationships. Beneath the snow lies fertile ground where you plant the seeds for new beginnings. It is also a time to let some things such as toxic people,relationships, and situations,die off and be relaesed.

See what February's Full Moon holds for your Sun sign and if you know your rising sign also read to get a more in-depth understang of this Moon's energy.

Aries will be at their most playful and adventurous self during the Full Moon since it will occur in their natural 5th house of fun and entertainment. Aries may take a gamble with a current relationship. If it is working out, they will progress but if things have gone stale, they will move on to someone new who has caught their eye. Single Aries are very likely to meet someone new and exciting.

Taurus will feel the energy of February’s Full Moon in their 4th house of home, family, and required endings. Taurus will clear out old energy by removing things and even people who no longer fit into their life. This is a time to set new boundaries in your relationships. If single, Taurus will bury the past and avoid any rebound relationships. Make your best relationship with “yourself” during this Full Moon.

Gemini can expect a lot of communication during February’s Full Moon. It will cast a glow on your third house of communication. Your significant other may become more open and revealing with their feelings. If single, Gemini may find a new and interesting potential partner via an on-line dating site.

Cancer will feel the energy of February’s Full Moon in their 2nd house of possessions and money matters. This is the time when you and your partner need to shed some light on shared resources to avoid any Issues down the road. Single Cancers use the energy of this Full Moon to enhance their appearance which gives more confidence when seeking a mate.

Leo has their yearly Full Moon in their 1st house of “the self.” You are at your most dynamic and entertaining self. Relationships take on a super intensity at this time and you feel very creative. You may think of having children or starting a new project with your partner. Single Leos are like magnets. You easily draw attention to yourself without even trying.

Virgo will feel the energy from Februarys’ Full Moon centered in their 12th house. You may cherish some alone time with your partner and want to shut out the rest of the world. This is the time to deepen your strong spiritual connection with someone. Single Virgos take the time to reflect on what they really want in a relationship and the energy from this Full Moon puts you in a mystical, manifesting mode that draws in a true soul mate.

For Libra the February Full Moon will light up their 11th house of hopes and wishes. This Full Moon lets Libra feel that their significant other is truly committed to them. Single Libras may find that group activities and parties are the perfect breeding ground for finding romance.

 Scorpios feel February’s Full Moon centered on their 10th house of status. They may suddenly have an opportunity to raise an on-going relationship to the next level. Single Scorpios may be surprised to find out that someone’s sudden change in a relationship signals a new opportunity for them to become a viable romantic interest.

 Sagittarius loves to have a spiritual connection with their romantic interest. The Full Moon in February glows in their 9th house of spirituality and the higher mind. Their relationship thrives on a strong past-life memory of seeming to have been with this person in another life- time. Single Sagittarius may meet an interesting foreigner on a trip or possibly through taking a class or seminar.
The Full Moon of February lights up Capricorn’s sex life. The drama from the Full Moon is felt in their 8th house and stirs their deepest passions. It promises merged energies and deep intense feelings. Single Capricorns are ready to accept the death of past relationships and finally feel ready to look forward to the rebirth of a love life.

 Aquarius feels the effects of February’s Full Moon in their 7th house of partnerships. There is a strong realization that their lover is also a true friend which is very important to Aquarians. Single Aquarians could possibly meet a new romantic partner via a friend’s introduction. There will be plenty of social opportunities that open the door to romance.
Pisces will find February’s Full Moon occurring in their 6th house, a reminder that all work and no play can be a drag. Pisces will want to break free from old routines and suggest an impromptu weekend getaway or going to different places as a means to spice up their romantic life. Single Pisces may very well find a new romantic interest at the gym, an organic market, or even sitting in a veterinarian's office since their 6th house encompasses things of that nature.

Friday, November 8, 2019

ANCIENT ALIENS-Friday, November 8th 2019

See Lisa Barretta, authr of Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos, tonight on History Channel's Ancient Aliens

Season 14

Episoe 19

Human Hieroglyphs


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Mercury Retrograde Oct. 31-Nov. 20 2019 for each zodiac sign

How will Mercury Retrograde, beginning October 31st, 2019 and ending on November 20th, 2019 be a little more intense than the other retrogrades of Mercury we experienced earlier in the year?  Well, for one, it comes at a very auspicious time in the Wheel of the Year, Samhain.

Samhain is the greater sabbat of the dead. Samhain, also known as Halloween, is considered by most Pagans and Wiccans to be the most important of the four greater sabbats. It is generally observed on October 31st in the Northern Hemisphere, starting at sundown. The old Sun King is dead, and the Crone Goddess mourns him greatly during the next six weeks. While the veil between the worlds is thinnest, those who have died in the past year and those who are to be reincarnated pass through. This is a time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. It is seen as a festival of darkness, which is balanced at the opposite point of the wheel by the spring festival of Beltane.

Now let’s keep in mind that Mercury is the planet the rules over communication, contracts, messages, electrical things, and travel. We often overlook our LARGEST, MOST INTRICATET electrical component which is our own energy field. Yes, my friend, this particular retrograde will set your own intuition and ESP on fire. You seem to just know things, sense who will do what next, and experience lucid dreams where messages from the other side come in loud and clear. This retrograde exposes secrets and digs for the truth.

The shadow phase of this particular retrograde began on October 11th,2019 and the retreating shadow finally ends on December 7, 2019 therefore giving us plenty of time to be truth seekers. Mercury going retrograde through Scorpio, which is the sign closest to the underworld, creates the perfect storm to sense what lies in the shadows and also your own shadow side. This is the time to purge people, situations, jobs, habits, and old patterns that keep you from moving forward.

Mercury in Scorpio digs through the hidden layers of reality and knows things on an instinctive, nonverbal level. Your detective-like mind will see through phony people, hidden clauses in contracts, and illusionary reality. You may be operating through your shadow side and be more cynical, dark and unflinchingly honest which is sure to shock others during this retrograde.

Below is how each sign may experience this particular retrograde and if you know your rising sign it will prove to be a more accurate assessment of what lurks in the shadows during the last phase of the Wheel of the Year.

Aries-Mercury retrograding through your 8th house will bring issues with debts, money owed, taxes, and sex to light. Check all figures carefully before making any payments and look over terms for all of your insurance policies. Read the small print. Careful with risky relationships-cheaters will get caught. Are you sure you want to post that picture on Facebook or Instagram? If you have a feeling it will cause trouble you are most likely correct.
Taurus-Your 7th house of partnerships, friendships, lawyers, marriage, and yes, open enemies are the focus. Careful not to get caught up in a web of gossip because a friend can quickly become a major frenemy. Read all text before sending because someone may get a message meant for another. You like your privacy but you may not have as much of it as you like over the next few weeks.
Gemini-Your analytical mind, day to day, activities health, public servants, old loves and pets are all areas that are touched by Mercury going through your 6th house. You have a quick mind since you are ruled by the day side of Mercury which also makes you a little too curious. Resist the urge to show your hand to a sneaky individual. You’ll have your moment of truth. Let old lovers go.  Focus on revisiting your diet and health regime. Pay your parking tickets, take your pet for a vet check, and check all messages before you hit “send.”
Cancer- Romance, love affairs, entertainment, children, and the gambles that you take all come into focus during this Mercury retrograde in your 5th house. An old flame from the past may look you up but ask yourself, “What do they want? What’s their agenda? Fleeting romances are just that-fleeting. Manipulative ways of both yours and others are now easily detected. If you deal with children you may find them to be more secretive and hidden. Use creative persuasion instead of harsh judgement when seeking the truth in all matters. Intuition is high.
Leo- What the hell is going on at home? Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, your 4th house of home, family, and the end of the matter, gives you the intuition to get to the root of the problem. Your outspoken nature will pull the curtain back on what has been hidden. Self-care is important now so keep your boundaries. Know where you stop and others begin. If you are getting necessary repairs done in the home get written guarantees or wait until after December 7th to get work done. You may be dealing with a lot of endings but on the bright side there is an open pathway for new beginnings.
Virgo-You are ruled by the night side of Mercury, the side that usually sees the glass as half empty. This Mercury retrograde will touch your 3rd house of siblings, communication, social activities and neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you hear a voice from the past and find out a long-hidden secret. Check your junk folder because you don’t want to miss an important message from someone who has been thinking of you. Don’t over analyze everything like you usually do but rather go with your gut instincts. Watch your communications and don’t play mind games or you may lose out.
Libra-Your 2nd house of money, possessions, and things you value are touched by Mercury retrograding through Scorpio. Did you misplace something of value or did someone take it? Careful when making large purchases because the worth of the item my be grossly overstated. Lenders attract borrower so during this retrograde choose to be neither. Remember to lock your doors and car during this time because Mercury retrograde in Scorpio operates in the shadows. Loss through theft is possible. Check all information before getting in that Uber or Lyft.
Scorpio-Time to call out those who have stabbed you in the back. You knew it all along but in true Scorpio manner you were waiting for the opportune time to sting. Apologies are worthless if they aren’t sincere. The truth flows from your mouth and you let others know that you aren’t easily manipulated nor do you forget a slight. You mind is intense and what you project hits the bullseye so retreat into the bowls of your private nature and reframe your actions before throwing the final blow. Reconnect with those who truly know you and leave the sludge by the side. You get the last laugh.
Sagittarius- Did you get caught with your foot in your mouth? Careful that you don’t repeat something said in confidence because it will come back to haunt you. Time to give closure to who or what hurts you.   Memories of departed loved ones are very strong as Mercury retrogrades through your 12th house so don’t be surprised when you get a message from someone on the other side. Pay attention, the Universe has a message for you. Your dreams are lucid.
Capricorn-Mercury retrograding through your 11th house puts focus on the groups you are affiliated with, social awareness, and the immediate results that come from your career. Use your intuition when evaluating your hopes and dreams. You want change but also need the security of structure. Rethink your main objectives and reconnect with influential people or influencers who can help further you along in achieving your desired results. Be careful not to cut off those who have always had your back. Time to release that person who is like a ball and chain and keeps you from achieving your goals. You clearly see through them during this retrograde.
Aquarius -Your career, long term goals, reputation, and status are the focus during Mercury retrograding though your 10th house. You have made a name for yourself and don’t be surprised if a former employer wants you back. You love gadgets and technology but as we know, Mercury retrogrades play havoc with such things and frustration can set in when they get temporarily zapped while Mercury skips backwards through Scorpio. You can lose your shit especially if you have a work project due. Triple check all plans, reservations, and commitments. Careful of a parent, boss, or snotty client who attempts to stir the pot. You sense a trouble maker before they even open their mouth.
Pisces-You are a natural generator for anything spiritual. Mercury retrograding through your 9th house fires up your higher mind. Now is the time to reflect on your philosophies about life, past lives, and your purpose in life. You may feel compelled to start journaling again or revisit a manuscript you have been kicking around. The 9th house also brings in-laws into focus and Mercury retrograding in Scorpio will let you delve deeper into those relationships. Some Pisces may have dealings with people in foreign places. Has one of your posts, blogs, or other media endeavors reached far and beyond your home base? You are in manifestation mode so be mindful of your thoughts.


Monday, July 1, 2019

The Dominican Republic and Tourist Deaths An astrological fall from grace

Recently there have been a rash of tourist deaths at Dominican Republic resorts, immediately following resort stays —all within the past year. The media attention to the deaths of these visitors led me to look at the astrological chart of the Dominican Republic. What current astrological transits and indicators point the way and give insight to these sudden deaths and to the numerous others who fell dangerously ill while vacationing at the island’s resorts?

Surly over the years people have died or got sick while on vacation in the Dominican Republic but currently the media attention is tightly focused on this island. There are many unanswered questions such as why some visitors to the Dominican dodged death but instead fell dangerously ill. Some vacationers reported a weird “chemical smell” and others reported that they became ill after having a drink from the hotel room’s minibar.

Local and federal US authorities are investigating these numerous rash deaths to see if they can figure out what is going on. Maybe astrology can help figure it out. Many questions need to be answered such as, do US citizens mostly fall victim, are visitors from countries other than the US, getting sick or dying, and who or what are perpetrating this unfortunate situation for the Dominican Republic, an island who depends on tourism.

Granted, tourist can die while on vacation but I particularly wanted to see what aspects are currently putting the Dominican Republic in the public eye.
I am going to keep the analysis of the Dominican Republic’s chart simple yet very foretelling since some readers may not be familiar with the more intricate astrological aspects and terminology.

Below is the birth chart for the Dominican Republic showing the planetary transits at the time of this writing (June 29,2019) in order to get a view of the situation currently going on.

The birth data for the Dominican Republic is gives as August 4,1496 at 9:19 AM, Santo Domingo, DR. The country is a Leo Sun (12 Leo 18) sign with Libra (3 Libra 6) rising. This indicates a proud country, a beautiful island Venus ruled (Libra rising) full with the sound is local music, and a place for romantic vacations
The Sun in Leo is in the Eleventh house and within an orb of 7 degrees of Mars (5Leo35) also in the sign of Leo This indicates a country that is very passionate and also competitive. Since the Eleventh house rules group activities, it is evident that the Dominican Republic has produced a number of outstanding baseball players and talented people.

This Sun/ Mars configuration is in opposition to Uranus (12 Aquarius 3), in the Fifth house of pleasure, vacation seekers, lovers, and creative outlets. Uranus is a very unpredictable planet that brings surprises and unique experiences. It can also be disruptive

Currently, at this writing, we see that Uranus, the ruler of the Dominican’s Fifth house is transiting through Taurus, which is the Eighth house of death, and debt This can account for the probability that quick, sudden, deaths of an unusual cause are now plaguing pleasure seeking visitors to the Dominican more so now than ever.
The Eighth house being Taurus, is Venus ruled. Venus is all about finance, the finer things in life and love. It also rules the Dominican’s Libra ascendant. The visit by disruptive Uranus to this portion of the Dominican’s chart also shows how there is most likely financial upsets due to the decrease in tourism because of the string of highly publicized recent deaths.

The Eighth house also holds Chiron, (27 Taurus 59) showing where one is wounded. Chiron is besieged meaning that it is between Algol (26 Taurus 10) a fixed star that often shows up in disastrous accidents with death. Situated on the other side of Chiron is Alcyone (00 Gemini 00), a fixed star noted in astrology for its association with deep sorrows tragedies, and bereavements. Most likely in about four or five years, Uranus moving closer to Chiron and the fixed stars may set off another set of misfortune especially since the eclipses on the Aries Libra axis (ascendant/descendant) of the Dominican Republic will come into play. We can see how Uranus transiting through the Eighth house may unsettle things until it finally exits in 2016.

The Solar eclipse on July 2,2019 is (10  Cancer 38) so technically in The Dominican’s  Ninth house (foreigners, travelers) and although the orb of the eclipse is roughly 7 degrees away from the Tenth house MC (reputation and how you are seen in the world) what is more notable is that the eclipse is opposite Neptune (6 Capricorn 5)in the Dominican’s  Fourth house (the home, the grave).  Neptune is associated on the positive side with beauty, illusion, and the subtle nuances of a dreamy life but is currently wobbled by the Solar eclipse on July 2,2019.

On the negative side Neptune indicates drowning, asphyxiation, gas, poisons, and drugs. It is also associated with mysterious deaths and disappearances.  Currently both Saturn and Pluto, two tough planets are transiting The Dominican Republic’s Fourth house. This brings about tragedy and disillusionment. Saturn represents government and also heavy burdens. Pluto is a bully. the underworld. It is death, power, and control. This hard-edged transit of both Saturn and Pluto to the Fourth house of the Dominican Republic can filter into one thinking about who or what is currently stirring the pot affecting not only tourism but also threatening the powers that be.

Looking at the Sixth house of the Dominican Republic, Neptune (18 Pisces 43r) is currently not only transiting this house but there is also a direct conjunction with the Vertex (18 Pisces 27). The Vertex is a mathematical point in the chart. As an astrological point, it is connected with karma and fate, and it functions when triggered by planet transits and in this case, we are looking at Neptune. Since Neptune is currently retrograde one may assume that these suspicious deaths may not be over.

The Sixth house encompasses health, sanitary conditions, civil servants, local 
government, and inferiors. Could some group irresponsibly not be abiding by proper sanitary measures? Remember Neptune is associated with deadly chemicals, drugs, alcohol, and suspicious deaths. Neptune also rules hidden things and hidden enemies. This gives some clues as to what is behind the rash of tourist deaths currently going on in the Dominican Republic.

Intuitively looking at the chart for the Dominican Republic and the current planetary transits I can’t help but wonder if there is some covert bully group out to undermine the tourist resorts unless a price is paid. Just my thoughts.

An astrological chart for either a country, person, or event holds tons on knowledge and clues to how the potential, probabilities of planetary energy play out. I focused in on just some very basic, obvious astrological markers so as not to write a small book on the visitor deaths on the Dominican Republic.

As a caveat please note that the visitors who died or fell ill while visiting the island may have had markers in their astrological charts that indicated these unfortunate events. Without knowing the birth data for each visitor who died or became ill an astrologer can assume that when the birth chart of the visitor is analyzed against the astrological chart of the Dominican, certain conditions, such as death or illness may be indicated.  Also, a relocation chart for the visitor (basically a birth chart drawn up to describes astrological influences of any locality based on your natal chart can be helpful when planning vacations, visits, business traveling, or relocating.  Primarily I am looking not so much into each visitor who became seriously ill or died but rather at the Dominican Republic, an island knows for tourism 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tattoos Chronicle the Soul's Journey

There is no denying that tattoos have a certain type of energy. They not only hint at your daring side, but also open a portal into the dimensions of your soul.

Thousands of years ago, ancient indigenous cultures recognized a deep connection to the cosmos, nature, and the realm of spirit as evidenced in their art, symbols, metaphorical myths, and their use of tattoos. These venerable cultures weren’t superstitious, they were enlightened. Their close relationship with the spirit world wasn’t muted by religious dogma, or overshadowed by technology. It was a true and pure authentic connection that very few cultures maintain today. They knew there was a mystical connection in art and symbols and an even more profound magic in creating and adorning themselves with tattoos. Images that were put on the skin represented an embodiment that linked directly to consciousness. Tattoos told stories, encouraged healing, empowered the wearer, and tapped into the hidden realms of the spirit. Tattoos were and still are powerful symbols that speak the cryptic language of the soul.

Consciously tattooing can be a vehicle for self-empowerment. When you decide to get a tattoo, you are also taking part in a potent blood ritual that opens your inner pathways to self-awareness. Getting a tattoo takes you well beyond just capturing an image on your body; it also stirs up the emotional cellular memory that lies beneath your skin. You are crossing a threshold and making a commitment to an inked-on symbol that you not only outwardly wear but also embody.

Now, you might be thinking it’s just a little symbol or a cool image but believe me: your tattoo holds volumes of inner information. The symbols in themselves represent an archetype – or possibly your shadow – that is pulled forth through the decorative tattoo portals you place on your body. It can mean that something deep inside of you wants to be outwardly expressed. Alternatively, your consciousness is calling for something to be added so you can embody the energy and power represented by the image you decide to ink.

Tattoos are usually synchronized to events in your life that come from an emotional connection to an experience, a dream, an inner urge, or a certain something or someone. When you ink an image onto your body, you are embodying the vibration of the symbol’s meaning, the color, the transference of energy between you and the tattooist, and even the qualities of the ink. Combined, they’re a personal form of alchemy. Tattooing beyond the sake of vanity can initiate your own shamanic journey into your consciousness, to reveal what’s hidden in the matrix of the body, mind, and spirit.

You don’t have to be tattooed with sacred geometric symbols or tribal motifs in order to tap into the mysterious meaning of tattoos. Even your silly or dark tattoos have very profound personal meanings and hold within them a type of magic that actively interacts with your own energy field and the areas on your body that store emotional memory. For example, a tattoo on your neck relates to where your thoughts and emotions come together. What tattoo image is conveying that message for you? Tattoos on your arms and hands tap into the area on your body that holds emotions in relation to your external world, and shows what you embrace. Who, or what, are you holding on to? Or, what do you want to let go? Tattoos may even wake up some past life memory that needs healing or possibly reveal a profound message for you in this lifetime.

Yes, tattoos go beyond skin deep. Put a tattoo on your body and it becomes a sentient image and a portal into your consciousness.

In the book, Conscious Ink, you will see some very compelling examples of how tattoos precipitated a healing, opened the doors to recognizing profound knowledge, and symbolically represented and activated the embodiment of an intended desire. Ah ha…that brings me to intention. Conscious Ink is about tattooing with intention. An intention behind getting a tattoo gives you more focus and control over the hidden magic in your ink. Once you realize that tattoos create an energy exchange with the physical and subtle bodies, you will most likely disengage from the standard opinion that classifies tattoos as merely body art. There is a very cool, supernatural side to tattoos, and they are an unequivocal vehicle for transformation and awareness.

Conscious Ink isn’t a tattoo image picture book, nor is it a tattoo history book. It is all about looking at tattoos through the lens of consciousness, the term we loosely call spiritual. After all, tattooing is a sacred art, rich in symbolism, ritual, and mysticism. You will come to understand the importance of intention, the vibration of colors, and how body placement all mix with your subtle body energy field to create a permanent body talisman for better or worse. They are spiritual birthmarks, or soul prints, that are markers along your path to wholeness.
Your tattoo should invoke an inner need for you to wear it and make a commitment to its permanency. This feeling of need is a sure sign that your tattoo has a hidden message for you. Since symbols and images relate to archetypes and the elements of creation (fire, earth, air, water, and ether), you’ll get a fascinating understanding of how you can create the desired direction of your tattoo’s efficacy. Tattoos can be seen as vectors for your soul’s journey and the symbols act as the trajectories for both the input and output of energy.

By the way, removing a tattoo from your skin still leaves a shadow scar on your consciousness that will remain from lifetime to lifetime as cellular memory. All the more reason to be cognizant of the hidden power held within tattoos. In this book, you will become familiar with the different types of body work and vibrational healing modalities that help you transmute the energy from a regrettable tattoo. You’ll also learn how to maintain the sacred space on your body that holds your tattoo portal.

Your ink reflects the never-ending cyclical motif of death and rebirth. Tattoos are imbued with a mystical, transformative energy that births new ideals and resurrects long held memories, even some from prior lifetimes. Getting a tattoo initiates a change that ripples throughout every layer of your being, from spiritual to physical and vice versa Tattoos signify that you have crossed a threshold, a personal rite of passage that brings you to a different level of awareness. Your ink has a multidimensional, quantum, existential quality that can’t be denied.

If you are still deciding on whether to get a tattoo, my guess is that you will be making an appointment to get inked by the time you finish this book. I am inviting you to cross the threshold into the world of body art to explore the intimate, symbolic language of your spirit that is mysteriously veiled within tattoos.

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