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2012 Countdown to Transformation

Recently I have been bombarded with questions from freaked out clients who fear the ushering in of the year 2012.  It seems that all of the hype about the end of the Mayan Calendar is causing a lot of people to find one more thing to worry about.  Will it be the end of the world?  Will there be some major cataclysms? Where are the safe zones?
Relax and chill.  If I thought that 2012 was going to bring an end to the world I would max out my visa card and have one hell of a last Christmas-well come to think of it I did kind of go over budget this year.  Merry Christmas kids.
Remember all of the hype about the Y2K Millennium bug that was supposed to cause a computer crisis and how about worries concerning 9 September 1999 (albeit lesser compared to those generated by Y2K). Because this date could also be written in the numeric format 9/9/99, it could have conflicted with the date value 9999, frequently used to specify an unknown date. Fears arose that some programs might unexpectedly termi…