Tattoos Chronicle the Soul's Journey

There is no denying that tattoos have a certain type of energy. They not only hint at your daring side, but also open a portal into the dimensions of your soul.

Thousands of years ago, ancient indigenous cultures recognized a deep connection to the cosmos, nature, and the realm of spirit as evidenced in their art, symbols, metaphorical myths, and their use of tattoos. These venerable cultures weren’t superstitious, they were enlightened. Their close relationship with the spirit world wasn’t muted by religious dogma, or overshadowed by technology. It was a true and pure authentic connection that very few cultures maintain today. They knew there was a mystical connection in art and symbols and an even more profound magic in creating and adorning themselves with tattoos. Images that were put on the skin represented an embodiment that linked directly to consciousness. Tattoos told stories, encouraged healing, empowered the wearer, and tapped into the hidden realms of the spirit. Tattoos w…

Lisa Barretta on Coast to Coast

If you have a tattoo or you are thinking about getting a tattoo, listen in to Coast to Coast on Wednesday, May 16th 2018, when I will be the guest.
Find out how tattoos unleash the powerful wisdom held within your cellular memory, wake up inner archetypes, attract  energy, and open portals to your consciousness.

(Tattoo by Daemon Rowanchilde)

Tattoos are merely the vessel holding the energy of the symbols you ink. They are a proclamation of you and your unique story.

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Tattoos, symbols, and the language of the soul

Looking at tattoos as a way to view the emergence of your soul is a new concept that has ancient roots in man’s once-close association with the realm of spirit. Emotional energies become incarnate through tattoo symbols. Your inked images are the interpreters between the seen and unseen realms that we quantumly exist in at all times. Understanding your tattoos beyond the ink is a bit like learning a new language because nothing is what it appears to be on the surface. There is always the deeper meaning attached to some emotion or memory. Tattoos and the symbols you embody can be powerful tools for accessing self-knowledge. Your ink can initiate an inner healing, mark a transition in your life, and be a creative outlet for authentic self-expression. Tattoo art, symbols, and even the light and dark of the colors used for shading, are actually a mirror of your inner world. Tattoos reflect your inner architecture and current mindset as you move through life. The art and symbols can best …

Tattoos; Spiritual Birthmarks


Review of Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos

I just received an advanced copy of Lisa Barretta's new book "Conscious Ink". WOW!!! I just read the intro to the book and I can already tell that this book is going to be the #goto#tattoobible for people who are waking up to the possibilities of tattooing as true self empowerment! 

This book is chock full of all kinds of stories, photos and things to consider before getting your first or next tattoo. 

I also respect that the book tells stories from the clients' perspectives, including photos of tattoos that aren't necessarily of the highest art, but are deeply meaningful to the wearer. 

What I got from #ConsciousInk is that a well executed tattoo without conscious intention is not enough; although it may be a technically excellent piece of art, such a tattoo can often appear flat and lifeless, as if it were photoshopped.

A new kind of tattoo enthusiast has been born who wants to grow, who embraces change and looks for healing transformation in their l…

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