Thursday, October 12, 2017

Review of Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos

I just received an advanced copy of Lisa Barretta's new book "Conscious Ink". WOW!!! I just read the intro to the book and I can already tell that this book is going to be the #goto #tattoobible for people who are waking up to the possibilities of tattooing as true self empowerment! 

This book is chock full of all kinds of stories, photos and things to consider before getting your first or next tattoo. 

I also respect that the book tells stories from the clients' perspectives, including photos of tattoos that aren't necessarily of the highest art, but are deeply meaningful to the wearer. 

What I got from #ConsciousInk is that a well executed tattoo without conscious intention is not enough; although it may be a technically excellent piece of art, such a tattoo can often appear flat and lifeless, as if it were photoshopped.

A new kind of tattoo enthusiast has been born who wants to grow, who embraces change and looks for healing transformation in their life. Many people are tired of the reality show hype and want something deeper and more life changing. Finally, Lisa Barretta is the smart and daring soul who is brave enough to put it out there! Bravo!!!

Available at:

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 An astrological guide to meeting your shadow side

On August 21 at 10:04AM (PT), a total solar eclipse will move across the US, west to east. As the moon causes day to turn to night, the darkness will reveal the stars in the sky as well as a few planets. On an esoteric level, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our shadow side while our ego (the Sun) is blocked out. We have the opportunity to see beyond the self.

 The shadow is the part of ourselves that we have not reconciled, and is associated with our repressed urges and emotions. As the word shadow implies, this archetype is often seen to be a dark or negative force, although the shadow isn’t necessarily bad but rather a hiding place for our unexpressed forces. Anything suppressed or denied in the personality is a shadow. 

Shadows have their birthplace in the light and are a derivative, or shade of our higher potential that gets skewed off course due to many factors usually originating in self-doubts. The shadow is a natural part of the personality. Meeting the shadow is a meeting with our own reality, which in turn enables us to look at ourselves more realistically. If the shadow can be met it leads to wholeness. A main feature of many archetypal figures, particularly of the shadow, is their autonomous activity in us. Jung implied that meeting our shadow helps us be more inclined to not pass judgement on others because we have already recognized these attributes in ourselves.

This total eclipse of the Sun on August 21st. gives all of us the opportunity to feel the energy shift within ourselves as we release karmic patterns and recognize our shadow. Take a look at any significant changes in your life that may have come up for reevaluation around the time of the Lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017. The full solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will emphasize the necessary changes you need to honor in order to achieve your full potential and possibilities. 

Look to your shadow. What have you not been fully incorporating into your life? Situations that crop up now will give you the opportunity to look at what you may have been ignoring in your life. You have the chance to reveal your repressed emotions even if it means shaking up the status quo.

This eclipse occurs during the time when Mercury will be in retrograde so expect changes. The planets Mars and Uranus also add to this celestial energy cocktail so expect sudden bursts of unexpected actions. Upheaval at this time actually helps you to make necessary changes that you possibly would have stayed tethered to and missing out on the opportunity for growth.

Associated tarot card for this solar eclipse is the Tower. This represents going through sudden change, experiencing upheaval, having plans disrupted, being surprised, undergoing a crisis, having routines shaken up, and being in chaos.

The positive side of embracing these changes will bring a revelation and suddenly realizing the truth. The shadow exposes what was hidden and you may have a burst of insight. Seeing through illusions, getting much needed answers, and seeing everything in a flash helps you get out of your own way.

 Look below to see the areas of contemplation your astrological sign may experience from the solar eclipse.  If you know your ascendant, also read the information for that sign.

Personal impacts:

Aries- Children, affairs of the heart, creative projects, and risk taking. Your shadow may urge you to handle things as you see fit regardless of peer group pressure. Do you care what others think or do you follow your own guidance? Time to revisit your relationships and make necessary repairs.

Taurus-The home and everything associated with it (both the childhood home & the current home): family, land, personal foundations (inner emotional security), your roots. This eclipse wakes up your shadow and gives clues to your karmic lesson for this lifetime. It shows what karmic baggage you brought with you into this life. Time to ask, “where are you headed?”

Gemini- Communication includes messages, deliveries, gossip, phone calls, visits, transportation, short trips, reading and writing. This eclipse brings a double whammy for Gemini’s since a Mercury retrograde will add to the confusion you may experience in these areas. Careful with your words since your shadow is looking for expression especially when it comes to siblings, planning events, politics and justice. 

Cancer- Your own money and possessions, what you value, your hidden talents, sense of self-worth, self-esteem, moveable property, investments and securities will be brought into view.  This eclipse brings out your shadow’s feelings toward security. What do you really value? Can you rely on yourself or are you co-dependent? Time to be your own person or risk being vulnerable to the demands of others. 

Leo-Your self-awareness, physical body, personality, appearance, personal views on life, self-identity, self-image, early environment, and beginnings are brought into focus during this eclipse. What have you been ignoring? The shadow of repressed feelings about yourself and personal relationships comes into view due to this solar eclipse. Do you want a partner or would you rather go it alone? This is a time for a shift in your status.

Virgo-Secrets, seclusion, self-doubts, hospitals, and your subconscious are rolled out during this solar eclipse. What or who are you hiding from. Secrets and private information may come into focus. Is your shadow repressing the truth? You may retreat for a much-needed rest at this time. There may be concerns over someone’s hospital or institutional (prison) stay. Resist escapism and depression.

Libra-Your social life, groups, friends, and associations may take a wobble during this solar eclipse. Be careful that repressed shadow feelings don’t become overly aggressive at this time or you may over shoot your mark socially. Impulsive moves in a group situation may put you in a bad light. Casual love affairs get rocky and children may need some direction at this time.

Scorpio-Your status, honor, community power, prestige, reputation, and professional career are highlighted during this solar eclipse. Your shadow is going to come out in the most public areas of your life. Your reputation and how others see you is pivotal at this time. You may shock and surprise others with your sudden change of direction and decisions. A lot of repressed fears and doubts come up for review and you may shock others with a sudden change of plans.

Sagittarius-Your philosophies, ethics, morals, and experiences that you encounter when you search for the meaning of things are all highlighted. Whatever expands your field of activity or the scope of your mind is brought into focus during this solar eclipse. Your shadow may want to express your strong beliefs but be careful or you risk offending others who don’t share your views. Ease up on pressuring others to see your views or risk getting the silent treatment when all communication breaks down.

Capricorn- Taxes, inheritances, stocks, wills & legacies, sex (the actual act of sex), joint resources, your partner’s money and possessions, spouse's money, bankruptcy, losses, personal sacrifices, and debts are wobbled at this time. This eclipse urges your shadow to speak up and re-frame your finances. If you don’t get a grip someone or something may tip the scales to only their advantage. Ask yourself, “Have you taken a financial hit because of someone else?” Now is the time to get finances back on track.

Aquarius-Your one-to-one relationships: marriage, business partnerships, contracts, and cooperative relationships are brought to your attention during this solar eclipse. Your shadow reveals what you truly seek from your relationships both personal and business. This is the time to make changes for a better future. Resisting change can cause unnecessary tension in your life. Get on with what you have been putting off and go up the ladder to the next level of both personal and business relationships. There is a hidden opportunity in any upheaval at this time. Embrace all changes.

Pisces-Your daily work, service, diet, health and physical stamina are the focal point of this solar eclipse. Your repressed shadow may be responsible for your bad habits, boredom at work, and feelings of all work and no play. This solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to take charge of your health and revamp your daily routine. You now have the opportunity to balance work and your personal life.  Shifts in your day to day activities benefit you in more ways than one. Great time to ditch bad habits and toxic relationships.

The impact of a solar eclipse may be felt for up to six months. Look to the 5th through 8th of September to see what gets triggered in your life due to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Mundane impact:

On a mundane level, this eclipse will expose the shadow side of the country it passes over and in this case, it is the United States of America. Political, economic, and social situations that surface at this time and also for the following six-month duration will reveal the shadow side of the country as a whole. The archetype of the USA, can be recognized as the Hero, Warrior, Rescuer or Leader. Heroes believe anything can be achieved if you put your mind and determination to it. They believe in courage. Their greatest fear is being thought of as a coward, weakling, or vulnerable. They want to have triumph over adversity. 

The shadow side of the Hero is the Insolent, arrogant and always looking for the next battle. How controversy is approached during this time is vital to finding peaceful resolves to any social and political unrest. This is going to be a challenging aspect -ego verses taking a higher road.


New book, Conscious Ink: The hidden meaning of tattoos, comes out October 23rd 2017.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sex in the Stones: Crystals & Gemstones for Relationships

The great thing about crystal and gemstones is that anyone can learn to bring extraordinary energy enhancements to their relationship scene. There is no dogma associated with crystals and gems because they work intuitively with your unique energy field. Stones have multiple remedial qualities so you can try different ones to see which work best for your energy and unique relationship experiences.
  Potential Partners: We’re all looking for that certain someone to sweep us off our feet, like in the old-time movies. Even Noah knew that pairing up was important because no one wants to go it alone.  When it comes to attracting a partner, social media and phone apps are the new bar scene.  There are crystals and gemstones that can help bring loving energy into your life while repelling cheaters and liars. If you spend hours online visiting dating sites then you’ll also need a crystal to protect you from sucking in enough EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) to glow in the dark:
·        Rose Quartz invites love into your life. It opens your heart to receive love and reminds you that you are worthy of love. Carry it or keep by your bedside to immerse yourself in its loving vibrations. You can also use a rose quartz pendulum to get more clarity on your dating choices. Hold the pendulum over the picture or name of your potential mate and see if you get a yes-or-no answer whether to move forward or not. The stone links into your intuition so keep a clear mind and listen to the very foretelling vibrations that you feel. (Instructions on how to use a crystal pendulum can be found in the previous chapter.)
·        Malachite is a powerful emotional cleanser that helps to remove past traumas and negative emotions so you don’t bring emotional luggage into your new relationships. It encourages risk-taking and change, and also releases inhibitions (but please, not on the first date).
·        Chrysoprase is essential if you failed to heed that warning about inhibitions on the first date. In conjunction with other means, it guards against sexually transmitted diseases.
·        Sodalite has two built-in benefits. It not only encourages self-esteem (as previously mentioned), it also keeps you sharp so you don’t fall victim to cheaters and liars. Additionally, if you do a lot of online dating, than sodalite protects you from the EMFs given off by computers and cell phones.

Exes: If you’ve been through a bad breakup with someone, then you’re familiar with the emotional rollercoaster that follows. Your mind creates all kinds of “what if?” scenarios and you vacillate between being super energetic and very lethargic while you adjust to the new normal.
 The first impulses may be to self-medicate (with food, alcohol, and drugs), plot revenge against your ex, or leech off of other people’s positive energy. Sound familiar? Relax. You can be rebalanced with stones. Put down your cocktail, hide all sharp objects, turn off your phone, stop creeping around on Facebook for information about your ex, and get stoned…with crystals and gems:
·        Hematite is the ultimate grounding gemstone for the body.  It eliminates negative energy by drawing it from you into itself.  If you wear a hematite ring and it absorbs all of the negative vibes, it literately will break and fall off your finger. Buy a bag of the rings because you may go through a few if it was a nasty breakup. Fortunately, hematite rings are fairly inexpensive.
·        Lepidolite will dispel negative thoughts and emotional attachments such as resentment and jealousy. It brings about deep emotional healing and reduces stress and depression. Use lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change, as this stone brings balance, inner peace, and hindsight.
·        Crazy Lace Agate is called the laughter stone. It promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. (You’ll need all of that so you don’t slash anyone’s tires.) This stone absorbs emotional pain.
·        Clear quartz clusters are the perfect parting gift if you’re looking to “bust someone’s stones” Your Ex may not be able to handle the influx of quartz energy and overexposure to quartz crystals may result in diarrhea-Nice touch!

Sexual Partners: Sex can definitely level the playing field in any relationship. It is how we express our most intimate desires for someone. On the high end, it is a deep emotional connection built upon love and trust. On the opposite side, it can be a casual hookup merely for physical pleasure.  Sex has a way of making us face our self-worth and insecurities. Crystals and gemstones can come to the rescue not only to keep your energy balanced, but also help you rev up some passion so you don’t fall into the trap of sexual monotony and routine. Sex can be better if you have some good stones to work with:
·        Smoky Quartz is called as such for a good reason. To enhance your sex life you can massage your inner thighs and place smoky quartz between them so that the energy of passion can flow freely. How did such useful information like this miss making sex education class?
·        Red Ruby is a good choice to inspire love and passion. It frees inhibitions and increases sex drive. This stone can also alleviate guilt, bring honesty, and promote integrity and devotion in your relationship. Ruby jewelry makes a nice gift that is sure to get you a very special (and steamy) thank you.
·        Obsidian is a very powerful stone. You may want to reach for the big “O” during sex especially if your partner accidently calls you by the wrong name. Black obsidian increases self-control and disperses unloving thoughts that you may have. (Oh shit!)
·        Red Tigers Eye is a stimulating stone that can increase sex drive. If it increases it too much and you start missing your favorite television shows or important appointments…
·        Blue Tigers Eye cools off a hyper, overactive sex drive and brings it back to within a normal range. (Not a bad stone to slip into the pocket of your lover should they be going out for the evening with some friends.)

Committed Relationships: After dating and falling in love, naturally, the next steps you take are moving in together, engagement, and marriage. You and your partner mutually agree to exclusivity, trust, honesty, openness, and some other agreed-upon behavior that sounds good at the time. Crystals and gemstones can assist as organic little relationship councilors that keep you grounded in your love:
·        Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the saying goes. I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest diamonds right away especially since they are the primary choice for engagement and wedding rings. Due to diamond being the hardest stone, it enhances strength in emotional, spiritual, and physical realms. Diamond is also a stone for psychic insight, which explains why most women just always seem to know what’s going on and rarely fall for the “I got stuck in traffic!” excuse.
·        Jade keeps the peace in family relations and promotes harmony and tranquility. It can protect love from straying away. Keep a chunk of jade under the bed to make your dreams come true and your partner faithful.
·        Garnet is excellent for increasing commitment, honesty, hope, and faith. It is a stone of positive thoughts and gives strength during a time of crisis. This stone is also one of passion and love, and keeps sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy nice and balanced. Garnet helps one realize and enjoy the pleasures of earthly incarnation, so if you knew your partner in a past life you may have a better go at it this time around if you have a garnet.

Divorce: Divorce is a trying time for anyone going through the maze of untangling a marriage. It drains you emotionally and financially. On top of that, you also have to contend with lawyers and the courts. Divorce is a major life-changing event that requires you to drop any feelings of bitterness, victim consciousness, and revenge if you are to move forward and rebuild your life in a healthy way, especially if children are involved. Procuring the right stones and crystals can make the process a lot less difficult:
·        Hematite is known as the lawyer’s stone and brings positive judgments in legal matters. (The trick is trying to get your divorce lawyer to carry some on your behalf.)  It absorbs negative energy and alleviates stress and worry. This is a very protective stone that allows you to remain grounded in many tense situations.
·        Lithium Quartz balances the brain and the emotions. The lithium contained in this quartz is the same mineral used in antidepressants so hug a chunk as you wait for your court docket to be called. You’ll be nice and mellow.
·        Green Aventurine soothes the emotions and brings you back to balance. It helps you to see hardships as an opportunity for new growth and stimulates a renewed sense of optimism, joy, and hope.  This stone is good for new beginnings, and it will also attract wealth and abundance so you can pay your lawyer.
  Whether you are looking for love or ready to jump ship from a sinking relationship, crystals and gemstones can help you harness that extra jolt of natural energy.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Conscious Ink: The Hidden Meaning of Tattoos Mystical, Magical, and Transformative Art You Dare to Wear

There is hidden, powerful wisdom in tattoos. Did you ever think of your tattoo as a charged body talisman or a portal into your spiritual self? Ancient cultures practicing shamanic tattooing laid the groundwork for our modern exploration of consciousness. Tattoos are both a revelation and a proclamation of your embodied archetypes, dreams, emotions, even a hint of past-life memories.

Conscious Ink shows how this edgy skin art interfaces with our body’s subtle energy field and reveals how tattoo imagery ties into the potent energy of inner alchemy that expands our self-awareness.

Are you prepared to:

  • Find out how/why intention is the moving force behind your tattoo’s vibration? Do you bring on good luck or bad juju?
  • Understand why the piercing of your skin and drawing of blood forms a symbolic link into the energy field of your tattooist?
  • Explore how tattoos reveal past-life/current-life emotional memory?
  • Discover how tattoos can shift the emotional energy stored in certain body areas?

    Mindful inking can be an amazing modality that awakens your spiritual self. Looking at tattoos beyond the lens of body art, Conscious Ink gives you a new perspective on tattoos and their undeniable roots in pure, magic, and mysticism.    
  • Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    You are defined by who you are not by what you have

    The defining moment for the life you desire quickly arrives when you accept the fact that you have no attachments for a desired outcome. That's right. Roll your spiritual dice and gladly embrace life moment by moment. On the quest for enlightenment it is easy to become a spiritual junkie looking for quick fixes and instantaneous healing, We scan the computer looking for self-help videos,astrological predictions, the turn of a tarot card, and incense, oils, and brews that offer a temporary high filled with promise and hope yet many of us fail to do the follow through work. The work begins by liberating yourself from your ego.

          Your ego will focus on attachments to things and always provides you with a constant craving for more and more. The insatiable high of defining yourself by what you have instead of who you are as a person. When one is spiritually enlightened, there is a constant appreciation for life just as it is. It doesn't matter if the ego is getting what it wants or does not want anymore because the illusion of the material world has been busted. When you understand that every desire also has a flip side that requires maintenance we are held to a new responsibility that puts us to the test of being able to do the necessary work because every time we get something we want we will always get something we don't want for instance: the new car that comes with the payment book which means that we have to keep a cash flow coming in to pay for all of the incidentals that we may have overlooked; the big house that also has the big utility bills; the relationships that test our security and self-worth every time there is an argument-you get it. Enlightenment comes when we realize that we have to stop being so pushy, forceful, and manipulative, by imposing our will on every situation and just allow the Universe to let things flow our way. 

          It's OK to be happy for the abundance that you draw into your life but enjoy it without attachment or expectations. The material world is very fleeting. Simply practice being grateful for whatever is in your life right now, this very moment and enjoy it even if it is the peace and quiet of doing nothing at all. This alone will instigate a dynamic shift in your consciousness. All of your answers are within you and any outside guidance that you seek is merely to help you gain perspective on the choices that you make. We are only victims of our own decisions.

          Here are a few practices to help you achieve true enlightenment:
    • Identify patterns that seem to bring you problems. Sit with your problems and identify the part YOU played in creating them and don't focus on the other players. Remember your actions were your choices-no victim consciousness allowed.
    • Be silent. Turn off the clatter, computers, and cell phones. Listen to you inner voice that whispers true guidance. All answers are easily attainable from within. Do not doubt yourself.
    • No more manipulation or blame. Drop these practices immediately for they are ego based.
    • Stop focusing on problems and worries because where you put your attention is where you put creative energy into manifesting outcomes that you probably don't want to come about. Become the master of your own story.
    • Get out of your own head. Your mind and emotions can distort your experiences. Practice acceptance because there is a time to let go of certain people and situations. Be grateful for what you learned about yourself through your participation.
    • Do not label or judge by what you experience via your physical senses. Take it up a notch and begin to discern by the energy you feel. It is usually a gut feeling.
    • When you focus on the simple feeling of just being HAPPY you will immediately begin to draw situations into your life that keep that good vibe going. Allow yourself to feel relaxed and content-it's possible even in a material world.
    • Careful with vision boards because you might become attached to only one particular outcome which leaves you shut off from possibly achieving something even better than expected. No attachments or expectations.
    To get a handle on how to enjoy your spirit's journey through the material world, embrace your lessons, and reach true enlightenment, read The Book of Transformation:Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos

    You are defined by who you are not by what you have.


    Thursday, January 12, 2017

    Who's Afraid of the Number 13, especially if it falls on a Friday?

    Since the month of January 2017, is privy to having the infamous Friday the 13th I felt that it would be fitting to take a look at the meaning behind the bad rap given to not only this dreaded date but the number 13 in general.

       In Christian religions Friday  is associated with the Crucifixion of  Jesus Christ and therefore given an ominous meaning. The 12 disciples and Christ formed a group of 13 to share in the Last Supper. Also, let's not forget the French bar-b-que of 1307 when hundreds of Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France on Friday the 13th of October.

        The symbolism of the number 13 is of great significance in several cultures and religions. In ancient Greece, Zeus was counted as the 13th and most powerful god. The symbolism of 13 especially comes into play in the story of Osiris, the Egyptian god of life, death, and powerful cosmic energy who was murdered by his brother, Typhon, who sliced him into 14 pieces.

         Isis, Osiris’ wife along with his sister, could only find 13 of the 14 body parts (the 14th part being the generative organ), which fell into the Nile and was eaten by a school of fish-OUCH! Maybe they were Lorena Bobbitt fish. This story illustrates that the number 13 is the precursor to completion, a fact which is also borne out by nature itself. 

        There are 13 moons in a calendar year. The moon is associated with the Spiral of Life—birth, death, and rebirth—as she moves through the phases from dark to full and back to dark again.  In numerology the number 13 is the focus of pragmatism and hard work. The 13’s nature is to build a secure foundation for the very future. 

       It was just over the past few hundred years that the superstitions around the number 13 and the day of the week, Friday, were fused together to become kryptonite to any chance of luck that might be tossed our way.

       The number 13 is associated with the Death card in a Tarot Deck. It has been demonized by Hollywood in such movies as the Friday the 13th
    franchise and the use of address such as 1313 Mocking Bird Lane in the Munster’s television series.

       Society as a whole buys into the anxiety caused by the number 13.  Some hotels and office buildings go as far as to omit the thirteenth floor of a building. The Chinese cultures freak out over the number four (which in numerology is the reduced sum of 13, 1+3=4) In Chinese the words “four” and “death” sound alike.

       The ill-fated NASA mission, Apollo 13, also had the bad luck of noticing on the evening of April 13th, when they were 200,000 miles from Earth, that there was a low-pressure warning signal on a hydrogen tank in their orbiter, the Odyssey.

      Do people born on Friday the 13th , or the 13th of any month really carry around their own personal cloud full of disasters waiting to happen, or is it just another urban legend similar to if you were to leave a tooth in a cup of coke overnight, only to have it dissolve by morning?

        If you were born on the 13th of the month and also have the double whammy of your actual birth take place on a Friday you probably get the usual response from others saying, “Oh Wow! Aren’t you lucky, as they slowly back away and run for cover before they catch the jinx you supposedly carry in your celestial DNA.

        Let’s hope that you didn’t run into any kids who refused to attend your birthday parties because they seriously suffered from a phobia called "paraskavedekatriaphobia”, which is a fear of Friday the13th.

        Being born on the 13th of any month regardless of whether or not it is a Friday automatically seems to lump you into the formidable group of superstitions such as black cats, walking under ladders, having a bird fly into your house and other anxiety-laden paranoia associated with being dealt an off-suit hand of fate.

       The day of the week, Friday, in itself isn’t so bad.  We all seem to hang for Fridays when the work week is over but pair it up with the 13th of the month it becomes a “Fri-tini,” a Molotov cocktail for calamity. 

       Are there any upsides to being born on Friday the 13th or the 13th of any month? Well, you can always say that you share Friday the 13th birthdays with such celebrities as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: The twins were born Friday, June 13, 1986. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, famed Seinfeld actress, was born on the infamous date as well (Friday,January 13, 1961.) Let’s not forget the master of the macabre, Alfred Hitchcock, who was born on Friday, August 13, 1899.

       Thirteen is a mystical and magical number in mythology, the occult, and ancient history.  There were Twelve Knights of the Round Table as well as King Arthur himself (12 + 1 = 13).  The 13th Degree in Freemasonry is called the Royal Arch. 

       The American flag has 13 stripes in honor of its first 13 colonies. In Italy, 13 is a lucky number. It is associated with the "Great Goddess," who is responsible for fertility and lunar cycles. Remember, there are really 13 Lunar months. Many Italians believe the number 13 brings prosperity and life, and it is seen as especially lucky when gambling.

        Hey, even modern astrologers are coming to grips with the possibility that Ophiuchus, the serpent wrestler, should be given proper status as the 13th astrological sign for the new millennium.

        Are we guilty of “numerically profiling” people born on Friday the 13th or the 13th of any month?  It really is just another day.  Because of all the media hype whenever a Friday the 13th comes along we buy into the illusion of fear (False, Emotions, Appearing Real).

       Do more misfortunes really happen on Friday the 13th or are we just more aware of any bummer situations because of this infamous date? 

       Our mind is the creator and there is a super strong power to belief.  Because we expect bad things to be associated with the number 13, in essence, we manifest these phenomena.

      The historical origins of the number 13 have a quasi-relationship with science, math, faith, mysticism, and psychology. Fate and freewill will always intermingle with the chaos in our lives. 

      To read more about how numbers speak to us and link into our consciousness read The Book of Transformation Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos