Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

T'was the week before Christmas and you're stuck for a gift
The lines are long and the mall is the pits
The cyber shopping deliveries are not guaranteed
You need a quick gift for the peeps hard to please

And what to your wondering eyes should you see
But a gift for a psychic reading with only a fee
Delivered by email, the gift will arrive ,on time and with options for consultation times

On tarot,on tea leaves,astrology hits
The choices are many for just the right fit
The New Year will bring a full Moon eclipse
A Mercury and Mars retrograde also thrown into the mix

With all this activity up in the sky
Things will be happening
People will be wondering why?

So run to your computer ,iPhones and blackberries
Type in your request ,Christmas comes in a hurry
So with the click of a mouse or a push of an icon
Your shopping is done and you are free to relax and have fun

When ordering you gift certificates
Why not make it two?
One for a gift and the other for you
Your gift certificates will arrive via email, what a thrill !
Your shopping is done and you're free to "chill."

Merry Christmas,

Lisa Barretta


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