The Shift-A New Cycle for Humanity

Moving ever so close to the ominous date of December 21, 2020 there is no doubt that the expectation for some megalithic event to happen is extremely high.  The end of one Mayan cycle and the beginning of a new cycle is marked by this day which we hope is an accurate summation since as we know, our calendars have gone through many changes over the centuries making it a little dicey to accurately line up with the Mayan Calendar.

Every year when you celebrate your birthday and become a year older you really don’t experience any drastic changes unless of course you got plastic surgery for you birthday. Your birthday calendar year always holds the hope for a better year and the possibilities for change. The good, the bad and the new are all part of experiencing the cycle of life.

Our planet, Earth, is entering a new cycle, one that holds the potential for an evolutionary jump for humanity since we are on the threshold of a golden era that will lift us closer to the dimensions beyond time, sometimes called the fourth dimension, and allow us to experience the velocity of faster frequencies that ignite our innate, psychic, self-healing, spiritual capabilities. Humanity is due for an up-grade, one that will bring us beyond the limited physical existence and open us up to the realms of higher knowing.

Since we are positioned to be exposed to a more radiant energy from the heavens due to the position of our planet within the galaxy, we can embrace the opportunity for evolution into the age of enlightenment.  Oppressive governments, false beliefs, and negative agendas will all try one last swipe at us because they know that they are losing their grip on the matrix that has kept us trapped in the illusion of time and physicality.

Time is a loop, a wave of frequency that speeds up or slows down according to our own relationship to it. Lately many people have noticed how time itself, has been slipping away, moving faster and the reason is because our consciousness is now accessing a higher, faster frequency due to our evolutionary jump into becoming more of the "psyche" or spirit. According to the dictionary, psyche means, the spirit or soul.

December 21, 2012 is a kaleidoscope day.  A kaleidoscope holds the same pieces but a different design appears with each shift of the dial.  We will not perish at the end of the Mayan Calendar.  All the pieces will still be there but the shift into a higher consciousness will give you a new, fresh perspective on your own power of creation, manifestation, healing and spiritual knowing.  Start looking forward to accessing all the gifts of the shift to become a fully integrated body, mind and spirit.  No time in higher dimensions; only the power of “NOW.”

Have a Cool Yule.



  1. 901
    9 days from 12.12 to 21.12, 0 maybe meaning time resets to NOW, and 1 maybe you become one with self?
    and/or we all become as one. Interesting though as zeros and 1's make up binary code

    but ALSO:
    As H. P. Blavatsky says, the number ten is the secret or sephirical principle of the universe, because on and through this denary system the universe is formed and built. Man (as a whole) is tenfold, the universe (as a whole) is tenfold, but both are septenary in manifestation. Every atom, every living being, and every universe is a complete hierarchy of ten degrees: three highest considered as the root, and seven lower in active manifestation. This root, or highest triad, is a Mystery-teaching, concerning which very little open explanation is to be found even in the ancient literatures.
    In The Secret Doctrine, volume I, page 98, H. P. Blavatsky first enumerates certain things in the Stanza there printed, to wit: "The Voice of the Word, Svabhavat, the Numbers, for he is One and Nine,"
    Ten is the number of the cosmos---the paradigm of creation
    Ten is all-inclusive representing law; order and dominion. The tetraktys 1+2+3+4= 10
    It is seen as the perfect--the return to unity. When based on the digits of the two hands
    Ten is also the number of completion of journeys and returns to origins: Odysseus wandered for nine years and returned on the tenth. Troy was besieged for nine years and fell on the tenth. Ten is the sum of the number nine of the circumference with the one of the center---being perfection.


    The number 144 is itself an important sacred number.

    .. and, 144 is earth crystal grid

    1+4+4= 9

    (on lighter side--901 is area code for Tennessee)
    Anyways, Happy DNA Awakening Everyone!

  3. I have been seeing this 144 on clocks, receipts, and everywhere for the past year. I know it relates to the bible 144,000 and I think it corresponds to Jesus Christ in Gematria or something like that. Thanks for the added info :-)


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