HEALING YOUR “HERTZ”: Transforming Your Consciousness to Bring About Optimum Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Well-being

How many times have you found yourself caught up in the same type of situations, relationships and repetitive patterns of behavior that seem to sabotage  all that you do and at times, even adversely affect your health?  There is a strong possibility that you may be harboring an energy misfire within your subtle energy body due to some experienced trauma that your consciousness may have gone through during either your current incarnation or even from a prior life experience.

Quantum physics shows us how everything is connected and that reality can be a wave or a particle depending upon the observer. Your consciousness is a wavelength, actually no more than a measurement of the quality of your awareness. It is a verb, a vibration of your collective experiences since you first came into existence. While the ego will always seek immediate results, consciousness is developed and transformation occurs when we embrace the process of evolution into a higher frequency.

Each experience has a hertz which is a unit of frequency (of change in state or cycle in a sound wave, alternating current, or other cyclical waveform) of one cycle per second. Every organ of your physical body has a frequency and  if your thoughts are not tapping into the most positive waves of energy then the whole of your system, physical, mental and spiritual will suffer a ‘blip” in the vibrational network  deeply etched into your consciousness.  Even experiences from prior incarnations can have an effect on your current life. Somewhere in another time you have touched theses vibrations that are the root of repeated patterns and may even hold the karma of inherited ailments.

Living organisms have measurable frequencies on various levels from the entire body down to the cellular level. There are definitely differences in healthy humans in comparison to ill ones. Scientists discovered that each illness has a different frequency that is always within a definite range. Every cell in your body holds tons of information which makes you who you are. Your cells remember and hold all the information from your prior incarnations right up until your present life. It is even possible to influence your perceived future due to the energy of your thoughts and emotions. Stress is a big energy zapper that is kryptonite to your consciousness. New experiences constantly update this information. Cellular memory retains information on all levels of your being and stores them as electromagnetic frequency vibrations that are perceived by every cell in the body through an instant communication system.

So, how do you heal “hertz” which are basically “hurts “that your consciousness has experienced?

Your body, mind, and spirit, is actually an intelligent, integrated hologram. This means that the difference between your body, mind, and spirit is an illusion that exists only to make it easier for you to comprehend your existence here on Earth in linear time. Everything in the universe is energy. You appear as solid matter but if you magnify your cells down to atoms you can see that you are made up of subtle energy fields and not matter. The basic building blocks of energy are light and sound.

For healing to be complete, it needs to take place at all levels – the body, the mind and the spirit. Why does cancer, for example, not cure itself in a few weeks?  Because memory from the old cell, like a phantom memory, is passed on to the new cell therefore forming cells replicating again and again until the cell programming is interrupted by a change in frequency. Emotional memories that are stored in cells of the organs can eventually cause degenerative disease pattern. Even though each and every organs in our body regenerates every few week, the memory of the held emotion keeps being transferred to the formative new cell. If you interrupt the negative programming, and reprogrammed the cell with positive energy, healing will take place.

Sound frequency, aromatherapy, crystal frequency and light frequency all can be tuned to the correct range of vibration to initiate healing. Remember-We have to treat the complete system of body, mind and spirit.  Every layer must be realigned and tuned up. Healing energy from the hands of Reiki healers permeate the body tissues and transmute negative energy blocks into positive healing frequency at the cellular level. Positive intentions to heal carry information in the form of waves which link into human consciousness to interface between the mental and the physical world. We are as we think we are which gives perception to our perceived reality. Reality is a condition of our consciousness.

Did you know that the electrical activity of the heart muscle has an electromagnetic field which is the strongest field of the body? It is also the Chakra center for healing and healing touch.  The high frequencies from love are in themselves, strong enough to bring about miraculous healing.  The opposite is also true because if the heart center holds fear or hate, the low voltage from that strong body field is likely to bring about serious illness.

On the emotional side, a lot of phobias result from a traumatic past life event, especially death. This can create a misfire in the cellular memory when similar circumstances trigger it.  An example would be found in cases of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. This may be a condition one has due to a prior life incarnation in which their death resulted from some sort of plague, therefore creating a fear of death from anything connected to germs. When death occurs, the soul - also called Atman - including all other bodies of light, i.e. astral body, is leaving the physical body and withdrawing all connection to it. Without the physical body we still have the same consciousness and awareness as before and in fact, the consciousness is clearer and the perception of  our surroundings is more accurate with the use of all metaphysical senses or our psychic extrasensory system.

In Chapter 7 of The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos, you will find recommended healing modalities to help you change the “hertz” of your hurts.
“The visible world corresponds to the invisible world and everything in this world is a symbol of something in that other world.”


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