GHOSTS- The dimension of the dead exists along with that of the living

    Thanks to reality television, ghosts, ghost hunting, and spirit communication are at an all-time high and thriving in pop culture.  Although some people hide the fact that they really do believe in ghost, recent polls show that more than one in five Americans say they have seen a ghost or have felt themselves to be in the presence of one. When we take ghosts out of the sensationalized, scary Halloween mode, we can better realize the true nature of these specters and understand that they function as a less dense form of energy. You might say that they are our non material neighbors in a different dimensional neighborhood which is made up of the good areas (spirit guides, departed loved ones) and the negative areas (angry energy from horrendous acts and strong negative emotional imprints).

   Ghosts have been chronicled throughout history and practically every major religion acknowledges apparitions of the dead who return to give messages from the other side of the veil.   The ancient Greeks and Romans referred to the disembodied phantoms as shades that inhabited the realm of the dead.  There was a strong belief in ghosts in Greece and Rome and the related phenomenon of necromancy, --the consultation of the dead for divination.  It appears that they both believed that the dead could still influence the world of the living with messages from the other side.  Modern day paranormal investigations usually include a psychic medium that is able to tune into the phantom information from the after-life and gather data to help us understand the true nature of what we call “ghosts.”

    What exactly is a ghost?  This may be a hard question to find a definitive, universal answer to since there are so many types of ghosts.  The dictionary gives us a multiple choice of what a ghost might be such as:

1. The soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.

2. a mere shadow or semblance; a trace: He's a ghost of his former self.

3. A remote possibility: He hasn't a ghost of a chance.

4. The principle of life; soul; spirit.


     The fact of the matter is that we are all made up of energy both the living and the dead.  The difference lies in the range of vibration.  The slower the speed the more dense the molecules become giving a solid appearance when you are alive.  The ghost of the departed persists at a different rate of energy once they shed their physical form at the time of death. Their consciousness remains as an essence made up of both positive and negative charges which accounts for the difference in friendly spirits as opposed to hauntings and bazaar poltergeist activity that can occur within certain energy hot spots such as the location of a murder, suicide, or some other unnatural form of death like an accident.

     I personally have seen a ghost and at other times picked up their energy as an odor or scent.  The reason most people don’t have an awareness of the dimension of the dead is because they do not consciously tune into that realm.  Random conjunctions of energy allow for some people to have a paranormal experience here or there while those who live in homes with strong emotional imprints and attachments from former residences may experience a multitude of what would be considered strange and unlikely happenings.
    Scientists and doctors are finally admitting that there is proof for the continuation of consciousness, what we usually refer to as ghosts, especially since many healthcare professionals who work in hospices and emergency rooms with people in their final moments of life witness the pre- death moments of the dying who relay messages and awareness of those from the other side.   Is death really the extinction of the human personality or is there a continuity of consciousness? The mystical explanations go up against the scientific minds who believe that intercepting those on the other side is generated by physical processes occurring in the brain. The big questions are: How does it work? How are we connected and what drives this energy?  Are ghosts a quantum phenomenon?  Is there a possibility that we create ghosts by the simple act of observing or measuring a particle of energy and forcing it into a sentient apparition? How do we explain explicit information received from those who dwell in the realm of the dead along with actual paranormal activity within certain locations?

   The dimension of the dead exists along with that of the living.  We consider ghostly activity as a disruption to our zone and those on the other side consider paranormal investigators and ghost hunters as disturbances to their field.  Some people learn to live with resident ghosts including the ones whose phantom energy resonates like banging thunder on the walls and causes strange electrical malfunctions due to the overload of wattage from their principle make up of a more rapidly spinning essence of energy..  A form of ghostly Stockholm Syndrome, a type of traumatic bonding, which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two entities where one intermittently harasses, scares, threatens, or intimidates the other can occur with people who live in haunted houses.  There is a low key fear that if they disturb or remove the ghosts some horrible repercussions are possible.

    Ghost energy that slips through the portals back into the realm of the living feeds off of electrical energy from people, locations, and even electrical equipment.  You do not want to encourage this type of relationship especially if you are not a paranormal expert and unable to determine the nature of the consciousness or ghost that you are encountering.  Is it positively charged or negatively charged?  You may actually come up against what are called soul jumpers which are energy essences that can and do at times take possession of you.  Hence forth the warning not to play around with séances’, oui ja boards, and magickal rituals that are conducive to spirit communication.  Some ghostly energy may have an agenda and not all are friendly like Casper, the friendly ghost.

   There are four basic types of haunting or ghost: Intelligent, residual, demonic, and poltergeist.  Many sub types spring from these basic four and are determined by their level of activity.  It is possible to have an infestation of ghost energy especially around areas of high ceremonial magick like Indian cemeteries.  Battlefields also hold energy due to all of the strong emotional energy imprints and they are often the site of preference for serious paranormal investigators.

   Ghosts are with us at all times.  You can’t experience that which you don’t acknowledge but be prepared and fully instructed before you decide to look into the other side.  You never know who or what lies through the portals to Nevermore.



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