The Mysterious,Instinctual Moon Through the Signs and Phases


     Astrology is such a fascinating subject and I bet that there is hardly a person out there who doesn’t know their Sun sign.  The Sun in your chart represents the ego and individual will power. It is the conscious, extroverted, persona that you exhibit to the world.  But what about the other light in the sky that has more of an influence over you than you know?  The Moon is your emotional meter and in our fast paced society you can be sure that it gets a real work out.

     The sign the Moon was in at your birth gives you a general overlay of how you emotionally handle things. Your natal or birth Moon sign is also influenced by the daily motions of the Moon as it changes from sign to sign, roughly every two and a quarter days.  These quick changes of the Moon bounce off of your natal Moon and influence your moods and emotional threshold.

     The phase that the Moon was in at birth also determines your "Lunar type," showing how you play out your emotions. It can get a little tricky because if you really want to know and understand your emotional triggers you must look at all of the components of your built in "lunar system" consisting of your Moon sign and the Moon phase.

     First look at the phase of the Moon that you were born under and that will give insight into how you approach emotional situations whereas the Moon’s sign shows how you express those emotions. For example:  If you were born on a FULL MOON phase (illuminated, magnetic, aware, with full perspective) and the Moon was in Virgo (analytical, detail orientated) opposite your Sun in Pisces (full Moon birthdays are always opposite your Sun sign) then this would mean that even though you may be an intuitive Pisces who is sensitive to the needs of others, you are still able to be discriminating and practical with your emotions because you are able to work with the full perspective nature that belongs to the Full Moon phase.
     Following is a list of meanings for the Moon’s phase at birth:

     New Moon-When the moon is ahead of the Sun by 0 - 44 degrees:  You are instinctive and have a close identification with your emotions and a tendency to identify everything based on yourself and how you feel.  New Moon people have the Sun and the Moon in the same sign which packs a lot of light on your particular zodiac sign. Impulsive actions are often set into motion with no thought of the consequences.

     Waxing Crescent Moon-When the Moon is ahead of the Sun by 45 - 89 degrees: You have a tendency to be habitual on how you handle emotions. You struggle to overcome the past and often find yourself deeply overwhelmed by emotions. You can get stuck by relying too much on your past opinions. Often the same types of situations keep repeating in the native’s life until they learn to overcome their blocks from the past. 

     The First Quarter Moon- Encompasses the period when the moon is ahead of the sun from 90 -134 degrees: This aspect is the “square” meaning the Sun and the Moon are uneasy with each other.  You are driven into action by emotional turmoil because of an urgent feeling that something must be done. You don’t hide your emotional stress especially when under pressure.  You are apt at handling drama and conflict because you are already wired that way due to the Sun squaring your Moon in your natal birth chart.

     Gibbous Moon-The Gibbous phase, commences with the sesquisquare and ends just before the opposition, it also includes the quincunx. It is a separating angle of 135 degrees. You have a keen way of assimilating information and a strong desire to resolve things that need correcting. You are good at communicating your emotional needs and usually analyze the situation before jumping into action.

     Full Moon-The Full Moon phase commences at the opposition point. The Moon is opposite to the Sun - 180 degrees away. This is the part of the cycle where the moon is at her brightest and most glorious. Full Moon people are very aware, illuminated, and have full perspective of their emotions. They were born with a natural “Yin-Yang” energy to their emotional system and whereas others seem to freak out during a Full Moon, those who are born under this phase of the Moon seem to go about their business totally unaffected. Sometimes there is a need to develop balance between their emotional needs and the needs of others.  Here we find a magnetic type of person who seems to draw others to them, especially those looking to dump their emotions on a fair minded assuror.

     Disseminating Moon-This phase of the Moon appears to be chasing the Sun. The Moon is now 225 -269 degrees ahead of the Sun or 135 - 90 degrees behind. There is the nature to act consciously to outside events and your reactions are under your full control. You share your emotions with others and they get a clear picture of where you are coming from at all times. You have a way of “pushing the boundaries” and getting other to feel emotionally free with you.

     Last Quarter Moon- This cycle is slowly winding down and the Moon is now 270 - 314 degrees ahead or 90- 46 degrees behind the Sun.  This phase of the Moon makes one abide by their own strong principals and this can get them into trouble because others sometimes don’t have the same philosophies.  There always seems to be a tension and urgency to the emotional nature. Outmoded ways of handling the emotions can be a common problem for this Moon phase person.

     Balsamic Moon-This is the final phase of the lunation cycle. The moon is now 315 -359 degrees ahead of the Sun or 45 - 1 degree behind the Sun. Your emotions are under your full control and of your own personal choice.  This phase gives keen perception into the emotions and why one feels a certain way. You willing share your emotional resources with others.

     OK…So now let’s look at the nature of the Moon signs because that determines how you express the energy of your personal Moon phase:

     The Moon in Aries:  You express your emotions with a lot of enthusiasm. Your Moon phase will determine how you control your temper because the Moon in Aries is noted to be “bad tempered.” If you were born on an Aries New Moon you may have a tendency to be “me first” in emotional matters with a highly impulsive nature..

     The Moon in Taurus: You are naturally conservative with your emotions until you feel comfortable with them yourself. You have a live and let live emotional policy and really don’t like anyone or anything upsetting your peaceful routine. You have the toughest time if you are born during the First Quarter Moon phase because it forces change into your life.

     The Moon in Gemini: You are witty, charming, and express your emotions energetically. Your straight forward approach can sometimes make others step back since you say whatever is on your mind. Being born during the Gibbous Moon phase is tailor made for Gemini Moons because of the natural inclination toward communication.

     The Moon in Cancer:  The Moon is right at home in Cancer since the Moon rules this sign. You are extremely sensitive and emotionally changeable. You can be clingy, possessive and prone to self-pity one day and snappy and independent the next day depending on where the Moon is surfing through the zodiac. Being born on a Cancer Full Moon (Sun in Capricorn) can draw from that more pragmatic sign that which they themselves do not possess in order to strike a more even balance to their changeable emotional nature.

     The Moon in Leo: You are generous with your emotions and always seem to spice things up with a sense of drama.  You hate to be corrected and sometimes create havoc because you like emotional excitement. Being born during the First Quarter Moon phase suites this Moon sign well because you are guaranteed to come wired accustomed to drama.

     The Moon in Virgo: You are well organized, detail orientated, unpretentious, and friendly but, and I do mean a BIG BUT, you can be overly critical which makes others emotionally wary of you.  Being born during the Last Quarter Moon phase doesn’t suit this Moon sign because there is too much nervous energy and a sense of urgency to get things done right away along with a “my way or the highway” approach to things.

     The Moon in Libra: You can be charming, calm, and inclined to the arts. People come to you to solve their problems because you have the ability to see situations from all angles. Being born during the Disseminating Moon phase is well suited for this sign but those who are born with the Moon in Libra during the First quarter Moon phase usually find highly emotional situations too stressful for this Moon sign that likes balance and harmony.

     The Moon in Scorpio: This Moon is perceptive, secretive, and very determined. There is a tendency to become easily hurt and non-forgiving to those who have hurt you. You have a tendency to harbor grudges forever. Being born during the Waxing Crescent feeds the heavy energy of this Moon’s emotions while the Full Moon birth phase may be the best since the sign of Taurus has a softer Venus influence.

     The Moon in Sagittarius: This Moon makes one blunt, optimistic, and carefree. There is usually a strong spiritual belief. You have a tendency to put your foot into your mouth and a disregard for the opinions that others form about you because you really don't care if they like you or not. Being born during the Last Quarter Moon phase intensifies the nature to push your own philosophies onto others which can cause disharmony in relationships.

     The Moon in Capricorn: There is a strong sense of duty and the ability to make quick accurate decisions.  The Moon is expressed very coldly in this sign with a “no nonsense” attitude toward most situations. The material world weighs more in value than the emotional world for the Moon in Capricorn. Being born during the full Moon phase would balance out this Moon sign since the sensitivity of Cancer, the opposite sign, warms up the emotions and gives them a more personal touch.

     The Moon in Aquarius: Here we find a very personable, friendly, unconventional, liberal emotional type but there is always a sense of some vague detachment. Because of the unpredictable nature of this Moon sign, the emotional reactions can be capricious and confusing hence portraying the native as an enigma. Being born during he Gibbous Moon phase helps this Moon sign look at a situation before jumping into action.

     The Moon in Pisces: This Moon makes one idealistic, unselfish, emotional, romantic, and on the flip side, extremely unrealistic. The natives have greatly evolved intuitive skills and try to avoid confrontation like a plague.  This Moon can give one the tendency to stretch the truth as a way to avoid any conflict. Being born during the Waxing Crescent Moon phase can actually help this Moon sign to make necessary corrections as they learn from repeated situations and patterns of behavior what works and what doesn’t work when dealing with emotional situations.

To find the phase of the Moon you were born under click here:

To find your Moon sign click here:
     The Moon relates to your immediate emotional responses. It is the mysterious instinctual side to your nature that ebbs and flows to the rhythm of her ever changing phases going from dark to light and everywhere in between during her 28.5 day sojourn in the heavens. 



  1. Interesting article. But what if (natal chart) your sun and moon are already in opposition and born during a full moon? ie, my Sun Pisces, my moon Virgo both 9 deg. AND born during a full moon

  2. I have the same thing-Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon. We are able to balance the Pisces "no boundaries" with the discriminating Virgo approach to life. This makes us more organized than the text book Pisces and also helps harness our intuitive ability and keep us more grounded. We are less likely to be affected by Full Moons because we were born already used to the "Yin yang" flux of the energy. hope this helps:-)

  3. Interesting article! :) I was born during Waning Gibbous/Disseminating Moon (more specifically during the Waning Trine - Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon). I have noticed that every month I feel much more energetic and I am enerally in a better mood during those days when the Sun and Moon is in the exact same position from each other as when I was born. The next time this will happen is between February 27th and 29th when the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Scorpio. I can't wait :)

  4. Great article! I am a New Moon born Sun and Moon Leo. Full moons are my nemises. I always know!


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