A Garden ESPecially for your Psychic Senses

We have often heard tell of a magical garden but did you know that it is possible to have one for yourself?  A garden that helps you tune into your psychic senses beyond the physical way of perceiving.

Dating back to ancient times plants and herbs have been used for healing, protection, perfumes, and self-empowerment.   One of the coolest things you can do is plant an Awakening Garden.  As we become more awakened to the dimensions of higher consciousness our natural extrasensory senses can become more vibrant if we tune them to their correct frequency much in the same way that you tune a musical instrument.
Your chakra centers which are the main sensors for receiving intuitive psychic impressions  often times become depressed, lay dormant, and even shut down due to the influences of processed foods,  environmental pollutants, negative thoughts, negative people, and lack of use.  We are all naturally psychic and intuitive but fail to realize it because we allow ourselves to feed into self-doubt or the false belief that only a few people have the gift of perception beyond the physical realm.

We give our power away when we look outside of a situation for answers before going to the source of all of the answers that we seek which are found within ourselves.   Fear not because you can begin to help your sentient side become more responsive simply by planting your own Awakening Garden

Set out you intention to be open to receive more psychic impressions and  plant a small garden or window box that fills the atmosphere with the correct frequencies to invite enhanced extrasensory sensing.  Merely having these psychic boosting power plants around work in harmony with your chakra centers to turn on your psychic sensing abilities. 

Below are some suggested plants to help you tune up your extrasensory gifts. 

Root Chakra: The best plant is peppermint. Peppermint aids in psychic sensing, calming, clarity of mind, and dreams. Your psychic sense of smell, clairscent, can be fine- tuned by having this scent around

Sacral Chakra: Calendula is an easy to grow herb that enhances your creativity in all areas of life. This plant resonates nicely with the sacral chakra. Clairgustation, or psychic taste, can be honed by keeping the frequency from this plant close by you.

Solar Plexus: Rosemary is an essential herb for the stomach where we feel our “intuitive gut feelings. It enhances clarity of the mind, psychic powers and spiritual growth. It aids in helping you keep healthy boundaries. Your psychic sense of precognition, your “gut” feeling, is best maintained with this plant.

Heart Chakra:  Lavender promotes peace and calm which are very important attributes to develop as you open up psychically. Your psychic sense of touch, psychometry, along with psychic healing touch is kept in optimum frequency smelling the aroma of this plant.

Throat Chakra: The best plant is sage. Sage promotes clarity of mind, psychic intuition, spiritual growth, general protection of your ever evolving extrasensory senses, and wisdom and knowledge.  Sage has long been used Shamans to clear out any negativity from the air. Clairaudience, your ability to hear in a paranormal manner, can be maintained and honed by keeping this plant in your garden.

Third Eye Chakra: The clairvoyant abilities of this chakra are best served by planting lemon balm. Lemon balm enhances the frequency for, psychic sensing, spiritual growth, and divination. Keep your psychic abilities of telepathy, astral travel, connecting into parallel lives, and clairvoyance/psychic sight in balance by having this plant in your garden.

The Crown Chakra: This chakra bridges the gap between body and spirit. One of the best plants for your crown chakra is basil.  Basil wards off negative energies, is good for divination, and exorcises negative spirits who try to invade your space. The master extrasensory sense associated with the crown chakra is Divine knowing.  Basil will help keep you plugged into the main source of the Universe.

The Diaphragm or “Buddha Belly” Chakra: This is a newly developing chakra that becomes more awakened as we shift to higher consciousness. Geranium promotes spiritual healing, and meditation.  Geranium will help in keeping this chakra clear and balanced, which in turn will help you process emotional energy and avoid drama.

The Thymus Chakra:  this is a newly formed chakra flowering open to receive the frequencies of higher consciousness. It resonates to the aroma of spicy orange thyme. This plant helps you regulate the intentions behind your thoughts so you can achieve the best results when using your newly opened psychic sensory system. 

Planting an Awakening Garden has many benefits because in addition to the main chakras there are many chakras in the human body covering basically every area in and on the body.  Many of them are small and insignificant except for the ones on the hands, feet, and fingertips that have significant function.  As you garden he chakras on the feet pull in additional grounding energy and the chakras on the hands transmit energy, especially healing energy.

There is nothing like sitting near your Awakening Garden and allowing the frequencies from the plants to resonate with your ability to perceive beyond the limits of the material world.  Enjoy the experience of exposing yourself to the magic of these plants but do not eat or apply them to your skin without talking to a qualified herbalist first.  Check with a herbalist or a doctor before you make any brews or oils with these plants. 

For further information on experiencing your  shit to a higher consciousness read The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos   



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