Chaos: How to ascend through the madness

Chaos offers you an opportunity to sharpen your intuition, advance your psychic development and further your spiritual evolution as you ascend through the madness of everyday life to achieve higher consciousness.

Chaos is the utter confusion, disorder, and lack of organization that befalls all of us at one time or another as we walk the labyrinth of life in search of our center, the place where our body, mind, and spirit converge as one. Any confused disorderly mess may seem to be an abyss of madness but it holds all of the elements for us to develop our ability to experience phenomena such as synchronicity, psychic intuition, and the realization that everything is in Divine order.

   Chaos forces us to intermingle with the unpredictable and power up our natural instincts. We are offered the opportunity to feel the energy of events and conditions and move beyond our judgment based solely on the appearance of matter. We are all here for the purpose of experiencing how our spirit expresses itself in the material world which is the theater for illusion. We all possess psychic abilities, and an energy field but very few people know how to work with these special spiritual apps. The mind builds our scenarios, the body experiences the physical sensations, and the spirit absorbs the energy which, in essence, either heightens or lowers our overall vibration. The higher your vibration the easier it is to experience heightened intuition beyond the proclivity of just seeing things as they are instead of feeling the energy of their true meaning. Once you master discerning energy you can find the hidden treasures in chaos.

   Chaos exist in the places you would least expect. It is not limited to civil unrest and mass hysteria. It can be tucked away in a closet packed to the limit with clothes, a junk drawer, piles of papers, and also lurks in fixed judgments and expectations. A group of people can be sitting at the same table having what seems to be good conversation. What you don’t see is the chaos of everyone’s random unspoken thoughts. There is chaos in even what appears to be a nice gathering. Here lays your opportunity to fine-tune discernment, which is the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure to perceive by using your natural gift of intuition. 

   Many of us get too caught up in the drama and chaotic situations of life and we forget how to “listen” to our higher self. We seek answers from the outside world, always looking for some material solution or approval from others, which in a sense create more chaos and intermingling of our energy with attachments to what is not always best for us.

  Here are a few easy steps to help you wade through the madness to achieve “truth” by discernment.
  • ·       Avoid judgments based only on your physical senses.
  • ·       Learn to recognize the pings you feel in your solar plexus (gut) chakra.
  • ·       Listen and pay attention to the often times, subtle messages, you receive from spirit such as impressions you feel, numbers you see, songs, and even impromptu information that shows up when needed.
  • ·       Avoid entangling with drama since it will only engage you with more drama
  • ·       Know your boundaries-where you begin and end and don’t take on what isn’t yours such as chaotic situations that belong to others.
  • ·       Ask spirit for guidance. You will never be turned down.
  • ·       Choose acceptance over fixed expectations. The Universe is full of surprises; some better than your original plan.
    Chaos gives you the opportunity to sharpen your intuitive senses and embrace change and growth. Even what we experience as life’s disappointments help us to rise above the limits of our mind, connect to spirit, untangle the tangled, and intuitively figure out the “what’s next” and the “what’s best” for us.

   Live your truth.

    To get a better understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit work in unison read The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos.



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