You are defined by who you are not by what you have

The defining moment for the life you desire quickly arrives when you accept the fact that you have no attachments for a desired outcome. That's right. Roll your spiritual dice and gladly embrace life moment by moment. On the quest for enlightenment it is easy to become a spiritual junkie looking for quick fixes and instantaneous healing, We scan the computer looking for self-help videos,astrological predictions, the turn of a tarot card, and incense, oils, and brews that offer a temporary high filled with promise and hope yet many of us fail to do the follow through work. The work begins by liberating yourself from your ego.

      Your ego will focus on attachments to things and always provides you with a constant craving for more and more. The insatiable high of defining yourself by what you have instead of who you are as a person. When one is spiritually enlightened, there is a constant appreciation for life just as it is. It doesn't matter if the ego is getting what it wants or does not want anymore because the illusion of the material world has been busted. When you understand that every desire also has a flip side that requires maintenance we are held to a new responsibility that puts us to the test of being able to do the necessary work because every time we get something we want we will always get something we don't want for instance: the new car that comes with the payment book which means that we have to keep a cash flow coming in to pay for all of the incidentals that we may have overlooked; the big house that also has the big utility bills; the relationships that test our security and self-worth every time there is an argument-you get it. Enlightenment comes when we realize that we have to stop being so pushy, forceful, and manipulative, by imposing our will on every situation and just allow the Universe to let things flow our way. 

      It's OK to be happy for the abundance that you draw into your life but enjoy it without attachment or expectations. The material world is very fleeting. Simply practice being grateful for whatever is in your life right now, this very moment and enjoy it even if it is the peace and quiet of doing nothing at all. This alone will instigate a dynamic shift in your consciousness. All of your answers are within you and any outside guidance that you seek is merely to help you gain perspective on the choices that you make. We are only victims of our own decisions.

      Here are a few practices to help you achieve true enlightenment:
  • Identify patterns that seem to bring you problems. Sit with your problems and identify the part YOU played in creating them and don't focus on the other players. Remember your actions were your choices-no victim consciousness allowed.
  • Be silent. Turn off the clatter, computers, and cell phones. Listen to you inner voice that whispers true guidance. All answers are easily attainable from within. Do not doubt yourself.
  • No more manipulation or blame. Drop these practices immediately for they are ego based.
  • Stop focusing on problems and worries because where you put your attention is where you put creative energy into manifesting outcomes that you probably don't want to come about. Become the master of your own story.
  • Get out of your own head. Your mind and emotions can distort your experiences. Practice acceptance because there is a time to let go of certain people and situations. Be grateful for what you learned about yourself through your participation.
  • Do not label or judge by what you experience via your physical senses. Take it up a notch and begin to discern by the energy you feel. It is usually a gut feeling.
  • When you focus on the simple feeling of just being HAPPY you will immediately begin to draw situations into your life that keep that good vibe going. Allow yourself to feel relaxed and content-it's possible even in a material world.
  • Careful with vision boards because you might become attached to only one particular outcome which leaves you shut off from possibly achieving something even better than expected. No attachments or expectations.
To get a handle on how to enjoy your spirit's journey through the material world, embrace your lessons, and reach true enlightenment, read The Book of Transformation:Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos

You are defined by who you are not by what you have.



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