Is Psychic Self Defense the Workout of the Future?

     With the economy in a tailspin, credit card interest rates rising like tidal waters and the jobless rate growing,more and more of us are feeling our energy being zapped as well. Low energy leaves the protective aura shield around you thin and easily penetrated by energy zapping perpetrators. Psychic, intuitive energy does exist. We all have it whether we are believers in the stars or not. 

     The built in mechanism of a gut feeling is a real thing. The material world is all an illusion anyway but the world of energy is eternal. Instead of siphoning gas out of car tanks the new thieves will be the energy vampires. People who have bought into the money is everything belief system will soon be realizing that the real fortune lies within ones self and ability to create what you need when you need it most by manifesting the right kind of thoughts to attract the situation that you desire. Some people are more skilled at being resourceful with their psychic energy (Psychic meaning of the mind,your universal "head top" computer). 

     Like moths to the flame, energy vampires scope out their intended prey and prepare to invade the psychic space of their intended target. Psychic parasites or vampires sometimes don't even realize that they are draining their victims. The trick is to recognize theses free energy feasters before they leave you on energy empty . On a large scale the greedmeisters on Wall Street have done their part in sucking most people dry of their energy (since energy is converted into and measured by money in most instances) and the low energy victims of the most recent financial debacle are out looking to loot what little psychic energy is left. 

     Professional psychics, astrologers and light workers are sometimes too expensive for the would be "smash and grab' energy thief so the next intended source is the person who seems to be coping well in spite of the constant barrage of media driven financial meltdown news. How do you protect your psychic energy from would be vampires? The trick is to first recognize when someone has crossed the boundaries of your personal space and has become more time consuming than the crossword puzzle in the Sunday Times. It is alright to put up a wall of protection. 

     Remember, most energy thieves aren't even consciously aware that they are draining you. Burn some white sage to clear the air of any negativity and make washing your hands with sea salt or kosher salt a practice,especially after dealing with an exceptionally draining,low energy person. Just as you wash your hand after doing some gardening you must wash the negativity from your aura's field.

     Keep your own vibration high by finding at least twenty minutes a day to sit in quiet to recharge your own battery. Raise your vibration by listening to drumming or wearing a drop of rose oil. The body's optimum vibration is 85 hertz and rose oil has a vibration of 135 hertz. Applying some extra vibes to keep you spinning at a good RPM is highly recommended. Recognize when you are dealing with an energy vampire. You may experience headaches,drop things,feel fuzzy and totally drained after an encounter with a smash and grab energy thief. Carrying a piece of black tourmaline is also a good way to insure your own space won't be looted by an energy thief. 

     Energy can't be created or destroyed but it can be changed. Know that you have the POWER within to create the life that you want and take proper precautions with who you share your energy with. don't get hung up with today's problems because one thing is certain...there will be a solution. Maybe not the one you want but you will surly get the one you need and life will go on. Stay in high spirits and keep mindful boundaries.


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