Venus Retrograde The Ultimate Love/Money Hangover

In case you haven't been aware of what has been going on in the heavens for the past 25 days (starting on March 6,2009) I will clue you in. We have been in the grips of a Venus retrograde. Thank heavens that Venus doesn't do this backward dance too often. Once every two years or so is enough for me. Venus rules not only love but also money including all things related to beautifying and the arts. This Venus retrograde has been particularly painful since Venus is going backwards through the sign of Aries. Venus in Aries is debilitated by sign since Aries is ruled by Mars which is quite the opposite of Venus. 

     We all know about that men are from Mars and women are from Venus thing anyway. Venus had been doing the Limbo under the Mars Limbo stick and the stick is getting lower and lower. Instead of raising the bar a few notches we all now have to bend and be super flexible if we don't want to crash and fall concerning all matters related to Venus. How frustrating has it been to wait for your payments,a loan approval,the phone to ring or some other Venus related venue. It is no surprise that the economy is on life support and pink slips are flying around. This isn't the best time to launch a new look or do something drastic with your hair. You may hate your choice once Venus goes direct in mid April.

     Maybe there is a bright side to the Venus retrograde. We are being given a chance to take a look at how we think about our finances and learn to make due with what we have. Maybe we should appreciate that we have the necessities and not dwell on not having all the extras. We have the opportunity during a Venus retrograde to reassess our very personal relationships and friendships and see who really matters and what price we are willing to emotionally pay for such relationships. Just how far will we lower the bar for what we think we want and need in our life? Will we sell out or can we hold on to a little bit of the dignity and decorum that Venus gives us? For those of you ruled by Venus with either a Sun sign or ascendant (rising sign) in Taurus or Libra,Venus retrograde can sometimes make you feel like you walked out the door with your pants on backwards. Something just doesn't feel right.

     When Venus finally goes direct on April 17,2009 we may feel as though we are coming off of one hell of an astro hangover. One thing I can tell you for certain is that what ever you lost during the Venus retrograde period will surly make room for something much better. Venus tested you to see where your true values lie and how much dignity you have when dealing with unpleasant situations. Surly the whole Venus retrograde period won't be a bomb because you have to remember that there are other planets and the Moon out in the heavens who keep a watchful eye and interject a little of their blessings on us during a bad hair day.



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