What It Is Like To Be A Psychic Reader?

You must have wondered at one time or another what it is like to be the psychic reader on the other end of the cards. Most clients of psychic readers seem to have a glamorous idea of what the profession is like. There is a tendency to think that it must be really cool to be able to look into the future or to know when something unknown is about to happen. Well, I hate to disillusion those of you who think that psychic readers have a real "cush job" but the truth of the matter is that it is quite a responsibility to have your client as a captive audience, hanging on your every word, looking for a ray of hope or a solution to a current problem. 

     My dance moves as a psychic reader are only going to be as good as a partner who is following me. We must be in step to make the right psychic energy connection. The biggest block that most psychic readers experience is when we come across a client who refuses to drop the negativity and impatience during a session therefore making it equivalent to walking through a wall of fire for the psychic doing the reading. I personally pull my psychic antenna down when faced with a difficult client because I do not want to tap into any one's negative energy. 

     It is like eating from a dirty plate. The whole reading experience starts off messy. Granted, there are some, maybe most clients who start off a little tense but usually ten minutes into the reading session a psychic reader can tell if we are going to read for the client or become a convenient target for their frustrations. Hey! The psychic reader didn't cause your problem so chill and let them do their job of navigating you through your concerns. 

     A waitress friend of mine made a very good comparison for me to think about: A psychic reader dealing with a difficult client is like having a bad table. We didn't cook the food,we only serve what you ordered. Exactly! Psychic readers are decoding the energy patterns of the situations that the client has created in their life by their thoughts and if some nasty ingredients get thrown into the mix then our job as psychic readers is to tap into your recipe and guide you to a better finished product. 

     Here is an inside secret to getting a good psychic reading: Ground yourself and clear out the negativity. Do some deep breathing or rip up some paper to vent your feelings of frustration before sitting down for a psychic reading session. I personally am very energy sensitive and an uptight client hampers me from completely tapping into their energy. Most psychic readings are impulse purchases and often times clients reach for the phone to call their psychic as soon as a crisis happens. 

     Imagine holding a live wire. That is what a rattled client is like for the psychic reader. I suggest to my clients that they make an appointment therefore giving them time to settle down before their session. Most psychic readers know that a last minute client is most likely a freaking out client and in no energetic shape for a reading session.
Bottom line: before you get your psychic reading session chill out,center and ground yourself. I guarantee you that the reading session will be better and the information being tapped into will be more precise.


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