Mercury Retrograde WHAT??????

     Many of you probably already know what a Mercury retrograde period is all about but for a few new comers to the world of energy and metaphysical allure,Mercury retrograde periods are still a bit confusing. Did I mention confusing? Exactly! When the little messenger planet Mercury decides to move backwards and do it's version of Michael Jackson's "Moon Walk",there are bound to be upsets and delays. 

     We are about to enter a Mercury retrograde period starting on May 6,2009 and lasting until May 30,2009. Mercury will be in the sign of Gemini at the start of the retrograde period and move backwards into Taurus before turning direct on May 30,2009. These three week periods of backward motion happen roughly three times a year and if you know what to expect or should I say "not expect" you will be all the wiser during this often times frustrating phases of Mercury. 

     Here is what you should anticipate. First try to avoid having any electrical work done and don't buy any new appliances,computers,ipods or other communication devices during this period. You will most likely have problems with them since Mercury rules electrical products. If you haven't noticed,the Apple iPhone was launched on a Mercury retrograde and there were problems across the board with that device. Hey Steve Jobs, need an astrologer?

     Another thing to avoid during a Mercury retrograde period is the signing of contracts and agreements. If you must sign important papers make sure you read them over and over before signing because it may very well be that you might be "missing something." If you do something for the first time on a Mercury retrograde,chances are that you will do it again the next time a Mercury retrograde rolls around. Delays are par for the course so double check all travel plans and be careful with luggage that always seems to go to a different destination then you, especially when traveling by air. You will find long lines at the return desks of most stores and letters seem to take longer to arrive. For any "cheaters" out there,make sure you don't accidentally send emails,texts or messages to the wrong number. Mercury is a trickster and many a "sly cat" has been caught playing around during Mercury retrograde periods because of communication snafus.

     The mercury retrograde isn't all doom and gloom. This is a good time to do anything that begins with an "re",such as redecorate (be sure to make your furniture selections ahead of time), revamp your closet and get rid of the things that will never be back in style and also there is a good chance that you will reconnect with people from the past. If you are aware of what a Mercury retrograde can bring about then you will know how to navigate the three week cosmic obstacle course. Mix ups, delays, missed trains, planes, and mechanical failures are the downside but on the upside you will reconnect with old friends,have the opportunity to redo a past project and RE-member where you put things. We're all in this together as we experience life from the wrong side of a telescope for the next three weeks.


  1. Psychic readings are based on PROBABILITIES & ARE NOT Guaranteed predictions. Often, this is why certain events never come to pass. It is vitally important that the recipient of a reading understand that ultimately YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY & if the forecast is less than desirable, the outcome CAN BE changed by several factors. Most importantly is your thought process. Your thoughts will either trigger a reaction(negative) or choose to respond(positive) to events. A reaction comes from the EGO & the need to be right
    or if you choose to respond positively,
    you have no investment in the outcome which is a reflection from the heart.
    To understand how to differentiate the two, ALWAYS stay open to your heart and
    always be truthful to yourself.
    Above all, believe in Divine Timing,
    "It is not WHEN we want it, but rather when God knows we are READY for it."
    BHT '09




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