Psychic Relationship Readings

     " We are like sculptors carving out of others the image we long for,need,love or desire,often against reality,against their benefit,and always in the end,a disappointment,because it does not fit them."
"We don't see things as they are,we see things as we are."
-Anais Nin

     One of the most requested reading sessions for a psychic reader is the love relationship reading. It is also one of the most difficult type of readings to do because often times the client only wants to deal with the issues from their point of view and being caught up in the moment sometimes overlooks how the other party is viewing the same relationship. The other person's attitude about the relationship are totally dismissed. I can't tell you how many times I have told a client that the object of their affection likes them but, and I do mean BUT, they are both not on the same page when it comes to making a commitment. 

     This is not to say that the relationship will not flourish and become more serious ,it only means that in order to have a good relationship in the first place you have to respect the speed of the other person when it comes to reaching the same point. Most relationships that have any significant meaning to them are most likely past life relationships and the cords that bind the two people together are still attached in this life time. The psychic reader has to make sure that the client approaches the reading about a relationship with an objective view of what is being told to them. 

     Some clients try and debate with the reader and badger the psychic until they get the answer that they want instead of the answer that they need. When getting a psychic reading it is beneficial for both the psychic and the client to leave the Ego in another room because the Ego's job is to protect and display a bravado attitude. A psychic with an EGO driven personality will not allow the client to disagree with what is being told and the EGO driven client will block out what good advice and future possibilities are being foretold. 

     Pretend for a moment that you are both going to a United Nations meeting where the overall attitude is "neutral." If you go to a psychic for a relationship reading and you are still trying to carve out an image of someone that you want but not of who they really are ,you are fighting the laws of the universe and not allowing yourself to experience the Karma of your being. We are all nothing more than vibrating fields of energy with our own distinct vibration. Your interaction with others will either raise or lower your vibration accordingly. 

     A psychic who notices that a client is experiencing a lowered vibration because of a relationship may psychically reveal to the client where the energy block is coming from. It is often times rooted in the client. A client who either attempts to manipulate someones energy or allows their own energy to be manipulated has to learn how to "ground out" so a better result is achieved in all of their relationships. 

     It is sometimes a blessing not to get who we think we want but rather get who we need in this life to allow us to better experience the full essence of who we are. Psychics have to help a client recognize that their own energetic vibration is directly affected by who they choose to interact with. Like attracts like. Games attract more games. Intimidation attracts more intimidation but going with the flow and not resisting the natural evolution of a relationship will produce the best results for you. 

     Maybe the results are not what you had imagined or wanted but by not resisting the natural flow of things you are less likely to detour yourself with a lot of unnecessary aggravation and who knows? Maybe you wind up with the person who you need as opposed to who you think you desire. If a psychic reading reveals to you why the person you are interested in is not responding or pulling away, listen to the reasons why this is happening instead of complaining about how it makes you feel. Maybe this person is experiencing a personal problem or isn't ready for a relationship just yet. 

     You have to be open and drop the Ego when desiring a good relationship with someone. Relationships are like mirrors because they show us a reflection of who we are,how controlling we can be and also we sometimes see ourselves in others. It is the like that attracts like. Do we attract indifferent partners because we are also indifferent? Do we attract manipulative partners because we are also manipulative? Like I stated before, the block lies within the client when it comes to relationship problems. By clearing your own energy out and grounding yourself, you will attract the more positive side of who you are to yourself. Needy people attract controlling people because the needy person has to learn to take more control of their life. Givers attract takers because the giver has to be also comfortable with receiving. Balance. The universe likes balance and out of cahos comes balance and order.

     So,the next time you get a psychic reading concerning a relationship matter,listen to the psychic who is reading the energy patterns and predicting the best possible outcome for you and instead of trying to find ways to make the other person respond to you allow for the best possible outcome to come about by letting your Ego chill out for a while and trust that your psychic advisor will show you what is in your best interest.
Bright Blessings


  1. Psychic readings are based on PROBABILITIES & offer NO Guaranteed predictions.

    The reason is simple.

    A true psychic can only read your current energy field either in person or by distance.
    By reading an aura or energy field, they are able to forecast probable predicitions based soley on your past conditioning, current thoughts/actions & futuristic aspirations.

    Your thoughts create energy which by choice either choose to REACT to a person or situation (negative)

    or choose to RESPOND (positive).

    A REACTion comes from the EGO & the need to be right which produces a negative outcome.

    A RESPONSE is an uninvested interest in the outcome which comes from the HEART
    with no conditions attached.

    YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY & you have the power (thru the free will of choice given by God)
    to alter the direction of your life.

    With each response produces a different outcome.

    When you receive a reading & the prediction is rain,,
    take cover.
    If the forecast is sunny,
    let yourself shine!

    Above all, Believe In Divine Timing,

    "For it is not when we want it,
    but rather when God knows
    we are ready for it." BHT '09




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