ESP,The Twitter of Tomorrow

     I guess you can say that I am an "Old School" psychic reader who still believes that the fastest way to transport your thoughts is through ESP. The technology geeks are getting closer and closer with texting and twittering but the challenge lies in getting your iPhone or laptop to read your mind. What we need next is a symbiotic device that will interact with our own aura to pick up ,interpret and advise us of what is in store for us. Consider it a sort of "pocket psychic." 

     Imagine being at a club when you suddenly notice someone "hot" looking in your direction. You pull out your pocket psychic device, get an instant energy read on their intentions, a brief scan of future thought form energy and a probable prediction based on their energy scan alone. Now I did say alone. Here is where the real psychic talent comes in. Your own energy swirling around in your aura has to interact with someone else's energy in a perfect pattern to achieve the desired results. You need the energetic chemistry. 

     The H2O of emotions is not always happening with in a controlled environment. Outsiders like old flames, co-workers, job bullshit and day to day living all interact with your relationships and often times cause havoc. Can a psychic reader really give you a "carved in stone answer" to your query? The answer is yes if and only if you don't get caught up in the energy siphoning practices of self doubt, negativity, and sabotaging.

     For example: A psychic tells a client that there is a new job for her, more money,career advancement but longer hours. The client goes on the job interview,gets the job but turns it down because the hours are not to her liking. Is the psychic reader wrong or did the client exercise free will of choice? Some clients get psychic advice but choose to do their own thing. Maybe taking the long way around a situation is a learning experience for the client. Then there are the clients who never take the "training wheels" off of their life and text message and twitter their psychic reader about every little nuance that goes on (here is where a pocket psychic device comes in handy).

     What does the future hold for psychic readers and their clients? Will the metaphysical fiber optics of our psychic minds replace our cell phone bills,our i phones,our home phones,our computers and other communication devices? The beauty of letter writing,preserved on paper,was replaced by the telephone which loses the content of the conversation once you hang up. Emails bring us back to the primitive world of writing letters but are forever traceable in cyberspace and lacking in the warmth of penmanship upon beautiful stationery with the character of a real signature. 

     Well, get ready, for the earth is preparing to move into another dimension after 2012 where liner time doesn't exist. The new twitter will be ESP. Connecting with thought that travels and creates upon intention of the thinker. How do you track thoughts? Is there a GPS system in place for ESP? Will some mogul figure out how to make you pay for ESP thought waves the way we pay for cable television and satellite radio? If we are going to live in a world dominated by creating and communicating our thoughts how do we fend off the psychic letter openers and keep others from peaking into our personal psychic diaries? Will we have to live a cleaner life because now others can read our energy and intentions? Guess what? That is the ability that psychic readers have been honing for years. Once the portals of the next higher dimension are opened up for all of us, there will be no more hiding behind games or material things. You will be exposed for who you are and how you think. Maybe this will be a good thing.
Bright Blessings


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