Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

     How do we know who our spirit guides are? Are there really such entities floating through the universe who zero in on our energy radar and come to our aid? Many people have learned to center themselves during times of uncertainty and focus on pulling their guides in for a little extra help.

     Ask and you shall receive. Calling on your spirit guides is easier then calling someone on your cell phone. You don't need any equipment and "voice dial" is always activated. I personally have had instances when I needed to call on my guides for some direction. 

     One time in particular,I needed to make a big decision and I was torn on what to do. I decided to clean out some drawers to help clear my mind. Upon opening the first drawer I found a a note card that had the saying,"Everything Changes" on the front of it. As I rummaged through the drawer I came upon some loose change that I had put inside a small coin purse. Once again,"change" came up. The freakiest moment happened when I clicked on the remote for my television and a commentator was saying"We need to make changes now." I was convinced. 

     My big query was whether or not to make a significant change in my life and the decision was really a tough one. I had wanted to make changes but I didn't trust myself to move forward. My spirit guides came to my rescue and confirmed through the synchronicity and serendipity that "change" is what I needed. I took the hint, made the change and I am very grateful for the spiritual backup that I got that day. Hey! I can get use to this. 

     I have heard stories of people who are looking for answers and call on their spirit guides for some help. The messages have been brought to them by glancing up at a road sign while driving only to find that the road sign is also revealing their answer. One time I was doing some research on a medical condition and all of the answers flowed to me once I asked my guides to step in and help me out. A book I needed was recommended to me,a show came on television pertaining to the medical condition in question and I seemed to instinctively know where to go for my information. 

     My spirit guides helped direct me to my sources of research. Amazing! Now,if you get a little silly with the guides they may also play tricks on you too. The spirit guides like to determine how they will give you your message. Imagine telling your spirit guide to make the very next song on the radio describe your perfect lover and as you smugly sit and smile waiting for a description, Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady comes on. Bummer. Not good. Trust that the answers you need will arrive at the right time and in the manner that spirit wants to use to communicate to you. 

     You can attract spirit guides by burning honeysuckle incense and carrying a piece of clear quartz crystal. The clear quartz amplify your thoughts and act also as a reception for spirit. Be careful that you don't attract any negative guides while calling on spirit to help you. Like attracts like and any negative thoughts you have may bring in a guide of low vibration. 

     Be respectful of the guides that you do ask for help and remember to close all portals of communication once you have received your answer. You can do this by saying," I cut the cords that I called in for help and I release the guides with light,love and thanks." So,the next time you are pondering a question,looking for something or seeking some comfort just ask your guides to help you out. Be open to the Magick of the universe for it is wast and full of all possibilities.


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