Don't be a "Tool" this Yule

Well, here we are again at the end of another year which brings us into the holiday season. The Yule time of year is suppose to be a time of reflection and to honor the winter solstice. Unfortunately this also can be a difficult part of year for many people who often find themselves caught up in the commercial and socially driven aspects of the holiday season. Don't get me wrong. I like a good party as well as the next person but minus the anxiety of feeling that I have to "stress for success."

Is it just me or are the stores putting the holiday decorations out earlier and earlier? I also want to mention that on the day after Halloween I was in a store that was playing Christmas carols. I know that we are currently in "fast time" as we approach 2012 but this is getting to be ridiculous. Oh, by the way, fast time is a term used to explain the acceleration of our consciousness as our perception of time elevates from the third dimension to the next higher dimension where we will not be limited to being liner, time tracking thinkers but rather intuitive,stay in the moment feelers. Thinking integrated with feeling; left brain in tune with right brain; the spiritual upgrade 2012 model of the soul.

Because time ,as we know it, seems to be flying by, additional stress to get ready for the holiday season has some people feeling like they are under a four week psychic attack. We are all energetic beings and when our own personal energy grid goes on overload we can easily become victims of psychic holiday vampires. The constant advertisements for 'one day only sales", door buster products which are limited to the first 100 customers arriving at the store before 5:00 A.M. and of course the situations that make you feel like a leper if you are not married, dating or in some type of relationship, especially around the holidays.

The psychic holiday vampires are not only the sado masochistic, over stressed sales help who makes you pull out thirty different forms of ID before you charge a $10.00 item, it is also the person behind you in line that "huffs and puffs" and twirls around on the balls of their feet because you are taking to long to finish your transaction. The holiday vampires aren't limited to shopping malls because the cyber holiday vampires can be just as lethal. They lure you into their "on line " stores, promising "on line" coupons but "Ah Ha", the freakin' coupon doesn't work. The real psychic stress attack occurs as you call into customer service only to be put on hold for thirty minutes as you listen to more holiday music. If they really want to torture you then you must listen to Barry Manilow holiday music. Eventually after speaking to the entire staff of the cyber store you will be advised that your coupon credit will appear on your next billing cycle but be aware,it can take up to two billing cycles to get your 15% discount. Maybe shopping at a real mall isn't so bad after all. Well, except for the people who drive through the mall parking lot going 2 miles per hour and then there are the other ones who back out of their parking spot without noticing that you are right behind them. Oh, I don't want to forget the demonically possessed drivers who aim for the parking spot that you also are going for. Feeling the "holiday psychic attacks" yet?

I do a lot of psychic readings for clients over the holiday season especially those who are totally freaked out because they don't have a date for New Year's Eve. These poor people for some reason think that New Year's Eve is a holiday to honor Noah's Ark where everyone must show up to a gathering in pairs. Not having a New Year's Eve date or a party to go to on New Year's Eve is socially equivalent to being excluded from being picked to be on someones intramural sport team. It is the "not having a date for the prom" energy all over again. Now I know why people drink on New Year's Eve. They either want to get loaded enough to not care that they don't have a date or drunk enough so they don't realize who their date is. In any case, this last of the holiday festivities also robs us of our psychic energy reserves.

Here are some tips to fend off the psychic energy vampires and draining situations that unfortunately still come out in full force around the holidays.
1. Stay grounded. Carry a piece of hematite in your pocket to deflect any negative energy. This practice is especially helpful when dealing with tangled holiday lights and inflatable snowmen who won't stand up. It is also perfect for throwing should your frustration level rise to the point of no return.
2. Breath. When you take deep and I do mean deep breaths, you are connecting with your higher self and keeping the right perspective on things. This breathing exercise is useful practice for upcoming shopping events. Deep breathing helps as you are squeezed to death while trying to be the first one in Wall Mart as the doors open for that big holiday "running of the bullshitters" who are looking for opening hour bargains.
3. Money is representative of our energy. When our money depletes our energy depletes and that leads into psychic depression. Buy what you have to buy and be done with it. Hey, it's not like it's the end of the world. We're still two years away from 2012. You can max out your cards then because it will be all over anyway,right? (don't even go there!)
4.If your stuck for a gift idea for that hard to buy for person or the individual who has everything, then pick up a copy of The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading. This way they know the drill when they also cash in the gift certificate for a psychic reading that you bought them to go with their book.
5. Be mindful. Be aware and enjoy the holiday season. Bring it back to what it should be and be thankful for the things that you do have and don't focus on what you don't have or what you think you lost. Be happy. You OWN that feeling and it really does go a long way. It raises up your vibration and attracts good thing to you.

So my Street Smart Psychic advice for you this holiday season is to de-stress, stay in the moment, balance your energy as well as your check book and for goodness sake, don't be a tool this yule. Before you know it all the Easter stuff will be out on the store shelves that are currently lined with Christmas decorations and candy canes.



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