The Veil Between the Worlds

There is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask. ~Colette

Well, here it is again. My favorite time of the year which happens to be host to my favorite day, Halloween. Samhain, pronounced "sow-en" is the most magical night of the year and also the Witches New Year. Sundown on October 31st is when the veil between the worlds of humans and spirits is at its thinnest and contact with the spirit world is more easily attained. This holiday is better known as Halloween.

Traditionally the veil begins to thin about Oct 15Th with the veil at its very thinnest upon the eve of Oct 31st. The season lasts to roughly Nov 10Th or so. During this time, divination is at its highest point and it is an excellent time to get readings. Here is my chance to get my plug in. The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading will be available on November 1,2009. It is also a good time to order my book. So damnit, get on the internet and place your orders. I'll quiz you on the book at a later date. Back to what I was saying, the mind set of the reader along with the mind set of the client are more easily in tune when the season of the witch is upon us. I myself love to do psychic readings during this time of year.

I also find that this time of year is a good time to reassess who and what you have been during the year and look at your relationships with others and determine if you are being your authentic self or hiding behind a mask. There is nothing that give more assurance than a mask but there is also nothing more liberating then being yourself. True to your feelings and allowing your own personal energy to relax and attract what you need not necessarily what you THINK you need.

This time of year when the veils between the worlds are at its thinnest is also an excellent time for connecting with your spirit guides so you can get guidance from them and be more aware of serendipitous occurrences in your everyday life. To attract your guides first ground out your energy,meditate and burn some incense. Wild Indian Frankincense is my favorite and seems to attract good, positive energy. Charge a small quartz crystal under the light of a full moon or lay the crystal on a sunny window sill in case you missed the Harvest Moon. Carry your quarts crystal with you and program it with positive affirmations and ask it to act as a receptor for positive spirit contact. Consider it your own personal Spirit ipod. Ask your guides to bolster you up enough so you don't have to hide behind a mask when dealing with others. Remember what we see in others FIRST is usually a reflection of ourselves. What is revealed and what is concealed … and what is the mask and what is the mirror?

Divination during this time of year can also serve as an instrument to help you understand that what you draw to yourself in both people and experiences are a direct reflection of who you are and what you have allowed to be created through your own powerful thoughts. Psychic readings will give you a print out of what you have downloaded into the universe...don't hide behind the mask of victim but rather take off the mask and step forward and be responsible for your own work so to speak. Look in the mirror. A psychic can't undo what you have created but they can show you what lies ahead so you can go back and make corrections before the final product arrives on the scene.

Also be aware that some negative, restless spirits are easily made contact with during this time of year so it is of the utmost importance to be conscious of your thoughts. There are tricky, mischievous spirits out there between the worlds that will gladly oblige your most negative of thoughts. Live consciously. Honor this time of year by getting your energetic or spiritual body back in shape. Body work such as massage or Reiki is recommended along with a real good , full blown psychic reading where you listen to what is being advised instead of hiding behind a mask and playing a game with your psychic reader. P.S. The psychic usually can tell if you are bullshitting so don't even bother to go there. This is the natural harvest season and yes it is reap what you sow.

So get into the SPIRIT, so to speak, of the season and make a resolution to be real and genuine in your dealings with others. The results will prove to be more productive. The tradition of wearing masks on Halloween is an Old Celt tradition founded in the belief that if you put on a disguise the spirits coming through while the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest wouldn't recognize you as human and therefore leave you alone. Well, keep in mind if you want your spirit guides to help you then don't hide from them by wearing a mask but rather seek them out and be grateful for their guidance.

Bright Blessings!

P.S. The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading...available November 1, 2009


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