Sharing Soul Sentiments

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?
~Stephen Levine

The above quote by author, Stephen Levine is very moving especially in terms of relationships. Who do we care about the most to want to aggravate and worry even in our dying moments? I imagine that the right answer is....drum roll please..." The one we love the most." The second most likely answer is...drum roll please......"My psychic.'

Between you and I the answer that I am going with is " my psychic" because I am sure that the one last (compound) question will be :
Should I call so and so and tell him/her that I am dying? What will he/she say to that? How long before they date again and who will they think was the better lover?

Getting back to thoughts about our eventual demise I want to remind everyone that this should not be the only time limited to recognizing those that we care the most about. The operative word here is "care" therefore you are not limiting yourself to only thinking in terms of romantic relationships when you see red hearts and boxes of calories, I mean chocolates. Think of the people who you need to always feel connected to regardless if they are lovers, close friends, family, psychics or even our frienemies. Where would you be if you didn't have frienemies to show you your shadow side and keep you on your toes.

Today I have already listened to five different women sob into the phone about how they didn't have a relationship to celebrate this past Valentine's Day on yet another Hallmark Holiday Card moment. The energy levels of these women collectively was so low that I was trying to act as a back up psychic energy generator in order to boost them up enough to get them through their readings.

I tried to make these women smile by telling them that by next week I will be doing readings for all of the women who were either disappointed by their Valentine Day gift, picked a fight with their significant other before the appetizer course was through, got pissed upon finding text messages from someone else on his phone ( never leave your phone on the table when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom) and of course the one or two clients who had a fabulous, wonderful day who just haven't had their problems peak yet.

By being a psychic intuitive reader I get to glimpse into some very juicy client activity and also some very sad matters of the heart. The month of February is noted for love because of Valentine's Day so I thought that writing about relationships is the way to go this month. 99.9% of my clients want to know about their relationships or their lack of relationships.

Because we are really spirits trapped inside of three dimensional human armory, the physical body, the only way possible for us to experience the highs and lows from being in a relationship is through the emotional feelings that leave an indelible imprint upon our spirit. The things we say to each other whether good or bad register an impression onto our soul body. These impressions get carried from one life time into another therefore explaining how past life connecting cords are formed.

Don't wait until it is too late to let someone know how you feel about them and how they have touched your life. The Ego runs away at death's door because it doesn't ever want to face demise and it leaves your soul essence alone to tie up any loose relationship ends. Let all of your sentiments come from your heart, the seat of the soul, and don't wait until you think you are dying to let someone know how you really feel about them. Share the love because it truly makes the world go round.



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