What's Up with 2012?

Lately I have been hearing from so many people who are totally freaking out because of all the hype surrounding the year 2012. The fears of destruction , devastation and cataclysmic happenings are scaring the crap out of everyone. Honestly speaking I want you to know that we are headed for some changes but more likely changes that concern both the individual consciousness as well as the collective consciousness. The time,space,cause and effect paradigm that planet earth operates in will soon be upgraded to the next version of Universal development and what we think will somehow instantly be brought about due to our shift in perception. Earth is moving into the galactic center of the Milky Way,where lies the portal into the higher dimensions.

Currently every planet in the solar system is heating up and becoming brighter and the Sun's solar activity is also starting to react to the changes from the evolving cosmos which impacts earth's electric magnetic field, the field which links into our psi abilities. Our brains which respond to electric must now be rebooted to get with the new cosmic vibes. We have been in earth dimension consciousness since the destruction of Atlantis. Atlantis was an ancient civilization that possessed superior psychic skills, multidimensional capabilities and powerful creative visualization manifestation abilities. The Atlanteans had knowledge of the healing power of crystals, advanced mathematical theories and possessed both male and female qualities. Once again the cosmos is opening the door into the next dimension of consciousness allowing for us to expand along with the ever evolving Universe.

The third dimensional plane that we experience here on Earth is full of emotional drama due to our attachment to material objects and our need to possess other people and things. The higher dimensions are more of thought intentions that are free of attachments. There is no need to feel jealous or possessive because we can be lighter and more free as we drop the weight of the material world. The fourth dimension and the other dimensions above it are of a higher vibration and the lower materialistic way of Earth dimension type of thinking cannot fit in unless it is amped up a few notches.

All of our thoughts go up into the fourth dimension , the psychic dimension, and it is there that they take root and are projected back down to us in three dimensional form. Even the negative thoughts that we have are sent back to us therefore we have to be mindful of what we think because we do create with our thoughts. The veil is thinning between the third and the fourth dimension and once the new portal of consciousness opens up only those of us coming from a higher mind vibration will be able to matriculate into the next class for soul development. You can't put an ice cube out in the sun because it will melt just as materialistic, show off, people are too solid in the material world to make it in the next plane of existence.

Look around you at the creepy people who only focus on how much money and other material shit that they have. You may have even witnessed some of them being brought down by the recent economic crisis that is serving as a preamble for the shift that is about to come. The lesson concerning 2012 is more one of ascension into a new, lighter, highly evolved way of thinking. We are on the door step of the Age of Aquarius and a more humanitarian way of living. Those who choose to stay too attached to money and things will find in the long run that it wasn't worth their expenditure of energy because it actually lowered their overall vibration by keeping them stuck in a consciousness that doesn't go beyond the 3-D cage that they have built for themselves.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing the matter with having nice things and a comfortable life style just as long as you keep it in the proper perspective. Worrying about having, not having, paying bills, keeping up with everyone else and constant thoughts about the material world actually lowers your vibration and can make you physically sick. Get with the groove of 2012 consciousness and understand that it is more about the destruction of a limited materialistic way of thinking. Start to release your attachments to things that don't really matter and focus more on what you can do that makes a positive difference in your life. As you become more in tune with the music of the cosmos you will find life to be in harmony and a greater joy in your existence. The materialistic crowd will be like birds smashing into clear glass windows because they are flying without the proper built in radar.

Just be mindful that the things that you own don't end up owning you and that the love and attention you give to others is more of an accounting of your true worth. Some people are emotionally bankrupt when it comes down to what really matters.

What counts can't always be counted; what can be counted doesn't always count.
~ Albert Einstein



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