Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.


Have you been dropping things more often then not , messing up at work, forgetting what you have to do next along with having things around you break down, especially electrical gadgets? This could either be the effects of this current Mercury retrograde period or else something a little more serious which is a case of the Psi Flu. The Psi Flu is an energy imbalance that seems to throw you into a state of constant Mercury retrograde types of occurrences.

So how do you tell the difference between Mercury retrograde malfunctions and mishaps from energetic imbalance flair ups resonating from your Chakra Centers , the energy vortexes located on the physical body that connect with your spiritual self. Well first of all a Mercury retrograde isn't always a "bad" thing because it gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people , revamp an idea , rethink a problem and so on but Psi Flu causes a malaise of sorts that continuously allows for one negative situation to beget another. Mercury retrogrades seem to alter the electrical vibes that connect into our material world electrical devices like our computers, telephones, cars and other such things. It isn't a good time to make or sign agreements because your thinking process may be off leading you to want to make changes once Mercury goes direct in motion. You may have a moment where you say to yourself "What the hell was I thinking?"

Psi flu is brought on mostly by hanging around negative types who knowingly and sometimes even unknowingly direct arrows of jealousy, contempt and other dark thoughts toward you. If you are not in good "psychic shape" you leave your Chakra Centers wide open to absorb this negative energy. Psi Flu if not remedied early on can turn into a full blown Psychic Attack and believe me, you don't even want to go there. Psychic Attack is when a negative thought form inhabits your energy field and an exorcism of sorts is necessary-similar to having an operation to remove or repair a diseased body part. Hey, I'm not trying to make anyone scared or paranoid. I'm just trying to keep you paranormal.

Some of the best methods for warding off any errant psychic energy germs is to stay in a constant state of awareness because this helps you recognize the thought intentions being projected from those around you. Someone can tell you how "happy they are for you" but if you pay attention to your spiritual body's warning system, the Chakras, a distinct feeling will either tell you that the surrounding thought energy intention is good or bad. Even best friends fall into the category of being Psi Flu carriers when they constantly dump their problems upon you and you allow their unfortunate situations to affect you and make you feel down. You must reset your energy every time you deal with a person or situation that is coming from a lower vibration. Awareness. Remember that word. You must stay aware at all times.

It is even possible to lower your psychic shield of resistance by running down your psi immune system. Too much negative thinking and screwed up emotions can leave you wide open for a case of Psi Flu. The same way that you guard your physical body's immune system by eating right exercising and staying aware of any developing conditions so must you take care of your spiritual body-and that is not limited to ascribing to an organized religious group. It is about YOU taking responsibility for your own thought intentions and recognizing your built in warning system consisting of your Chakra Centers. Pay attention to your feelings they will tell you to move forward or "abort mission." Don't be influenced by others. Notice that the word "influence" has the word "FLU" in it. Be responsible for yourself and be aware of who,what, when and where you have reactions of both a good or bad nature.

By learning to take a clue from your own gut feelings, noticing who or what gives you a headache (besides a hang over headache from partying) you will learn how to be your own psychic energy trouble shooter and alleviate potential attacks of the Psi Flu. Granted, we are spiritual beings in a human form but also be conscious of the fact that psychic energy imbalances if not taken care of will most definitely illustrate themselves by materializing as physical ailments. The body, mind and spirit work as a unit and when one system goes down it will compromise the efficiency of the others.

Stay in good thoughts and the best of intention daily for optimum psychic health.



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