Grounding Out Emotional Napalm Moments

You're upset about something so what do you do? Do you freak out? Panic? Try to blame someone else for your problem or get drunk and high. Actually if you live in Philly, PA you can get drunk, high and tasered if you choose to drown your sorrows at a local sporting event. I'm referring to what happened to an excited kid who ran onto the ball field at a Phillies Baseball Game (See link: Everyone gets a little excited, upset or crazy now and then but you have to know how to control theses energy rushes so they don't control you. What you really need to do to thwart off aggravation and the bevy of emotions that go along with it is ground out. We are all basically electrical, spiritual beings and when we short out everyone and everything else around us is also affected.

The first sign that you are on the fritz is the usual emotional trigger expressed through feelings that are often times either vocalized with words or poured out with tears. When we allow ourselves to feel pressure from an unfortunate situation the spiritual part of our being takes the first hit. This hit registers in one of our Chakras or energy zones and the corresponding emotion signals our physical body that fear and uncertainty are approaching like scud missiles headed for their target. If we don't heed the warning system built into our Chakra system then look out-next the physical body will illustrate the emotional upheaval by outwardly manifesting the emotional upset into a physical problem. For instance, our blood pressure usually goes up when we are under emotional pressure. The creepy feelings we get when something is wrong that urges us to abort mission and reset our emotional gages are not to be ignore.

So how does one ground out? You immediately drop an imaginary grounding cord deep down into the ground and feel your wild, unconfined emotional energy begin to funnel down the cord until it reaches Mother Earth. Next you breathe deeply until you begin to have a sense of calm come over you. If you begin to well up with emotion you just have to continue breathing. Your breath carries Prana or life force energy into every cell of your body allowing for the body to remain resilient until the emotional glitch is fixed. Kind of like jump starting your car until you get to a service station to buy a new battery. Now the difficult part. You have to identify which Chakra center was tripped by your tipping point news. It is all about feeling. Did your gut Chakra go off signaling low self esteem because your boss just reamed you a new asshole? You can tell when that warning alarm is buzzing because emotional insecurity sets it off and physically it turns into digestive upsets. How many of us wanted to toss our cookies because some power hungry, authority figure just came down on us.

Below are some of the warning signals associated with our Chakra system showing the emotional short circuit and physical translation of the uncorrected or ungrounded emotion signifying an urgent need for grounding.

Root Chakra-Emotion: Feeling vulnerable;unsafe Physical Symptoms: Fatigue, disagreements with family members, disorientation due to lack of grounding.

Sacral Chakra-Emotion: Feeling dissatisfied;competitiveness Physical Symptoms: Sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, lack of creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra- Emotion: Shame Physical Symptoms: Digestive system upset, weakness in “core” muscles, low immunity.

Heart Chakra-Emotion: Sorrow;hurt Physical Symptoms: High or low blood pressure, cardiac symptoms, anger, numbness, fear of love.

Throat Chakra-Emotion: Trust issues,fear of lies Physical Symptom: Hyper- or hypothyroid (over- or under-active thyroid gland), frustration, fear or inability to express oneself.

Brow Chakra-Emotion: Psychic impressions,intuition Physical Symptoms: Headaches, lack of insight, feeling lost.

Crown Chakra- Emotion: Attachment Physical Symptoms: Headaches, spaciness/brain fog, fear, disconnection, lack of trust/hope/faith.

When you recognize any of the above abbreviated list of emotional melt downs and also begin to experience the physical discomfort associated with the energy crash, you have to immediately ground out your energy and take control of your energetic system before it goes nuclear meltdown on you. Don't focus on your problem but rather look into a solution. See things as being resolved and don't focus on only negative outcomes. Anticipate that what is for your highest good will come about and always look for the underlying lesson in any given situation so old patterns aren't repeated causing a history of "shitty events" for you.

So the next time you have a napalm bomb emotional episode don't give into the destruction but rather ground out, chill and know that your energy is contagious. If you want to keep things "fixable" then don't make matters worse by falling apart and contaminating your surrounding environment. Just ground out and if that doesn't work then you can drink a half dozen dirty martines, run out onto a major league ball field and get tasered. That should reset your energy!



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