Pineal Envy / The New Insecurity

The Internet has not only opened up the information highway but it has also made us all aware of the fact that there are millions, yes I did say millions of psychics who walk among us. Every day there are at least ten new messages in my inbox suggesting that I connect with the newest swami on the block so I can have a heads up on what to expect next.

I have been invited to join, like, suggest to friends and network with this vast group of peers that I never knew existed. I suddenly feel like I am part of some big Southern psychic family with a multitude of psychic cousins all sporting third eye capabilities. I am no longer an enigma or a strange gifted mystic among the masses. Psychics are now the masses.

Harry Potter wanna Be's are every where. The new lingo includes words that were once only spoken in secret among the enlightened ones. Now everyone is on a journey, grounding energy, warding off psychic attack, slaying vampires and getting hip to the "Secret." By the way, what the hell is the real secret beyond being savvy enough to produce a kick ass timely product that was marketed to the masses as the inside scoop to having it all.

The real secret is in knowing how to activate your third eye pineal gland which is the on button for psychic awareness. The pineal gland is sometimes called the brain within the brain. It is sensitive to light and is often called the seat of the soul. This little bugger of a gland hosts the sixth chakra which governs telepathy, intuition and spiritual vision. This is the gland that prepares your soul or spirit body for astral travel and helps you link psychically with others. How is that for a wireless feature?

We all have a pineal gland although some of us don't know what the hell to do with it or how to use it. Someone must have figured out how to operate this hidden psychic ability feature because the world is now busting with those who choose to cross into the portals of the psychic realm. Obviously cliff notes on psychic abilities must be making the rounds within the Internet psychic circle because upon doing a search for psychics I found that I would have to dedicate at least a week (without sleep) just to read all of the blogs and advertisements for this not so new New Age profession.

In my book, The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading ( nice plug) I get into how you can spot the real psychics from the charlatans. Who has the bigger, better developed pineal gland is a matter of trail and error. You have to be willing to energetically connect into your psychic reader of choice to see if you strike up a psychic rhythm, feel satisfied and have things come about.

The climate for being a psychic, intuitive, empath or metaphysician is currently ripe and it is now in vogue to be aware of your sixth sense. Psychic readers, mediums, ghost stalkers and such are the "new rock star." Competitiveness among psychics trying to get their messages out is like being part of the World Cup Psychic Match. The person, group or whoever sporting the best pineal skills is sure to be sought after by everyone who desires to look into tomorrow.

I truly believe that as we all become more enlightened and move into a higher frequency more conducive for psychic waves the pineal gland will get the recognition that it deserves as being our built in psychic hard drive.

Makes me wonder if the new insecurity might very well be pineal envy with everyone competing for super psychic status. What do ya think?



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