Knock,Knock,Knocking on Heaven's Door

I often get asked by my clients if I can talk to the dead. Well lets see. If you count talking to a man with a television remote control in his hand , government workers , out sourced customer service reps and insurance sales people as talking with the dead then I guess that you can say that I qualify as someone who has talked to the dead. In all honesty though I must admit that I have made contact with those who have left their mark in history. You might say that I am a famous person soul groupie since I prefer to make contact with those who have made it into the historic hall of fame.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that deceased Auntie, Grandma, Uncle Joe and so on aren't interesting I am just more fascinated by historic figures who have become physically immortalized within the pages of the history books and the google search engines. I'm sure that dead relatives who are on the other side have their stories to tell also but I don't really like to tap into a family reunion.

My method of hacking into the world of historic spirit essences does not necessarily involve having a formal seance as one would think. I have mapped out a shorter route to navigating successfully to the other side of the veil. I quietly meditate on who I would like to chat with and put my physical senses on idle so I can better tune into my soul's extrasensory senses.

Clairovoyance is my soul's sense of sight. Clairsentience is my soul's feeling sense enabling me to feel and pick up vibrations. Clairaudience is how my soul hears messages from those who have passed over. Clairalience is my soul's sense of smell allowing me to pick up a sent of perfume, tobacco or some other scent associated with the spirit on the other side. Clairgustance is how I taste my "soul food" and pick up flavors that I can relate to the passed over person. Say for instance that I wanted to connect with a dead president who liked jelly beans. I would possibly taste jelly beans as a form of conformation that I am on the right wave length and tuned into the correct contact frequency. Claircognizance is my soul's sixth sense and links me into the Akashic Records the history book of the cosmos which contains every persons past, present and even future stats.

My conversations with the dead are usually private- kind of like closed door meetings that are exclusive to me and my spirit guest. Having a gossip session with Plato , Cleopatra , Anne Boleyn and other notable souls is not something that you want to talk about since most people are skeptics and would think that I am nuts. Pass the lithium please.

I must admit that talking with the dead is a hell of a lot easier then talking to the living. I rarely if ever had a spirit give me a hard time or break my stones over something that I said. Connecting into their energy threads gives me an opportunity to temporarily flip into another dimension of consciousness and briefly feel the energy of their time here in the earthly realm.

Talking and connecting with the dead has given me the opportunity to learn about things that they don't put into history books and boy is it juicy. Historians stick with known facts but the emotional imprinted feelings of those who have gone before us hold a much sweeter story. I get to empathically feel what their life was like and visit their world.

Talking to the dead really doesn't frighten me. It is talking to the living that scares the hell out of me.



  1. Hi Lisa

    I'm Tracy and I finished reading your book a few weeks ago. It's really fun to read. I'm kind of interested in the New Age stuff, but it's usually watching supernatural TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Warehouse 13.

    I saw a psychic for the first time back in July 2009 for fun and I admit I was a little like "The debunker" where I said "You're psychic, aren't you supposed to know that about me?" when she asked about my job and if I'm in school.

    Psychic Nadia was reading my palm and she explained: "Your palm can only give me so much information. You have to provide me some info so I can go about reading it better."

    Then I saw one once every 6 months since then. Psychic Nadia and Psychic Terri predicted that I would get an office job in Feb. or Mar. 2010. I really wanted to believe it and tried to make it come true by passing resumes, but alas there wasn't an office job. It's July 2010, and I have passed over 100 resumes a month starting in Apr. 2010, and I still haven't.

    You did say things about not having a good connection with a psychic, some psychics aren't always accurate, some are fake, etc so that could explain why something didn't come true.

    I did like how you listed that not only psychics are fake. Every profession has bad people in it, it's just that psychics get more of bad reputation than others.

    Anyway, I really like your book and I told all my friends about it. Keep up the good work.


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