Do Ghost Ever Retire From Hauntings?

This past week a lot of talk about ghost and ghost hunting has passed by my ears and it has caused me to wonder about the length of stay that a ghost has at any one place. Do they ever lose their lease or are all hauntings rent controlled?

The legends about different ghost hauntings has led to many a paranormal investigation complete with an expert psychic medium or two, camera people an entourage of fearful spectators and sometimes even a skeptic thrown into the mix. Granted, negative energy can and does leave an impression and as we know like energy attracts like energy therefore creepy shit happens on a revolving basis at some locations. What I want to know is "Why don't the psychic mediums and ghost busters either help the poor tortured souls cross over into the light or expel the lower vibration with clearing rituals and enough white sage to roast a farm full of pigs.

Fear of someone or something keeps the negative, haunting, energy entity ghost alive so to speak because fear feeds off of the emotional crippling of someones consciousness. Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. Your personal perception is a result of your current state of awareness and the hertz of your vibration ( ideally 85 hertz or higher). Lower entities vibrate at a much lower vibration then the lighter energies of the spirit guides , Ascended Masters,Angels and even sweet old Auntie Emma or Uncle Joe who have passed over, hopefully into the light. We all hear about the light and how that is the ultimate vibrational high so why play with the lower vibrations of ghost energy? When you are fearful you lower your vibes and meet the negative energy head on. When you keep your vibration high you make it impossible for the ghost to attack you because they are not up to your vibration. If they could raise their vibration to a higher level they would move into the light and be at peace.

I wonder why ghost hunts are still carried on instead of cleared. I guess that the ghost hunters prefer to keep the ghost readily employed and the troops of curiosity seekers fearful because it is more profitable that way. Some poor sucker ghosts have been working at haunting certain digs for well over 1000 years. Don't you think that they should pass the scepter already and move on into the light or cleared out? Instead of having paranormal ghost shows wouldn't it make more sense to open a portal to clear out the old negative energy and bring peace and light into a place? After all, psychics are suppose to be light workers not profiteers from fear.

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. Have I experienced paranormal activity? Yes. Do I believe that hauntings and negative activity should be cleared or closed off into a tightly sealed escape portal? I definitely do. Negative energies and ghosts are no joke and when thrill seekers and those unacquainted with the ramifications from contact with dark spirits continue to expose the uneducated public to "Ghost Disneyland" then they are acting in a most irresponsible manner.

Ghosts don't scare me as much as the paranormal profiteers who give all legitimate psychic energy workers a bad name. Dealing with the lower vibrations is serious stuff and untrained paranormal investigators are inviting the same negative energy that they profit from into their own space. The negative energies allow their commercial ghost hunters their 15 minutes of earthly fame before throwing a thick web of low energy over the "creepy hollow" tour guides. The result of exposing one self to constant lower level entities is what real scary is all about. Possessions are possible as the servant then becomes the master.

Come out of the dark and stay in the light.



  1. Hey Lisa~ you really know your stuff! Of course, there are too many out there who do not want you to tell it like it is. So, I guess your true information is not as sensational as the creepy, scary stuff the lower entities dish out!

    I've met the same fate. I know, from personal experiences, much the same as you have over the years what spirits are really all about. Believe me, I want on the positive side of all this paranormal stuff. And I'll do what I can to keep it that way!

    All I can say is this: Keep on doing what you go, girl!

    Many blessings...Melissa Leath


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