Spirit and Spirit Don't Mix/ Would you like your reading straight up or on the rocks?

Let's face it. Sometimes the thought of having someone give you a psychic reading can be a bit unnerving. What if the psychic tells you about death or an accident? Maybe the psychic will see something even worse like your lover is cheating. A lot of psychic reading seekers who are just beginning to venture into the world of having their energy read ( sounds better than fortunes told) sometimes quell their nerves by having a glass or two of wine or maybe even a shot of tequila. Not a good idea. Since psychics are ever so energy sensitive the person doing the reading for you may actually begin to feel a "little loopy" them self if you allow them to go into your 100 proof energy field. I don't know about you but I like to give and get readings that are straight up and absolutely never on the rocks.

When a client who is obviously high attempts to get a psychic reading there is a big danger for both the reader and the client. When you are smashed because of being on an all night bender due to some problem that you are having, getting wasted only adds to your dilemma because you are also putting holes in your aura. Drugs and alcohol thin out the energy field around you and make it easy for negative thoughts, suggestions, energy entities and other energy zapping malaise to affect your aura which is your personal energy field. The aura filters, holds and absorbs the energy within your own psychic boundary lines and acts as a barrier against psychic attack. When you are drunk or high your energy boundaries begin to loosen up and energy leaks can and do occur leaving you wide open for problems due to "energy viruses" that can sneak in. These viruses are usually the result of misunderstood information, negative thought forms and sometimes even the result of dealing with an ungrounded person. If you are not mentally "with it" it is easy for a not so balanced psychic reader to take advantage of you and possibly plant some negative thought form seed in your mind which can really mess you up. Can I interest you in an aura cleansing, special prayers and candles to get rid of all the jealousy and bad luck around you? You get my drift? You know the type of readers that I am referring to?

Professional, trustworthy psychics will not read for someone who isn't mentally together. There is nothing more annoying than a drunk client who becomes belligerent, demanding, weepy and "barfs" between questions. To top it off when a client gets a reading on "the rocks" there is a good chance that they won't even remember anything that was told to them. There is nothing worse than a "tarot hangover" when the client calls the next day to ask the psychic reader if they could repeat the reading because they can't remember one single word of what they were told.

Drinking and dialing works both ways. Avoid alcoholic, druggie psychic readers at all cost. Some psychics think that they become more intuitive if they have a few shots of something, a martini or maybe even something stronger which will bring about a transcending, mind bending experience for them. Run like hell from any psychic reader who is as high as a kite because "spirit and spirit" do not mix. It is never a good situation when the Fool card for instance, suddenly has "beer ballz."

Some unbalanced psychics with substance abuse problems may try to seek out clients by instigating contact and telling the client that they, the psychic reader, had a feeling about them or some other nasty luring in type of bullshit. A psychic reader who tries to prod a client into a reading is really no better then someone who walks into your house without first knocking. They do this because they really are insecure about themselves and nine out of ten times they aren't even psychic but rather mostly f_ _ked up people who are trying to seem important. Drugs and alcohol can confuse the mind of someone who is delusional to begin with and believe me you don't want your energy to come into contact with someone who projects negative thought forms your way.

There is always the alcoholic psychic who likes to hide behind their guides. My guides gave me a message. My guides told me to tell you this or that. My guides my ass! A lot of would be psychics like to hide behind their guides just in case their predictions prove to be faulty which by the way they usually are but then again it is the guides fault for passing on shitty information.

I had an experience with a freak who claims to be psychic. I was given unwarranted, unasked for information ( real psychics knock before entering your space) that was coming from the ego of the unbalanced, part time alcoholic psychic. This person has a life of turmoil and unresolved issues one of which is that her insecurity and inferiority complex leads her to believe that she is psychic. She is really more psychotic than psychic after she has a few sips of something or other. This phony psychic likes to relay message, usually of a morbid nature dealing with doom and negativity because that is what she so readily relates to in her own uneventful life. Of course the unasked for psychic messages that were given to me by the "last call" pseudo psychic were messages from her guides, namely Jack and Daniels. They, meaning her guides, kept urging her to give me messages. I knew to drop my shield down because I felt a strong case of psychic attack coming on. You see even psychics need to protect themselves from whacked out psychotic psychics. After listening to her "BS" and the messages that "they",her guides, kept spitting out I was the one who needed a drink. I wonder if "they" told her that I would be developing a substance abuse problem if I continued to listen to her?

The bottom line is basically not to give or get a psychic reading while under the influence. Everyone has a "Lindsey Lohan" type of moment every now and then but keep yourself straight when dealing with your most precious natural resource, your own energy field. Be responsible and choose wisely to avoid any energy disasters and imbalances caused by attempting to mix spirit with spirit.

The holiday season is just starting for the year 2010 so please whatever you do-Don't drink and dial and for more information about drinking and dialing read The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to getting a Good Reading by Lisa Barretta (me). There is a whole section on the subject.

Get ready for a cool Yule.



  1. Well written, spot on, thorough, funny and ethical! Bravo Street Smart Psychic!

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