Tuning In The Intuition Channel

You don’t have to be a professional psychic in order to be tuned into your intuitive nature just as you don’t have to be a professional chef to be a great cook. You just have to integrate this magical part of your soul nature into your daily life and start to establish how you “feel” about things instead of what you logically know about them. Then you fuse the two elements together and begin to create a balance in your life between the spiritual side and the material side.

How do you tell the difference between what you logically know and what you feel? This sometimes gets a little tricky because the Ego, which hates to be wrong, gets into a Ménage à trios with the intuitive feelings of the soul and the logical thinking part of our brain.

Logical thinking is more relative to the cold factual reptilian part of our brain and logical thoughts usually don’t give you the rush of emotion that you feel with soul sensing feelings. You can tell right away if intuition is telling you something because there is a distinct sensation felt on the physical body.

The ego is uncomfortable with the intuitive, emotional language of the soul because the soul is authentic and the Ego thrives in a false belief system and is nothing more than a mask. The soul essence is all about emotional, sensing energy. The Ego doesn’t like emotions. It only likes false, hyped up drama. The Ego sees emotional feelings as a sign of weakness and any display of feelings renders the ego vulnerable and transparent. Suppressed emotions lead to depression because the soul can’t communicate effectively with the physical world. Remember if you suppress you depress and lower the vibration of your soul essence.

Just as you didn’t learn your verbal language overnight but rather one word at a time you must also start to learn your soul’s language by relating feelings and emotions to the impressions that you are picking up from the people and environment around you. You will start to decode the energy that you sense and begin to know what is an intuitive hit verses a logical fact.

You can practice tapping into your soul’s extrasensory senses by making time to meditate, working with crystals becoming familiar with divination tools and the easiest way is to live in a constant state of awareness.



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