Street Smart Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween seems to be the season for "Psychic reason " and Paranormal Pandemic in general. I must admit that it is often one of the busiest times for psychics, ghost hunters, mediums and other Psi workers. It is one of the craziest times in the trade so to speak except for New Year's Eve when dateless people usually freak out and begin to speed dial their psychic for an overview for the up coming year to see if any relationships are in store for them.

Halloween is more than just a commercial reminder that you should give out candy and send every kid in the neighborhood into a major ADD, ADHD, hyperactive sugar feeding frenzy, it is really a very special Sabbath for the Olde Religion or Wicca. It marks the end of the last harvest and it also is the time when the veil between the earthly world and spirit world are at their thinnest making it much easier to communicate with the dead. It is a celebration of the cycle of reincarnation. Some beliefs say that the wicked and bad souls who had died within the past year would be reborn as animals. I think that I'll start to raise some hell and be my bad ass self because I would like to come back as a cat. Now there's the life! I'm almost positive that the jack ass at the local petting zoo must certainly be the reincarnation of the miserable algebra teacher that I had in high school. Something about that jack ass screams out "Freshman Algebra."

Halloween is also known as Samhain, pronounced "sew-in," and it is believed to have started actually as far back as the time of the Romans. The very thin veil between the mortal and spirit worlds at this time of year means that one has to be careful not to have a spirit attach itself to their own person. The spirits are more easily able to cross back into the mortal world at this time and often look to host off of an unsuspecting person. In order to avoid the infiltrating, evil spirits the custom of wearing costumes and masks was started. The costumes confused the evil spirits who couldn't discern who was behind the mask making it hard for them to choose their victims. Sounds like a good idea for also avoiding energy vampires, frenemies, tax collectors and Amway multilevel marketing recruiters.

Let's talk Halloween divination practices because inside each and everyone of us lies a psychic junkie who is jonesing for a fix of the future. Whether it is a turn of a tarot card, the gaze into a crystal ball, black mirror scrying, séance sitting or the not so innocent talking board, Ouija, our desire to know what next usually overrides our fear of the unknown. It is the best day of the year to get a psychic reading. No shit-It is a day charged with all of the energy from all of the same mind set being projected from the masses of people who associate Halloween with the mysterious practices of psychic seeing. Hurry up, grab your wallet and book a reading or if your financially challenged, AKA, broke, then try some do it yourself divination. You can go on any number of free tarot sites and with the click of a mouse pick a few cards and get a nice,safe canned interpolation of their future. Some of these sites actually surprised me and proved to be accurate. A self administered psychic reading is sometimes enough to hold you over until you can book some time with a professional reader.

Enjoy the season and celebrate like a true Druid or Wise One by honoring the the cycle of death and rebirth. Carry a black stone like obsidian because it can help you reach into your subconscious and also burn some sandalwood & willow bark incense to implore the positive spirits to guide you. Brew and drink a tea made up of a blend of mugwort, spearmint, lemongrass, rosemary, rose and orange to enhance your psychic ability. This tea kicks ass and is like psychic crack in that it will expand your consciousness. Always check with a doctor first before drinking any herbal teas just in case you are sensitive to the ingredients. Finally if you want to find out who your true love will be if you are a woman then just sit in a room with only a candle to illuminate your surroundings. Put the candle in front of a mirror and then eat an apple. If you concentrate on your reflection it is said that the image of your future husband will appear in the glass, standing behind you. If you don't focus you might wind up getting a glimpse of what you'll look like after menopause-Ugh! If you are a man seeking to find out what your lover will look like then just go on a dating site because chances are that you won't have any incense, be too impatient to brew a cup of tea and need stronger visuals to make things click in for you (just kidding guys).

In any case, Bright Blessings, Trick or Treat to all of my friends. )O(



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