I didn't realize that crystals, gems, and stones had so many medical, holistic, and magickal uses until I had a conversation the other day with Gail, a friend of mine, who is an expert when it comes to "energy stones."  After I got off the phone with her I could hardly wait until I ran upstairs to dump out my jewelery box to see what was in my personal gem stone pharmacy.  I dug around specifically looking for the Citrine ring that I had purchased over a decade ago, especially now that I was just enlightened by my friend that Citrine is one stone that really rocks. It aides in memory function and I was wishing that I had a piece of  it as I rummaged through velvet boxes trying to remember where I put that damn ring.

As soon as I found the right box containing my Citrine ring I put the little gem on my finger and waited to feel the calm that wearing it is suppose to impart upon the wearer. Some Yogis suggest wearing this stone on the index or ring finger of the right hand for optimum results.  Ring finger wins. It's too tight for my index finger. Citrine is great to wear if you are going out for Mexican or Indian food since it eases stomach tension and aids in digestion.  This stone also relieves the symptoms of PMS and menopause so for any guys out there who fear the hormonal changes of their ladies quick run out and buy her a nice piece of Citrine jewelery. You might wonder if she stopped bitching at you because of  Citrine's calming powers or maybe she just shut-up because you finally gave her a gift for no reason at all.  My personal reasons for searching for this ring among my many pieces of jewelry is because it brings on prosperity and increases finances. Maybe Wall Street should consider paving the streets with some pretty polished Citrine blocks in order to help us recover from all the damage that they have done to our economy.  I might have to consider hocking my precious Citrine to bring on that prosperity that the stone promises to impart upon its owner.

Since my birthstone is an Amethyst you can only imagine the motherload I have of this beautiful stone.  Some of my pieces are cut and faceted while other pieces are in the stone's naturally beautiful, unpolished state. Amethyst has long been called the "sobriety stone," and boy, would that have come in handy during my teen years when I was suppose to be attending  school night study groups instead of drinking parties behind the school. Amethyst helps ease the withdrawl symptoms from any kind of addiction so stock up on this stone if you plan on kicking any bad habits. I love having this stone as my birthstone and I should wear it more often, especially since it is also a real gem when it comes to developing psychic ability. Amethyst also protects one from thieves and protects travelers. It might be a good stone to carry around in the 'hood, but just don't flash it around unless you intend to hold it up in front of your attackers and watch them magickally back away from you.  If that doesn't work you can always hit them over the head with your piece of Amethyst and then run like hell.

My next find in my personal treasure hunt was my Aquamarine necklace. I really needed to find it because this stone will get rid of water retention. (Since I was munching on tortilla chips while I was assessing my cache of gems I must have consumed at least a trillion grams of sodium.) It is also said to assist with quick intellectual response so this is a great stone to have around especially if you have to come up with a quick bullshit answer for some reason or another.

As I continued to dig through my jewelry box I came upon a cluster of Hematite bracelets, all magnetized and stuck together. Hematite is known as a "stone for the mind" and it helps with original  logical thinking, and mathematics. Maybe I should wear it as I balance my checkbook and stretch the dollar until the president's face on the front smiles. Physically, it has been used to keep the body cool so I might consider packing on the Hematite during the sweltering summer months in order to keep my air conditioner bill down.

I came upon a Tanzanite ring that I had forgotten I bought years ago. Tanzanite is called a "stone of magic" that helps with spiritual awareness and psychic insight. It is also sometimes called the "workaholic's stone." This is because it helps you slow down and take it easy when you wear it or hold it in your hands .I believe that a lot of postal workers must wear this stone because every time I go to the post office I wait in a line that is never ending and also never moving.

Here is a bit of cool information about Topaz, a nice stone that I'm sure most of us will want to run out and buy after I tell you what it can do for you: Topaz bestows fountain of youth affects upon the wearer. I can't find my Topaz cheapo ring from when I was fourteen years old  but I am going out to get a replacement piece since I found out that Topazes reverses aging.  That's right.  Topaz is better than Botox when it comes to giving you a "lift." As an extra advantage, it is also used for protection, particularly protection from the evil eye...I guess from all of those people who are jealous of your youthful appearance!

My creativity kicked in from handling all of my energy stones and It occurred to me that Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, NutraSystem, and other calorie-counter companies could easily be replaced if people would start wearing a piece of Green Tourmaline jewelry. Green Tourmaline promotes weight loss and decreases the appetite.  I believe that there will now be a surge of Green Tourmaline purchases and I expect most crystal and gem stone sites will soon be crashing from all of the rush on acquiring this anti-exercise gem.

After assessing all of my jewelry finds I  moved on to my crystal display cabinet filled with shiny crystal clusters and wands made up from beautiful energy stones. Upon opening the door to the cabinet I get a straight on hit of energy. I feel like I am mainlining cosmic coke once I reach inside to examine each piece and gently wipe off any surface dust. The Clear Quartz clusters in my display case are extremely powerful.  Shit!  I can even tune into satellite radio when I touch them without even going out to my car stereo.

The Rose Quartz Obelisk piece that I cherish always puts out a soft and gentile energy when I hold it and the exotic piece of Black Tourmaline reminds me that it is there for the "holding" should I require some self-control in balancing extremes. This is an especially good stone to take shopping so you don't blow your budget. I really would love to acquire a nice piece of Lithium Quartz. Like the word "Lithium" implies, this stone will definitely calm you down and make you nice and mellow. I'll take a case, or better yet - make that a quarry.

There are millions of uses for the many different energy crystals, gems, and stones that are out there waiting for you to dig up. I hope that I have turned you on to "getting stoned" by giving you some street smart insight to the many uses of some of our more popular rocks. If you want to buy some great crystals and stones contact Gail.  You can find her at:

Dig it!

P.S. By the way, my friends at Sequin in NYC always provide me with the "most rockin' jewelry" <3



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