Well I guess I better find a new day job or go back to being an avant-garde artist because everyone is suddenly becoming psychic, That's right...suddenly psychic, Harry Potterish, Samanthatized and tuned in. Did Apple find a new iPhone application for this insurgence of intuitiveness that is responsible for enhanced extrasensory perception because most people seem to be operating from a new vibe?

The truth of the matter as to why our senses beyond our five physical senses seem to be kicking in actually lies in our DNA. You see when we were created we were pre-wired for an advanced way of living because our creator knew that at some point we would have to be able to adapt to an ever changing and evolving Universe.  Basically if things don't change they die off so theoretically we have to be able to accommodate and adapt to an expanding consciousness, faster frequencies and remote control channel changing from the Cosmos.

During the year 2011 as we move toward 2012  we are getting closer to the eye point, or galactic center of the Milky Way Galaxy where we will be exposed to a faster frequency of cosmic waves . Basically, these lighter waves of electromagnetic energy affecting planet Earth and its inhabitants will directly activate additional strands of our DNA and advance our evolution. This open energy portal in the galactic center beams higher frequency energy waves that bounce off of the sun and then are transmitted to us. These waves are called torsion waves. In the 1950s Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev discovered that torsion waves are linked to consciousness, and that our thoughts also produce these waves. As you can imagine people thought that he was nuts and he got a lot of shit for even putting that notion out there for all to ponder.

Check this out. Our biology is actually quantum biology because recent discoveries show that the extra strands of our DNA, commonly called junk DNA are now being connected into the Universal consciousness and enabling us to experience our multidimensional, lighter body, the spirit. Our DNA activation will take us beyond our physical blueprint which is coded in the 2 strands of protein coding DNA and 46 chromosomes. We have been taught in high school biology 101 to believe that this is the only formula for our nature. Guess again? Our junk DNA is essentially DNA that doesn't code for a protein but none the less is very important for our future existence if we are to adapt and survive in the expanding Universe. Wave Genetics shows us that the junk DNA functions from frequency messages it codes to and it is realized in material form as crystalline structures. Are you following me?  This can get a little deep. As we evolve and change within the universe our junk DNA, which is 98% of our total DNA, will be plugging in to the new waves and frequencies that we are being exposed to therefore making us more crystal based verses carbon based, literally lighter and also psychic.

The Russian Branch of the Human Genome Project, headed by renowned Dr.Pjotr Garjajev, has uncovered the psychic capabilities of junk DNA. These extra strands of DNA are activated from exposure to frequency waves and we can literally reprogram our genetic blueprint through the vibrations of words which explains why and how affirmations can have powerful effects on mind and body. Holy shit!  Let's all start programing now and get our beech body going on. We can now be both psychic and hot looking.  Are you liking this new take about some old junk in the trunk DNA?

So here's the drill. Fundamentally we are pure energy. We are the next upgrade in  super technology capable of  hyper-communication in the form of remote sensing, remote healing and telepathy all of which are definitely a part of the advanced human protocol. It's easy to get a visual on this if you imagine yourself as an energy grid that is getting all of it's loose wires tightened and the extra wires plugged in so better reception from the air waves is possible. Our expanding consciousness is equivalent to adding more memory to your computer and signing up for fiber optic Internet.  We are becoming multidimensional and our thoughts are able to create and produce results instantaneously.

You can expect to finally be able to bridge the mind, body and spirit gap because of the activated junk DNA that harnesses our latent PSI abilities. Get ready to experience Clairvoyance (Clear Vision). Now you will know if your partner is having a rendezvous eliminating the need for private investigators and psychic readers to clue you in on what's up. You'll also have Telekinesis (the moving of energy from one place to another). You'll just have to extend your arm to have that ice cold can of beer float toward your hand and you won't have to bend over to look for a lost contact lens you dropped because it will be only a twitch of your nose away. Teleportation (exiting one physical place then re-entering it at a different location) will be the only way to fly. Shit! No more airport scanners or passenger "pat down foreplay" while traveling. I wonder where and how you check your luggage? Telepathy, Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) and Clairsentience (Clear Sense) will do away with checking for other women's phone numbers while looking through your boyfriend's wallet or scrolling his cell phone while he is in the shower because you will just know if he's been messing around.  Look out mama!  Nothing is secret or sacred anymore. I guess we won't need cell phones either because we'll be able to hear what someone is saying to us and about us by just tuning in using only our thoughts.

All of our new psychic abilities hopefully will help us lead a more authentic and honest life. Who knows? We might even be able to download and stream music without the use of any devices and on that note I say "Namaste'."


  1. Beautiful....THANKS!!!I've been waiting for this!!!!


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