Spirituality In a Box: Holistic or Spiritual???

Considering the shitty state of the economy, global unrest and the unveiling of the corruption behind businesses, governments and religious organizations it isn't any wonder why we are looking for something that promises salvation from the disappointment we have encountered because of our false belief systems . The systems that we assumed were put in place to assure us a better life may have left us hanging by the ballzzz... but on the bright side may have possibly spurred us toward an inner quest to look for and reclaim our own personal power.

There are tons of books and web sites that offer information on getting your authentic self together, how to connect with your spiritual side (minus the organized religious dogma) and make peace with your environment by respecting Mother Earth but unfortunately there still seems to be a line of demarcation between holistic living and spiritual living.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary holistic means:
1: of or relating to holism
2: relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts <holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body>
The same dictionary defines the word spiritual as:
1: of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit : incorporeal ( having no material body or form)
2 : of or relating to sacred matters <spiritual songs> b : ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal <spiritual authority> spiritual>
3: of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomena b : of, relating to, or involving spiritualism
The confusion comes in when some people believe that by opening a box of granola, rolling out their yoga mats, swearing off of non-organic foods and hugging a tree is all that they have to do to classify themselves as part of the nouveau, Secret packing enlightened group.  Only one problem-the emphasis is still being put on the disposable physical body instead of the eternal energetic spirit body.  You know the one that comes with an unlimited warranty that covers past, present and future lives.

Don't get me wrong.  I am all for healthy living and nurturing the environment but it pisses me off when the spring water sipping group still finds it hard to wrap their head around the true nature of the spirit which is psychic and capable of extrasensory abilities.  Our real powers, the ones that enable us to materialize what we need when we need it, seem to make the marketers of Spirituality in a Box uncomfortable.  You can't sell somebody something if they already own it so by focusing on vitamins, alkaline drinks, group sharing and other "Kumbaya" bull-shit they manage to somehow continue to proliferate the belief that if you are healthy physically then you are spiritual.  If that were the case then how come some physically fit, meditation groupies still want to kick some "organic sand" in the face of the touters of the real qualities of spirituality? Topics about inter dimensional beings, psychic attacks, teleportation, telepathy and other natural qualities of the "spirit body" still makes the granola crunchers uncomfortable and requires that such information be kept filed under obscure beliefs?  

Some of these pseudo-new agers make being spiritual appear to be nothing more than a trip down the organic isle in the grocery store that finishes off with a group hug.  Any topic stronger than a "shot of Reiki" or the occasional angel and intuition story makes the majority of the holistic crowd squirm because deep down inside they are still followers of organized religious doctrine who dare not believe in the "psychic world" of the so called devil.  Dealing with the unseen energy versus the box that their yoga ball came in doesn't do anything for them because they are still attached, focused and overly concerned with the material, three dimensional world.

The nature of being spiritual is in recognizing that spiritual means honoring your vibes, developing your intuition, realizing that gut feelings are tuning in to something that you should know, bodily twinges along with meaningful coincidences are the result of your extrasensory spiritual abilities and are the key to having a spiritually fulfilled life-pass the brown rice please. 

Some of the "weekend holistic warriors" get too caught up on the New Age treadmill and continue to focus on their physical well being. Yes, meditation, yoga, detoxing and other holistic remedies do aide in helping you to live consciously but you have to understand that when you honor your spirit first and foremost then physical health is naturally put in to place by Divine order.  We clutter our lives with too much neo-spiritual chaos searching for our souls true purpose looking for a quick fix to our everyday problems.  Why is it so hard to believe that all the answers and solutions that we need are held within our own self. You already have the power to create and manifest the life that you want to have. You are already equipped with extrasensory abilities that work and  acknowledging that you have these psychic senses will activate them to full force.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Don't lose site of your true nature which is one of being a spirit.  Embrace all of your supernatural, paranormal experiences and know that they are part of your incorporeal self.  Work on developing your psychic skills because it will make everything else fall easier into place.  It's OK to have the human experience but don't forget that you are already spiritual and basically just cruising the three dimensional plane.  Your perception of something becomes your experienced reality and if you want to change something then just focus on the "thought" and it will materialize. Trust in your own power.




  1. Very well said, Lisa! And believe me, I understand your verve and vinegar of passion on this topic. I wrote an article long ago called, "Spiritual Enlightenment is not a Weekend Intensive." Ha! Althought many feel it can pacify their spiritual needs to once in awhile partake in a workshop.

    It seems that humans are always working backward in their search for self. (such as, your statement about working on the physical body with no regard to the spirit body). By knowing and honoring the true nature of self (spirit) we can be how we really are: spirits-being human. We live in the phsyical body, but we are not the physical body.

    I could go on...but you addressed it so well. Thanks again!

  2. Very well said! Thank you for articulating this.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I just wanted to share a few of my psychic experiences with you and your readers. I hope you don't mind my posting this link but its just to verbose for me to put in a comment. With respect. Tom


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