Hypnagogia: The new Ritalin for our Ascension ADD

Lately I have been hearing from tons of people who all seem to be wondering why they feel like they are in an altered state of consciousness where time flies by, nothing seems to get done and the ability to focus for more than five minutes is a fete mastered by few.  Welcome to Ascension ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Relax, unlike traditional ADD which is caused by the processed food we eat, air that we breath and quieted by mega doses of Ritalin, Ascension ADD has a different root cause and if all goes well it should eventually remedy itself at some point as we get accustomed to our new wiring.

You see, we are evolving at a very fast rate and as we change additional strands of our DNA that were considered "Junk DNA' are now activating and basically throwing our whole electrical grounding system out of whack.  We are down loading new cosmic applications on a daily basis but because we don't have a guide book or spiritual anatomy book to reference as of yet (don't worry-I'm writing one as long as I can concentrate beyond five minutes to get my thoughts down on paper) we are all left to wonder why we can't get our shit together. Could it be that there aren't enough hours in the day or are we possibly now thinking faster than we can act with thoughts flying in one after the other leaving us dazed and confused?

Time as we know it is an illusion of hours that helps us formulate our days so we can get things done.  We are now processing thought energy at a faster frequency which basically screws up our consciousness of time and contributes to the feeling of confusion we experience as we recalibrate ourselves to sync up to the cosmic clock.

Great!  Now that you understand why you have been feeling so confused and out of it lately should we remedy this condition by manufacturing Rolex and Fossil Watches with  eight  numbers instead of twelve so we can slide more easily into shorter days?  We could always wear hematite rings and bracelets to help us stay grounded but in all honesty the best thing to do is realize that we are changing and get a grip on our new vibrational make up.

As crazy and fast paced as your days may seem I will let you in on some of the upsides to your new cosmic attunement.  Once you accept that  "blink" is the new "yawn" and what use to be five minutes is now a mere "five seconds" then you can begin to access all of the new intuitive tools that are at your disposal by realizing that you have to go "wireless" so to speak and willing disconnect from the primarily materialistic vibes of consciousness.  Start to see yourself more as energy which is capable of making needed connections into a better reality for yourself.

Here is an example of  how fast time can benefit you.  Say for instance that you have to do something but you can't concentrate long enough to get it done because of what we call Ascension ADD.  Frustrating, right?  Not really if you begin to realize that your thoughts are now processing faster and if you can learn to stay grounded (very important) and formulate a clear intention of what you need to get done you will automatically sync up with the Universe and find what you need in a very synchronized way.

Here is an example of how this works.  A client of mine needed to find work  because she was recently laid off from her job and the bills were starting to pile up. After a few weeks of blowing her internal circuit board from constant worry she finally took my advice, centered herself, grounded out, focused on her desired result of finding income triggered by her clear intention of  having what she needs when she needs it and very importantly, sleeping on it before doing anything else.  She began to tune in to and attract one financial opportunity after another.  Remember our thoughts are processing at a faster rate, our creation abilities are kicking in and if you stay in a negative mode well then you can expect to get shitty results.  The trick is to ground yourself, focus on positive outcomes, take a nap (you'll see why later) and the rest will fall into place.

There is an inside trick to keeping up with our new "fast time" and Ascension ADD and the hidden "re-set" button is usually found right before you fall asleep and before you become fully awake.

Hypnagogia, the doorway into our other states of consciousness which occur right before falling asleep or awakening, is where our creative thoughts and intuition communicate the answers that we need and highlight clues for us to use as our personal GPS during our wakened state. We don't have to anguish over hours of looking for answers to our plights because they ultimately are provided right within ourselves.  How cool is that?  Aristotle and Albert Einstein were into hypnagogia and knew that it was the secret for obtaining needed information by bypassing our wakened state.  We have the ability to tap into other states of consciousness, meet up with our guides along with getting a glimpse of what may lie ahead by flowing into an almost hypnotic state right before we fall asleep and also before we wake up.  So how can this help you get through ADD type of days, help you focus and concentrate you may wonder?

Before you fall asleep make it a point to command your thoughts to connect into other states of consciousness (they do exist) where you seek to find the answers that you need to get you through your day. You will make contact with the needed information and the only thing that you have to learn to do next is to allow yourself to stop freaking out as you get use to tapping into what you have down loaded while in your semi sleep state.  You must get accustomed to the fact and believe that everything is in Divine Order and all the knowledge you need is within you not outside of you.  You are operating at a faster frequency and you are creating instantaneously by the condition of your thoughts.  By the way, sleep paralysis is a common side affect of the hypnagogia state which you may have experienced at times and possibly thought that you were stroking out.

Maybe hypnagogia is the new Ritalin for our Ascension ADD.  You see the brain has magnetite crystals in it's cells that act as a system to sense energy fields which explains how we are all hard wired for psychic abilities, taping into other states of consciousness and experiencing our other created realities during states of hypnagogia. Once we master using our pre-sleep/ pre-awake states as a way to fine tune our faster frequency days then we should be able to acclimate ourselves to the ever evolving and changing Universe that we live in.  A lot of psychics, notably Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, knew how to tap into this altered state of consciousness to psychically sense what the future would hold.  The state of hypnagogia gives us the opportunity to fine tune and change the things we need to change should the perceived future not be to our liking.  Remember, it is all about how your fast flying thoughts create your reality.

Tonight before you lay down to go to sleep, meditate on what you need the answers to so you can flow through your fast flying day and not be distracted by all of your thoughts hitting you at once.  Instruct your mind to successfully down load all necessary information so you can easily access it during your waking hours.  Focus on what you want the answers to, ask your guides to come in and trust that it will be done.  Keep a pad and pen by your bed side to write down any memory you may have upon waking up but don't worry if you think that you can't remember anything from your pre-sleep or pre- awake states because it has already become part of your consciousness ready to be accessed when needed.

The more you get into the habit of using your non waking hours more efficiently then you will find that flowing with the new faster frequency will be less confusing and actually more creatively constructive. Who knows, maybe all the kids who appear to be sleeping in class are actually getting the answers to tomorrow's test. 

Albert Einstein

"The only reason for time is so the everything doesn't happen at once."
~Albert Einstein



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