The Ascenscion Trip: White Powder Gold

I paced back and forth periodically looking out my window to see if the mailman was on the street delivering the mail. I called the place that I was expecting the package from a dozen or so times asking them to see if they could track my package. I was totally jonsing for my white powder gold, the elixir of the ancients who knew that it could enhance ones manifesting abilities, promote youthful looks, correct health problems and take you on an enlightenment trip where your light body will exceed your physical body.  In other words white powder gold will let you experience expanded consciousness and ignite your extrasensory senses. This is the hottest thing for the spiritual seeker who wants to penetrate the time-space box of limits and allow themselves to experience what our evolution into the next phases of man will be like. Our physical body will no longer control our light body, our light body will  control our physical body.

Let me give you a little background on white powder gold. The Egyptians were hip to white powder gold. The Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is an ethereal location.  Author, Laurence Gardner, has stated in his book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark that monoatomic gold was the secret of the pharaohs' rite of passage to the Afterlife.

In alchemy it is referred to as the Philosophers Stone or the Elixir of Life which can bring about ultimate knowledge and  the gift of perpetual youth. Even Harry Potter was turned on to the Philosophers Stone and was looking to cop a little magick for himself. 

We also have to wonder if the Golden Fleece of ancient Greece which was sought after by Jason is really just a metaphor associated with white powder gold.  Back in the day, fleeces were connected with high magick and alchemy. Many folk traditions maintain this belief therefore we can assume that Jason's fleece was more likely a kilo of the good stuff. 

Could the Manna from heaven really have been white powder gold? It is the food of the Gods that allows you to transcend difficulty, bring about instant manifestation of your desires and become more of your lighter, spiritual self. Think about it. The Hebrews split from Egypt, following Moses, no GPS, on a trek through the desert as they made their way to the promised land. Pharaoh in Egypt gets pissed off and charges after the Jews, which is when Moses parts the Red Sea so his posse can cross and then has the Red Sea close on the trailing Egyptians, killing them all.  Sounds like they were doing manna or white gold to me. It allowed them to  literally think where they needed to be and go there. No shit.  This is true stuff.

White powder gold works by excluding all external magnetic fields (including the Earth’s gravity), and takes you on a trip beyond the third and fourth dimensional space time continuum, bringing you to a  fifth dimensional consciousness. This is the  dimension of imagination where your thoughts manifest, you're capable of levitating, teleportation, super telepathy and super sized psychic abilities.

I guess that you are wondering how this white powder gold works when you take it? It works by changing your frequency. You tune in to the channel of higher consciousness to bring about personal transformation.  When your frequency shifts to a higher level  it enables you to move into higher dimensions where you can experience your lighter and more psychic make up. Do you want a case yet?  How about two?  Our DNA responds to frequency and the "junk DNA" or extra strands that aren't plugged in for us in the lower consciousness of the third dimension suddenly go fiber optic when you do white powder gold. It gives you the proper code to tap into the source of all possibilities.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that we are  programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. The frequency has to be correct  to establish a connection for the extra  DNA that are basically the plug-ins for telepathy and the extrasensory senses like clairvoyance and clairessence to name a few.  Russian researchers proved that the junk DNA or extra strands of DNA when activated by a higher frequency will expand our consciousness. This is a cool trip provided one uses the correct intentions for creating and manifesting with their newly activated psi abilities.

We are currently going through an awakening or energy shift which is allowing us to evolve.  We are going to finally be able to up grade and be more genetically fine tuned to our real daddy, the creative force of the Universe.  White powder gold is a product that compliments our evolution into a higher breed of man but as with any product that alters your consciousness you need to know what you are taking and be responsible while taking it.  This is the "Red Bull" of the Cosmos.

White powder gold brings you up to a level where you begin to manifest and that is why you can't mess with this stuff if you are in a shitty mood or else you will bring about an even shittier mood.  You manifest things quickly. You have to be of the right mind set, intention and not Ego driven for this trip.  This isn't like coke where all of a sudden you are high, talkative and ready to party.  This is a frequency high that resonates to your spiritual essence.  This transcends earth consciousness, brings you to higher dimensions and by the way-you don't crash when you come down or feel edgy for days afterwards when you take gold.

There are all types of gold besides the white powder gold.  They have different frequencies and sometimes you have to experiment a little to see what gold you are ready for during your own personal ascension and transformation into higher consciousness.  Just to cover my own ass I recommend that you check with a doctor if you have any reservations about getting "higher" into the upper dimensions of consciousness. Holistic practitioners are savvy about white powder gold but traditional MD's may consider you part of the lunatic fringe because they still believe that we evolved from apes instead of from the stars.


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  1. Today, I inhaled a combination of monatomic gold, red, and black.

  2. Nice blog. How was your experience after ingesting Ormus?

  3. The only jews in moses time were the Yehuda(Judean) tribe of the other 11 tribes who most likely took with them, along the way, many other cultures. The Yehudim(plural to Jews) only became the majority of the remaining 12 tribes after the Persian, Greek and Roman empires came along. Just some history to correct your own. May the light and love be with you.

  4. Ormus is the outcome of years of experimentation that carries on to this day, with a few extraordinary outcomes. The content is monoatomic with the characters of a superconductor that could be applied in a lot of different directions.

  5. Today many people use white powder gold. It surely has advantages. It make them more beautiful. However, it is expensive.

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