Making "Scents" of the Awakening Shift

I believe that there is hardly anyone out there who has not experienced some of the symptoms of the vibrational shift in consciousness that is going on right now.  If you have been following my last few blogs you probably have an idea of how as a species, we are shifting and changing to experience our full potential of being both  physical and spiritual in order to live an enhanced existence. We are being up-graded to tune into the frequencies of higher consciousness, psychic knowing and creative manifestation.  Sound good so far?

The shift that you are now going through will actually recalibrate your own personal frequency to the new wave of higher consciousness.  Lately you may have felt restless, confused, impatient, overly tired or overly buzzed which can all be attributed to the Earth shifting therefore causing your own channels to experience static and interruptions.  As you shift into higher consciousness the necessity of letting go of the things that no longer relate to your own vibration can actually cause you to lose your own valuable wattage.  Emotional baggage hoarders now have to clean their consciousness closets or risk losing a lot of light which is energy.

Draining dead-end jobs, bad relationships, processed foods, the evening news in addition to all of the changes you may be going through as you shift and ascend into your more authentic self can really set you up for low voltage if you don't watch your ass-Opps!  I mean Amps.

And then, there are the frequencies from interacting with others-some highs and some real downers.

Studies have shown that, in only three seconds, merely being in the company of an asshole can lower a healthy person's frequency by 8MHz. Holding a conversation with the asshole in the same three seconds lowers a person's frequency by 14 MHz. Without intervention, it can take about three days for that person's frequency to return to normal.

You have to start living consciously in the "NOW" moment and start to note who, what and where leave you feeling drained. Your own frequency will respond by either putting you on an exhilarating crack high or possibly leave you feeling at the other end of the spectrum which is depressed and totally crashed.  One of the first signs that someone or something is tampering with your personal energy lines is suddenly noticing that all of your electronic shit is starting to break and go haywire.  Light bulbs blow out, car electronics malfunction and who knows what else-all because of someone or something you came in contact with that shorted out your own circuits.

It might be a good idea that instead of a wrist watch you start wearing little frequency meters, the Rolex of the great, defining, consciousness shift.  Studies actually show that the average, daytime frequency of the human body is 62-68 MHz.  (A healthy body frequency is 62-72 MHz.)  When a person's frequency drops, the immune system is compromised.  If the frequency drops to 58 MHz, cold and flu symptoms may appear.  At 55 MHz, diseases like candida can take hold and really screw up your dating or love life.   Around 42 MHz, cancer is a real possibility and if you drop to 25MHz its curtains because that is when death begins. 

However, there is a solution or should I say scent-lution to combat frequency blips in your system.

It has been proven that when essential oils are inhaled, frequencies return to normal within 21 seconds. Research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any known natural substance. They start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz. The frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help restore and/or maintain a person's own frequency for optimal health, creating an environment in which aggravation can't prevail along with the added benefit of even raising your own frequency high enough to tap into the spirit realms.
So what kinds and types of "scents" help you make sense of all of the changes you may experience as you shift and morph into a new kind of human? I guess first of all you have to understand that we are more sensitive to frequency now that we are evolving into our "electric" or vibrational nature. The frequencies of the things you eat, breath, touch or basically everything in your environment has a direct impact on you.   Shit- if we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, mind and spirit we would have a better resistance toward disease.

Here are a few oils to consider as you venture into making “scents” of the new consciousness shift and the higher dimensions of light and frequency. An experienced Aromatherapist can help you choose personal blends for specific needs and even help you concoct a personal “love oil.” Cleopatra might have been on to something because she loved her perfumed oils and I hear that she had a slammin’ love life too,

Melissa (Lemon Balm) 102 Hz
German Chamomile 105 Hz
Myrrh 105 Hz
Lavender 118 Hz
Ravensara 134 Hz
Helichrysum 181 Hz
Rose  320 Hz



  1. Truth as old as time.

  2. OM GOodness. See, I am on this path and I work with a company devoted to this but you just made allot of light bulbs go off in my head and shined a brighter light on many things!!! Like the car electic matter disfunctioning around me and other things. I think you worded this perfectly and I thank you for bloging it!!, MAn this is some good ish :0) You could write a whole book on just this blog. Just sayin :0) And Anonymous up there is soo right it has been around but only certian Awakened people choose to be and create out of it. Plato, Einstine, Socritis, Shakespere, and even , Yes The Big Ones Budda, Jesus, They all channelled to a higher frequency and brought it back to the physical plane and exressed it through creativity, theory and philosophies. We were just Tooo Unconscious to get it or rather we were not ready for it yet at that time. I could go on and on and on so I will stop right here with a Thank you and a Have a Beautiful day!!

  3. Oh And another good one is Cedar Oil or Cedar wood in your home :0)

  4. Yes, I feel the buzz! I use lavender sometimes, wish I could use Rose, but it's kind of pricey.

  5. just found this blog and posting this one year later. so its weird to join a conversation one year after its finished, but weird is good. Agree on everything, and have been using lavender lots. Splashing it on the kids, pillows, baths, car, mixing it into the shampoo. Now I might take to spraying it in the faces of those people you mention who psychically rugby tackle you and leave you drained. love this blog.


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