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Wednesday October 26th, 2011
Achieve Radio

Join us for a fun and exciting show featuring Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Author Lisa Barretta. She will join Brenda and Lauren in giving complimentary psychic mini-readings to our listeners. We will also discuss the New Moon in Scorpio.

Lisa Barretta will talk about "How to pick the right psychic for you." She will also discuss how the Indigos are leading this powerful shift on Planet Earth. Lisa is the author of "The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading." Her clients range from the famous to the infamous and they span the continental United States and abroad. Lisa's newest book, "The Book of Transformation" will be for sale in May of 2012. In this book Lisa will give the reader a powerful look at what they can expect from the awakening shift of Planet Earth and the next phase of our evolution. To contact Lisa to arrange a reading go to her website

Join Brenda Black for a fun and exciting show all about Astrology. It is called "Your Astrology Now" and airs every Wednesday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time -- 1:00 PM Eastern Time.
On each show we discuss the weekly aspects of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and other outer planets. We give Astrology Mini-Readings to our listeners and discuss upcoming Eclipses, Mercury Retrogrades and other celestial phenomena.We continue to have guest astrologers on the show throughout the year such as Michele Adler, Marguerite Manning, Debra Clement and Leah Mueller.
Listen in! Have fun -- and call us for mini-readings!

Brenda Black is a certified astrologer through ISAR - a world-wide astrological organization. She has been practicing astrology in Phoenix since 1984. Her specialty is love, marriage and relationships, as well as career guidance. And she gives "love days" in the future when there is a greater possibility of meeting a very special friend. Brenda's website is:
Brenda can also be reached at
and her phone number is 602-363-6396.
About Lauren Weiss:
From the time I incarnated to this earth plane my favorite question was “Why” and “How come” …Through the process of my trial and tribulations on my journey I continue to gain understanding. From childhood playing with my pretend friends today they are my reality. For over 20 years of working with them I am a Trance channel, Spirit Medium, Tarot card reader, Intuitive Counselor.



  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just read your book "the Street Smart Psychics Guide To Getting A Good Reading....
    I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! :D
    I am a working psychic medium in BC, Canada.
    I howled till my stomach hurt at the "Types of clients" section!!!! I swear, I have experienced everything you talked about!! Ha ha .... And I thought it must be me!! I seem to have at least one person from every category.
    What a great, great read! Its a relief to know I am not the only one finding herself in awkward, "weird" situations. Talking to dead folk is the easy part. Trying to get the info through to the world isn't always!
    Your house party with the cookies ...... That exact thing happened to me :s....... I got home at 1.15am! Haha!
    Still, its a wonderful field to work in, right?... I love to giggle at my crazy life too!!
    So much love and gratitude!!
    Still laughing Lisa,
    Thank you!!!!! Lynda xxxx


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