A Lotta "PSI" Balls

Halloween is right around the corner and I thought that it would be fitting to write a blog that addressed psychic balls. Get your mind out of the gutter and your brain waves back to Alpha state because I am referring to energy orbs that are associated with spirit energy, emotional energy, and created thought form “Psi” balls
The first time a psychic mentor told me about “Psi” balls, I thought that she was talking about a new sorority or fraternity party drink.  Little did I realize that she was schooling me on emotional energy that seems to have an intelligent movement to it which is usually associated with paranormal activity. These “Psi” balls are around us at all times not just in haunted houses or in graveyards. Depending on your level of awareness you may even see them or feel them as you move throughout your day.  It is quite possible that unknowingly you also may be  creating emotional energy “Psi’ balls and hurling them at others as if you were in a snowball, I mean “Psi” ball fight.

You might be familiar with orbs or “Psi” balls from watching the Wizard of Oz.  The good witch, Glinda, appeared to Dorothy first as a ball of light that floated close to her before materializing into the benevolent witch of the North. She was a positive energy experience. Some orbs are creepy. Orbs, such as the ones associated with haunted places are basically left over emotional energy that has its own frequency and in essence is a recording of an energy imprint left upon the premises.  Some orbs can turn into a mist or a fog that appears to take shape indicating that you made contact with a very strong energy imprint because for a spirit to download into a form definitely takes more EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency) power.

Orbs are generally transparent with a diameter greater than five inches. You can see right through an orb the same way that you can see through a lying bastard. They often appear behind solid objects or in corners of a room since that is where emotional energy has a tendency to collect.  Make sure that what you are sensing is a paranormal orb because sometimes dust balls will appear as an orb to the untrained eye.  Genuine orbs will often change in size, color and movement showing that there is a definite frequency associated with what you are viewing.

How many times have you taken a photo and noticed an orb screwing up what you thought would be a perfectly shot picture?  If you take photos in the direction of the sun, or other light sources you may think that you captured something paranormal in origin but in reality you are just a shitty photographer who managed to pick up a reflection.  In photos of people the genuine orbs are most likely found around the head and shoulder area and have an almost illuminating effect.  This is most likely the energy from a spirit guide or from someone on the other side of the veil who is keeping a watchful eye.  Dark dense orbs hanging around you or appearing in photos may indicate attachment to some strong, disturbing emotional energy and in extreme cases it may point to a pending illness or a negative spirit possession.  Colored orbs are usually the “Psi”balls or thoughtform energy that we constantly generate throughout the day.  The same way that a jeweler can determine the quality of a diamond is the same way that you can classify the sparkles that you see floating around you.  Size, clarity, color and shape of an orb are clues as to what type of energy you may be dealing with.  Bright colors have a higher vibration whereas dark muddy colors indicate some nasty energy,

It is possible for us, still here in material form, to produce an orb of emotional energy. Here is another childhood example for you to ponder upon to make it easier for you to grasp the concept of orbs.  In the story of Peter Pan, there is a moment when Peter's shadow gets disconnected from him, and goes flying off on its own. This is equivalent to emotional energy that we sometimes unknowing send out to others. You may have thought that those “floaters” or “halos “you sometimes see were the precursor to a migraine headache which usually produce such orbs but it also very well could be that someone has been thinking about you intently and the orb of energy made its way toward you.  Makes you wonder if some headaches are actually a form of psychic attack.  Highly trained psychics and mystics know how to project a portion of their energy essence out into the world in order to get some work done on the other side of the earthly dimension.

You can even intentionally create “Psi” balls or orbs by playing with the energy available to you.  Just rub your hands together to build up some frequency or feel around the room and decide what naturally occurring energy you would like to grab onto. You can feel energy flowing between your palms if you hold your hands about eight inched apart.  As you begin to slowly move your hands in and out the energy will begin to take shape. Once you get a nice ball of energy going you can next infuse it with either a color or a thoughtform to be sent out as a paranormal FedEx to your intended recipient.   Careful…Don’t send out any dark shit because energy has a way of returning to its source.  

Last Halloween I went on a ghost hunt through some designated haunted sites in Philadelphia, PA and I managed to get a few pictures of orbs that I psychically felt were emotional imprints from the people who had at one time lived in those places. They left a paranormal recorded diary of sorts to serve as a testimony to their association with certain events and places that basically can still be tuned into if you adjust your own frequency to facilitate tuning into their emotional energy imprints. The haunted graveyards are full of orbs of emotional energy left behind more so from grieving people than from ghostly spirits…although there were a few misty fogs streaming behind the headstones. In a sense the people from the past still live on but only in another dimension. I know that it takes a lot of (Psi) balls to admit that is what is really going on in places that have a strong emotional energy attached  to them but” it is what it is.”  

Energy is all around us and awareness is your fine tuner. You can walk into a room and feel the energy of whatever is going on inside of that space and when the room empties out look around and see if anybody left a stray though form orb floating around the area.  The more you focus your awareness the easier it will become for you to sense, feel, change, and identify energy. Halloween is a great time of year to see if you can conjure up or make contact with some orbs because it is the time when the veil between the worlds or dimensions is at its thinnest making access to the paranormal realms a hell of a lot easier.

This Halloween get your psychic balls up and go on an orb hunt.  See what you tune into and how interesting walking on the edge of reality can really be.



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