Mercury Retrograde: Hermes in time for the holidays

How come Mercury always seems to go retrograde right around the holidays?  I guess it isn’t a bad thing if you are up for a reunion (a Mercury retrograde special) or maybe for a refund (fat chance-I’m still waiting for Verizon to send me my long overdue refund check) but shopping during a Mercury retrograde sets you up for possible returns and merchandise recalls not to mention acid reflux too. Anything that starts with an "re" is usually Mercury retrograde related.

I was looking at my son’s Christmas list and most of the shit that he is asking for is electronic which means that I have roughly seven days before the retrograde starts to do some power shopping or eleven days after the retrograde to hope everything that he asked for isn’t sold out.  Maybe I should just play 711 and give him the cash if the number comes out.

My older son and daughter most likely will get gifts of clothing so I better hurry up and  whip out my credit card and do some online shopping because no one fears the return line and  confused seasonal sales help more than me especially during a Mercury retrograde.  Last year during Mercury retrograde my daughter made a purchase of gift cards and charged them on her Visa.  Big mistake.  She was charged hundreds of dollars for the three $50.00 gift cards all because an employee who was having problems with the register (Mercury retrograde) swiped her credit card a zillion times before she finally realized that her machine wasn’t working properly.  I looked at my daughter and I said “should I tell her about the retrograde?”

What is the Mercury retrograde good for you may wonder?  It is a great time to clean out your karma closet and delete any emotional imbalances from your aura, your spiritual energy field.   As we approach 2012 we will be shifting into a new frequency from the Photon Belt in the Milky Way Galaxy.  This shift emphasizes our spiritual awakening and the onset of our psychic evolution.  It is highly recommended that you clear out any negative emotional codes from your subtle energy body, the aura, before downloading the upgraded consciousness package of 2012.

I was explaining the upcoming Mercury retrograde to a client and I suggested that she use this time effectively to clean out her aura and lighten her load.  She looked at me for a minute and then asked “What kind of bag is an aura?  I don’t think that I have one.” (A very blonde moment even though I am also a blonde)  I explained that the aura is where we carry a lot of our emotional imprints  from daily living and sometimes we carry and hold on to emotions along with false beliefs that are of a low vibration which invites  negativity into our  personal arena. Now is the time to re-boot you consciousness and delete any of the old shit that hangs you up.

A little Mercury retrograde ritual that I like much more than return lines, delayed transportation, and electrical snafus is one of removing negativity from my life.  This is a simple yet very effective way to clean out the negativity from your life that you do not want to carry into the transitionary year of 2012 leading toward  a mass spiritual awakening.  You will need a bowl of spring water, parchment paper cut into stripes, Anna Riva Exodus Oil and some sea salt. Aim to do this ritual during the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of December 10th.

Put a circle of sea salt around the bowl that you plan to use.  The salt acts as a protective circle to keep your energy concentrated. On the stripes of parchment paper write down what you want to let go of as far as negative emotional memories go then fold the stripes in half and place them into the bowl of water. For example write down that you want to let go of the fear of financial failure, the grudge that you hold toward your “X’, the memory of being hurt or ignored-you get the picture.  Get rid of all the junk in your aura’s spam folder.  Once you finished placing your papers in the water, drip a few drops of the Exodus oil into the bowl and swirl it around using the index finger of your primary hand, swirling counter clock wise thirty three times (33).  Finish the ritual by saying “I release and cut the cords of the negative strings that bind me to repeated patterns and useless worries.  I am free to create a more balanced and purposeful life. Blessed Be.”  Let the water settle for a few minutes and then discard it along with the paper into a hole that you dig in the ground or flush them away in your toilet.

The trickster god, Mercury the messanger, AKA Hermes, may get things ass end backwards during this three week back spin period but hopefully I gave you something worthwhile to do during this next retrograde that helps you chill out and enjoy the holidays.



  1. Thanks for pointing out that Mercury retrograde is good for something. My computer crashed just before retrograde. I was very upset. I got the computer to my nephew, who is a computer whiz. When he plugged it in, it started right up and he couldn't find anything wrong with it. Just before he got his hands on it, I released my fears and anxiety over losing my computer. I now have my computer back and am enjoying using it again.


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