Predictions for 2012: General and for each zodiac sign

Well here we are-2012 has finally arrived and this will be the year where more and more people will begin to experience the shift of our planet and the new energy coming into the world.  This year is the beginning of our transformation into living in a world that recognizes that there are dimensions that exist beyond the 3-D world.  Many of you will feel as though you suddenly have “energy sensors” attached to your skin because an additional sense of psychic knowing or perceiving is now very apparent to you.

For starters we will see vast changes in the educational system and more schools will begin to use cyber classrooms because they recognize that the students are more inclined to learn better by using the latest computer technology.  The way that we socialize is not limited to interaction within our own environment since accessing those at a distance is now only a Nano second away.

This will also be a year for major health breakthroughs and the importance of “energy medicine” is recognized as holding the healing code for most ailments. How we process our beliefs about our own health is what programs us for the success rate of healing ourselves.

There will be a big movement toward spiritualism as opposed to organized religions.  The Catholic Church will experience further decline and the Vatican’s participation in funding certain political agendas will dwindle down as the Church’s financial situation becomes more strained.

Big banks that were bailed out will once again experience major setbacks as consumers become tired of the money games, bank fees and “stick-it-up your ass” tactics of major financial institutions.  Smaller banks and credit unions flourish and will become more popular with the public.

This is also the year where we begin to let go of FEAR.  What the hell are we afraid of anyway? Fear comes from a sense of losing control and uncertainty. The year 2012 brings with it a vibrant energy that helps us realize that what we once feared can now be transmuted through the use of positive thought energy to become part of our spiritual learning curve and show us that within every dark moment there is still a glimpse of light that will open up once you learn to move toward it.  Even the moth knows to move toward the flame.

The duality of the Universe exists around us and within us.  The Yin and Yang; sperm and egg; positive and negative forces of nature constantly come together and create an ever changing environment for you to consciously experience.  The development of the consciousness will be further studied this year, 2012, and we will gain a new perspective and appreciation for diversity because it shows the endless possibilities that come from creation.

There are a few things that may happen in 2012 that may seem more “downer” than “upper” but these circumstances give us the opportunity to come together and help one another through tough times.  We will realize that help doesn’t just exist in the physical sense because the healing vibrations from collective positive thinking can bring about almost instantaneous healing results.  Remember the membrane that once separated the limited 3-D earthly, material consciousness is now thinning out to make the realms of their higher dimensions of consciousness more accessible to us.

Here is a list of some 2012 headlines and I will add more as I access the Akashic Records, which is a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

·         I feel that there will be an accident around an amusement that will draw a lot of attention.  I see a Ferris wheel or ride that sits up in the air.
·         An ancient site, most likely in the Middle East, will partially be destroyed due to an earthquake, explosion or major mud slide.
·         I recommend that major water dams be checked because I feel that there is an accident that could possibly be averted before severe damage is done. Look for safety breeches. The planet Neptune is back home in its sign of Pisces alerting us to be more mindful of anything to do with water.  The waters of the world may at times this year be a cause for concern ranging from oil spills, damaging storms and  tsunamis
·         There will be a movement to stop the over use of anti-depressant drugs and the long term damaging effects of these drugs will become apparent to consumers.
·         A Nordic country usually known for peace and calm may make headlines due to riots and or violence.
·         India, Indonesia and China experience the forces of Mother Nature this year as crazy storms batter those areas.
·         New hope for couples who have trouble conceiving due to break through research in how emotional vibrations influence the success rate of pregnancies.
·         As people become more savvy as to what is going on in the world around them due to advances in technology we may also find that laws are put in place that will compromise some of our basic freedoms in an attempt for those in power to try and stay in control.  2012 lets freedom ring so “bye, bye” power mongers on both personal and global levels.
·         Life and an existence of our consciousness after physical death is a strong topic this year and there will be many discussions, talk shows, books and movies that embrace this subject.

Now for my predictions for each sign of the zodiac for 2012:
·         Aries: The planet, Uranus, is more so than ever igniting your adventurous nature. This year you reinvent yourself and possibly consider starting your own business or changing careers.  The urge to pioneer a new cause or new you is very strong.
·         Taurus: This year may be relatively calm in comparison to the upheaval of last year.  You experienced what it is like to be pushed out of your comfort zone possibly as a preparation for a move, relationship change or even for a new way of thinking.  Things flow along and November of 2012 offers you the opportunity to once again embrace some changes but with a more evolved attitude.
·         Gemini: The roller coaster ride you have been on over the past two to three years is about to end. May and June will be significant months for you and there will be a final settlement of both relationship and financial issues.  Who you thought you wanted may not be the one for you after all.  Think before accepting any long term offers.
·         Cancer: Living in the past is not supported by the new energy coming in so let bygones be bygones.  You can’t change people; you can only change yourself so don’t fight any losing battles. Know when to move on.  July is a pivotal month for you where you decide who and what are most important to you.  Reaching out to an old love mends the fence.
·         Leo: Your career is highlighted this year and May is the month of new opportunities.  Relinquish the need to always be in control and be open to the help from others.  An Aquarian or Aries plays an important role in your life this year and helps you move forward.
·         Virgo: The year starts off with Mars rolling through your sign giving you the energy to take action.  Just be careful not to let action turn into aggravation especially from late January to April when Mars goes retrograde.  Relationships both personal and professional may take center stage until July because that is when things calm down a little for you.  Money making opportunities come your way in February so stay alert and maybe even buy yourself a lottery ticket. Mixed feeling may arise concerning travel this spring.  Don’t go if you don’t want to go.
·         Libra: Saturn is almost out of your sign where it has been for almost three years putting you to the test and trying your patients.  Your almost about to receive the rewards for all of your prior hard work so just hang in a little longer because by September you will have reached your long awaited for goals. Libra’s are usually relationship people but this is the year where you diligently work on the relationship with yourself and achieve a nice balance in your life. 
·         Scorpio: Get ready because the next eclipse cycle on the Scorpio/Taurus axis is about to begin in November of this year.  Changes in relationships are almost certain and signing legal documents may bring you a windfall.  Your uncanny intuitive abilities are sharper than ever giving you a jump on the “what next.” 
·         Sagittarius: There are plenty of fish in the sea so be mindful before making a commitment to only one person, who may be attached to a lot of past drama.  This year you strive to make the most out of your career and realize that the one person that you can always count on is YOU.  March through July makes you the center of attention and offers come in from all angles.  Look before you leap.
·         Capricorn: Hard work does pay off and you will finally realize the results of all your past efforts.  You may become more philosophical this year and possible even consider becoming active in community affairs or politics.  The wise Cappie knows when to relinquish control and put the Ego aside especially when negotiating important contracts or deals.  Let go of relationships that hold you back and stay focused on your path.
·         Aquarius: You are coming into your own this year and the world is your oyster.  Just remember that the irritation from the sand is what causes the pearl inside the oyster to form so minor frustrations are a necessary evil in order to reach your goals.  A relationship that is right for you or possibly a career boosting opportunity is right around the corner in mid-February.  Big changers ahead for you by September.
·         Pisces: The dark horse finishes first and you may even surprise yourself with the success of your endeavors.  Don’t let emotions give you any false illusions.  Stay in the present moment at all times for assured success. This year be good to yourself and let others finally take care of themselves.  Dreams come true for you and this summer will be much better than last summer when you may have felt caught between the dimensions of time and space.

Here is to the long awaited year of 2012.  This year is not an ending year but rather a year filled with the opportunities to change, transform, evolve and become as light in frequency as our technology.  We are catching up on what it is like to live in a world that is defined by frequency and light as opposed to all the weight and mass of the heavy material shit.   To find out more about how  you can easily transcend the limited mind set consciousness of the 3-D world order a copy of my newest book, The Book of Transformation, which is due out May of 2012.

In closing I leave you with this thought as so eloquently put forth by Glinda the Good witch from the Wizard of OZ.
"All you've ever needed has always been right inside you!"


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  1. Love it always right on with your predictions. I predict this is going to be a wonderful, awesome year for Lisa and her book will be a best seller, you go girl, its time, you help so many and work so hard, its time for you to reap the benefits. Keep up the good work. Janet Russell Intuitive/Spiritual Medium/ TV Host


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