February is the month to get a HEART-on

Since February is national heart awareness month and also the month that hosts Valentine's Day, I thought it most appropriate to blog about the Heart Chakra, the seat of our soul. The Heart Chakra is-you guessed it-located in the approximate center of your chest.  This is the energy vortex spot that works along with your physical heart in processing emotions related to love and on a flip side the negative, debilitating emotion of hate.

The heart is where we record all of our emotional memory. Emotions are our way of showing on an outward level through our words and actions the way we are feeling on an energy level. Emotions are visceral, which means that we feel them instinctively and thus manifest them as physical reactions like gut feelings, tears, or laughing. The emotional experience leaves an energy imprint into our cellular memory which directly influences the vibration of your heart and also your whole body. I guess you could say that emotions are like the fingerprints of the soul.

The heart is closely connected to the emotions that we experience through our relationships and even our relationship to our environment has a direct impact on our health and well-being. Certain diseases have been linked to negative emotions that result in causing the body’s cells to mutate and change accordingly. It makes you stop and think how negative relationships, jobs, people and such are just as bad for your heart and health as eating a Philly Cheese Steak with the works and smoking a pack of cigarettes.  Any relationship that stresses you out and emotionally drains you is lethal when it comes to heart health. It is so important to recognize which relationships are beneficial for you not only in a physical sense but more importantly in an energetic way.

The emotions that we process through our heart go viral in a sense in that they stay recorded into our energy or astral body for eternity and also echo into the vast dimensions of the Cosmos as part of the complete cosmic consciousness of the Universe. According to a study of patients who have received transplanted organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories, behaviors, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be transferred to the recipient. In a paper published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, Dr. Paul Pearsall of the University of Hawaii and Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Linda Russek of the University of Arizona discussed 10 cases of heart or heart-lung transplants in which the recipients were reported to have “changes in food, music, art, sexual, recreational, and career preferences, as well as specific instances of perceptions of names and sensory experiences related to the donors.”  When the heart is transplanted, the energy or cellular memory housed in the cells of the tissues also carries the higher frequencies of light. We are multidimensional beings made up of a physical/cellular system which has a constant, dynamic dialogue with our energetic fields, the layers of the aura. Therefore, if a heart is transplanted, the memory at the cellular level and at the spiritual level will be moved with the donated organ into the recipient. Kind of like when Frankenstein got the wrong brain, the brain of a criminal. 

Here is an example of documented information about a transplant case where a34-year-old donor who was a police officer was killed while trying to arrest a drug dealer. The recipient was a 56-year-old college professor diagnosed with atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease. The donor’s wife reported that her husband was shot in the face by a man with long hair and a beard. The last thing he saw was a terrible flash form the gun going off. The recipient reported that he began to have dreams a few weeks after receiving his donated heart. He would see a flash of light right in front of his face that felt hot and would burn immediately before seeing a man who looked like Jesus but I guess Charles Manson would serve to be a better comparative description. You can see that the heart transplant brought some of the donor’s memories.  

Evidence also shows that the rejection process seen in heart transplants not only reflects the rejection of the organ comprising the cells, but also the cellular information and energy stored within the cells. Emotional imprints from traumatic experiences, loss and other things that really bum you out can be stored in the heart and also affect other body parts as well.  A recipient’s consciousness may not be in tune with the emotional codes stored in the transplanted organ therefore showing how transplant success may well go beyond tissue and blood type compatibility. Similar to downloading a corrupt file into your computer only to have the whole damn thing crash. 

We always seem to associate the color red with the heart when the colors that vibe to this eternal, emotional recording center are green and pink. Green is the master color. It is refreshing and cool. It connects us to unconditional love and reduces stress. Pink is relaxing, heals grief and sadness. restores youthfulness, and brings you in contact with your feelings. You can even use gems and crystals to work with keeping this chakra balanced. Stones such as Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Rhodonite, and other natural green gems have a vibrational compatibility to the Heart Chakra.

 When the Heart Chakra is out of balance emotions such as guilt, rejection, and not being able to love yourself occur. You may also feel hatred, self-pity and paranoia and your emotions will rule your every move. You will come off to others as being distrusting, cold, aloof, and selfish. In extreme cases a blocked Heart Chakra can lead to diseases such as heart problems, asthma, lung and breast cancer, especially if you are too nurturing yet not open to being nurtured yourself. Pneumonia, and upper back and shoulder issues also are signs that you need to have your Heart Chakra adjusted and spin balanced by an experienced holistic practitioner who is attuned to preform Reiki. Common addictions associated with an unbalanced Heart Chakra include nicotine and marijuana (Hmm, I always thought weed was about peace and love.)

When your Heart Chakra is over balanced. You may find yourself being too trusting and desperate for people to love you, therefore you engage in activities that might not be beneficial for you but would make others happy. You may attract relationships where you give all and your partner does not appreciate what you do and doesn’t give anything in return. You can’t say “no” to people. Smothering behavior, being codependent/enabling, too nice, too giving, and a real “Pollyanna” could be setting you up for some cardiac care by externalizing as arrhythmias or heart problems.

A person with a good balanced Heart Chakra will display as being loving, warm, affectionate, accepting, tolerant and equally loving of themself and others. To keep this nice vibe going one of the most important things to do is to drop your fears and eliminate stress. Stress and coronary heart disease are related, because if stress is left unmanaged, it can lead to emotional and psychological problems that eventually show themselves as created (manifested by you), physical problems such as high blood pressure, chest pains or even irregular heartbeats. If you are walking around all stressed out you will be tuning into all of the negative fear based emotions that go along with being upset.  You will keep attracting bullshit into your life unless you unplug from the damaging emotional codes that keep you attached to unwelcomed people and situations.

This February why don’t you make a resolution to take care of your soul’s memory bank, the heart, and tune into the higher vibrations of real, unconditional, no agenda love by not closing off your heart. Here’s to HEART-ons <3


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