The Ancient Roots of Astrology

Almost every major newspaper and magazine runs an astrology column therefore confirming that the public truly has an interest in reading about their astrological sign.  Even the skeptics can't help but take an occasional peek at their horoscopes every now and then. I often wonder why the astrology columns are lumped in with the comic section of the newspaper or pushed to the back of the magazine as if we are still practicing literary segregation when in essence we should be recognizing the importance and value of this art which allows for science to intersect spirituality.

Astrology is an ancient discipline given to us thousands of years ago by cosmic visitors to our planet.  It is recorded in the Book of Enoch that Baraqel, one of the original so called fallen angels or “Watchers “ taught humanity astrology and  the magick of the cosmos.  The Watchers were angels or more correctly, emissaries, dispatched to Earth simply to watch over the humans, especially since we were a genetically manipulated or created race of people.  These Watchers were not supposed to give away any trade secrets from the heavens but they fell from grace when they did so along with taking "the daughters of man" as their mates and producing children that were basically hybrids of alien and human flesh.  The reproduced like rabbits and the population of Earth grew resulting in an overpopulation of advanced beings that threatened the original “quality control” of the original experimental race created for planet Earth.  Hence fourth the men at the top “master-minded “the great flood of Noah, also recorded as a massive flood in the writings of other civilizations, wiping out the inhabitants of Earths except for a few chosen specimens like Noah and his family along with select seeds (plant and animal) so there could be a controlled recovery after the mass water wipe out.

Even after the tidal biblical flood astrology still survived. The test of time proves that astrology isn’t a frivolous form of fortune telling but rather a sophisticated discipline that allows us to understand how the vibrational frequencies from the stars and planets have a direct effect on our own personal vibration. After all, fundamentally we are basically energy beings and thus respond and react accordingly to the energy around us. The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Medieval Kings knew the value of astrological insight and only the very elect were privy to the knowledge held within the heavens.

The Babylonians left us one of the earliest overtly astrological documents, the Enuma Anu Enlil. This document may date as far back as 1600 B.C., and it enumerates astronomical omens and their interpretation. Astrology is hardly a pseudo-science especially now that we are on the doorstep to the Age of Aquarius, the long awaited for Golden Age.  You see, astrology is more than just a daily blurb about your sun sign that you find in the back of a newspaper or sent to your email in-box.  It is a complicated method of foretelling your own personal “weather” or vibrational energy conditions for the day, week, month or year.  It allows for you to decide how you would like to tune into the vibrations that are made available to you by transiting planets, fixed stars, eclipses and the phases of the Moon. Your free will lets you decide how your fate will play out depending on how you work with your astrological energy.  Predictions are often called "forecasts" or "trends" and are based on upcoming planetary influences on the birth chart. These influences are usually interpreted on a psychological level but as we evolve with the times it will become clear that the landscape of the heavens influences our personal energy, the personality of our spirit or etheric body.

As we move through the year 2012 we will start to tune into the vibrations from the constellation, Aquarius and the frequency from Pisces will begin to fade out.  The particular rhythmic pulsation of waves from the constellation of Aquarius will bring a different vibration of energy and more light into our DNA. The strands of our DNA are not limited to three dimensions; they are holographic and will act the same way a modern radio frequency antenna acts in order to receive electromagnetic radio transmissions. This new transmission will reawaken our deepest cellular memory and wake us up to remember who we really are in the Universe. We are all spirits from one ultimate source.

We will be up-grading to the stellar frequency package comprised of  Alpha Aquarii (Sadalmelik) - a giant star with a diameter perhaps 100 times that of the Sun. Beta Aquarii (Sadalsund) - The brightest star of the constellation, shining at magnitude 2.9 and Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia) - A spectroscopic binary that shines at magnitude 3.8. These figures lead to an actual luminosity of about 25 suns. The light from theses strong stars in the constellation of Aquarius will have an impact on the activation of our additional strands of DNA and possibly allow scientist to identify the “spirit code” or “God gene” in our genetic make-up.

The above stars are fixed stars used by our ancient astrologers who knew the true value of astrology and how empowering this knowledge of the stars can be for mankind. The Arabic names for theses stars translate into "The luck of the king", "The luck of lucks", and "The lucky star of hidden things". The veil is lifting so we can embrace the importance of astrology and see how it influences and directs our physical, mental and spiritual qualities allowing us to tune into our highest potential. As we shift into the ideals of the Age of Aquarius it is not hard to imagine that astrology may someday be taught in schools and reclaim the dignity that it once had in the world as a beneficial practice for the soul’s journey.



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