The Galactic Center-The new “G” spot

The Galactic Center is, according to scientists, a massive black hole the size of a large star and with the density of several million suns. This luminous center of our Milky Way Galaxy is a powerful source of frequency waves. Sit tight because the energy coming from the “Cosmic G Spot” will cause a consciousness shift on this planet and will continue to do so beyond 2012. We will experience enhanced DNA which codes not only to protein but also to light or energy.  Our intuition is about to become super-sized as we recalibrate our own electromagnetic fields that serve as the motherboard for our psychic capabilities. The “Cosmic G Spot” is our portal to the ultimate consciousness experience. Exciting!

In my book, The Book of Transformation, I present all the information you need to know in order to go through the process of the empowering shift in consciousness. You won’t panic when you go through the awkward stages of getting use to your enhanced extrasensory senses along with the growing pains of moving beyond the limited world of just three dimensions because the book will guide you through the stages of your transformation. It covers everything that you ever wanted to know about your extrasensory side but were afraid to ask
The Mayans predicted the end of a dark age and the beginning of a new golden age due to the galactic alignment on December 21, 2012. This cosmic coming of age happens every 26,000 years. Basically, our Sun will be aligned exactly with a cluster of stars and also the galactic center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Earth will align with the plane of the galaxy and pass onto the other side, causing a “field – effect energy reversal”, which means that we will now resonate with the source of the field that just so happens to be a cosmic hot spot of  frequency waves.  A pole shift for our planet and some adjustments to our own personal electro-magnetic field will be par for the course and the end result of squeezing through the black hole birth canal brings us to a higher state of being. We are going from Homosapiean, wise or logical man, to Homosentient, the energy sensitive man. This is our evolution into a new awareness with the third eye, the pineal gland, fully activated and wide open acting as our personal stargate. This gland responds to light and rest assuredly, there will be plenty of it as we venture closer to the galactic center.

The ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland is our connection to the higher realms of thoughts. Descartes proposed that the pineal gland was “the seat of the soul” and the ultimate connection between the physical and the spiritual. It is the energy center of enlightenment, clairvoyance and psychic sensing. Because of our enlightenment we will now realize that there really isn’t any separateness-everything is connected through waves of frequency that weave and wrap themselves around us as routers for information. Our consciousness holds the blueprint for the physical expression of the spirit which is our flesh and blood form. The spirit is eternal, made up of “blips” of energy collected from one experience to another along its cosmic evolution.  We are now able to realize through our expanded consciousness and enlightenment that the past and future are all one in the same and merely just different aspects of the spirit’s personality playing out within the cosmic source field of frequency waves. Look at it this way: Same radio but tuning in different station at different intervals.

The Cosmic “G” spot is where the true excitement and ultimate experience of consciousness comes about and opens the pathway for us to connect with our other galactic neighbors from other star systems.  There are stars, similar to our Sun,  that have planetary systems revolving around them with some terrestrial planets that may support some similar or even advanced form of life like our own.
There has always been a mystical element to our existence.  Major religions all have their esoteric faction: Catholics have the Charismatics, Muslims have the Sufis and the Jewish faith has their Kabbalistic practitioners.  The Olde Ways religion of the Pagans always recognized our oneness with nature but a lot of their teachings had to go underground for fear of persecution.  The opening of the galactic center, the Cosmic G Spot”, will allow us to experience our mystical, spiritual, extrasensory side as science and religion meld into one frequency to bring about the science of spirituality.
There is quite a lot of evidence from scientists and spiritualist confirming that there's a particular area, located at the center of our galaxy, which seems to have a remarkable amount of frequency waves. As we move closer to the “Cosmic G Spot” or Galactic Center, the stimulation from the waves of energy in this area will help us to elevate to the next level of our evolution.

The phenomenon of higher consciousness awaits you. For more information on your transition into awakening, order a copy of The Book of Transformation (New Page Books, May 2012)