New Page Books: A Time of Spectacular Change by Lisa Barretta

New Page Books: A Time of Spectacular Change by Lisa Barretta: Without a doubt, we are experiencing a time of spectacular change. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a world where ...


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. Hopefully it will increase my knowledge about psychic readings and be able to delve deeper into its inner workings. ;)

  2. Enjoy the book:-)

  3. Lisa you were recently on coast to coast amazing show btw! You mentioned numbers and a book on numbers and their meanings is that in ur book or is this by another author?

    My wife sees numbers and this is the first sign of her transforming and I want to help her.


    1. Hi Ray, My book, The Book of Transformation has a whole section on numbers and their meaning. I always see 318 and that number keeps following me. Hope you enjoy the book and thanks for listening on Coast 2 coast:-)

  4. I follow good psychics in Australia, in my effort to become a good Melbourne clairvoyant.

    I find your book recommendation a good guide.


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