The Shift and Our Re-Calibration of Personal Frequency

Remember how Uncle Fester from the Addams family would put a light bulb in his mouth and make it light up?  Even Mary Shelley’s fictitious Frankenstein needed a jolt of electricity to get going showing us how fundamentally we are all bio-electrical beings in physical bodies. Without electricity, you wouldn't be reading this article right now not because your computer wouldn't work but rather because your brain wouldn't work. The average human body has a frequency that ranges between 62 to 68 MHz and the human brain's frequency is actually a little higher at 72 to 90 MHz.  You might say that the physical brain is the hub for where the spiritual portal, the pineal gland, connects into the physical or body center allowing for cosmic energy to filter through our chakra system, the energy centers on the body, and be realized as our intuitive infrastructure.

It is a fact that your physical body will resonate to certain frequencies depending on the state of your health. A healthy body typically has a range of 62–78 MHz, with disease beginning at 58 MHz.. If the frequency drops to 58 MHz or below, cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 MHz certain chronic diseases and conditions appear; at 52 MHz Epstein-Barr syndrome appears; and at 42 MHz, cancer is a real possibility. Death occurs at 25 MHz. Everything, from the food you eat to the thoughts you think, has a direct effect on your physical body which, as you now know, is a direct manifestation of your spiritual self.

This brings us to the current state of taking notice that our Sun along with all of the planets in our solar system are now entering the Photon Belt which has a much higher frequency and  it will interact with our own personal vibration. We are approaching a period of 2000 years of light (photon belt).  The last time this happened was about 10000 years ago and as the Aboriginals say: “Men were different then; we had a bridge to the stars. Our entire reality on this planet is going through a quantum shift. Our relationship with time is being redefined as we move into the higher speed consciousness of ascension. Everything we do is controlled and enabled by electrical signals running through our bodies and the frequencies that we come in contact with have a direct impact on not only our physical well-being but also our shift into awakening our consciousness or higher self.  The higher your vibration the more likely you are to be able to transcend time and be able to experience dimensional shifts since time as we are finding out is not linear but rather a backward and forward flow of frequency.  Healing is also possible on all levels such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual once we connect into the light.

Our planet has moved into the cosmic “fast lane” and if Earth and her inhabitants are to successful arrive into the fifth dimension of enlightenment we have to know how to recognize when we need to “shift” gears to remain focused and alert for signs, synchronicities and messages from guides that help us heal our planet along with ourselves. This is a time for re-birthing into the full potential of our higher, spiritual selves.

Every part of your being both physical and spiritual will feel the energy from the Photon Belt’s highly charged plasma, which is “radiant matter” made up of a collection of charged particles that respond strongly and collectively to electromagnetic fields, taking the form of gas-like clouds or ion beams.  You will feel some physical sensations as you begin to take on more energy or light leading up to higher consciousness or enlightenment.  Keep in mind that all things will shift vibrationally including the food that you eat for nourishment.

Here are some interesting facts about the vibrations of the physical organs of the body and how they are tuned to the incoming frequency of your surroundings, your mental/emotional state and the direct influence from the cosmos which surround our Galaxy.

Here is a list of some of your most vital body organs along with their associated ranges of frequencies. After your evolutionary shift, these rates can increase by at least 10 percent—not surprising, really, since you now hold more light.
Body Organ   Frequency in Megahertz
  1. Ascending Colon        50–60 MHz
  2. Descending Colon      58–63 MHz
  3. Heart   67–70 MHz
  4. Liver    55–60 MHz
  5. Lungs  58-65 MHz
  6. Pancreas          60–80 MHz
  7. Stomach          58–65 MHz
  8. Thymus           65–68 MHz
  9. Thyroid and Parathyroid         62–68 MHz
 Your chakra centers handle and process your body’s electromagnetic energy. They also serve as vortices for the flow of energy from the physical to the subtle bodies (emotional, mental, and etheric). Certain foods support this unique physio-psychic system, especially during and after your transformation. Try to consume food which is naturally high in pranic energy. As you do this, you will develop a healthy and attractive physical body which is more in flow with the higher frequencies of ascension. What could be better?
Following is a list if some food that may benefit you as you become more accustomed to being in touch with your emerging sentient, spiritual make-up.

1. Natural fresh fruit and vegetables (eat when in season).
 2. Natural foods like fresh cheese butter and yoghurt.
 3. Unprocessed foods including whole grain breads and unrefined sugar.
 4. Foods with a high water content like cucumbers.
 5. Foods that you are naturally drawn to.
 6. Natural honey.
 For more physical energy, try eating radishes, red capsicum, peppers, chilies and hot spicy food.

Food is vibrational frequency - a measurement of the electrical energy that is present in all natural living things. Food can help or hinder our ascension and physical health, depending on its vibrational frequency. Food can also assist the body in moving energy effectively and efficiently - provided we eat the right types of foods.

As we approach some windows of  energy surges as we move closer to the highly charged frequencies from the Galactic Center, such as the first week of July 2012,  mid-October of 2012 and the eclipse periods of late November 2012, we need to be aware of the energy of our actions toward one another, what we think, and even what we eat. Vibration is the New Food for thought as we settle into a world of higher consciousness.




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  2. This site has much better information than any of the other sites and forums that I visit. I heard about the site through Coast to Coast AM and you were on the show that very night. It was refreshing to know someone with the same basic theories as my own was publishing them.

  3. I am curious as to "how" you are measuring the resonance of these frequencies. What sort of device do you use, or are familiar with that can measure this range in the human body?? Thank you for your courtesy.

    stephen eagle


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