The reality of consciousness and the illusion of time

Consciousness has always been a bit of an enigma.  We have been caught between the beliefs of dogma, fundamentalism and even organic science, who would like us to believe that it all lies in the brain.  Maybe consciousness operates through the brain by processing thoughts via the pineal gland and pituitary gland but consciousness neither wears angel wings nor is derived by some scientific formula.  It is energy that morphs, changes frequencies, encodes new frequencies and truly exists outside the limits of time, which is the real illusion.

Consciousness is an energy that is able to transcend what we think of as “time” and therefore consciousness is able to vibrate into other realities or other personalities depending on the vibration of its frequency.  Sounds a little crazy but the truth is that we are very multi-dimensional and only because of our own beliefs do we stay trapped in the earthly cage of “time.” 

In my new book, The Book of Transformation, I explain how the physical body is in tune with circadian rhythms which serve as a way to document time. When our consciousness or subtle energy body takes a break from the physical body either through out of body experiences, near death experience or through heavy meditation, the perception of time vanishes proving that consciousness exists fundamentally anywhere it chooses to vibrate.  When the physical body is shed through death, the subtle body may register the vibrations from the life experience as codes held within the fabric of its energy accounting for what some people refer to as past life memory (it’s really a parallel memory because of quantum layers of reality) This may explain the reason some places hold what we call spirit energy or ghosts because the consciousness doesn’t register death as final because it continues to exist.
 Our consciousness, which is energy, survives independent of the physical body and is therefore able to shift to other realities, or even reincarnate.  Science has had a tough time with defining what the spirit energy is and they have embarked on the quest to find what they think might be the “God Gene.” Science deals with the physical world and consciousness is beyond what can be put into a scientific formula and looked at under a microscope.  The seeing is believing theory doesn’t work here when trying to dissect just exactly what really makes us tick.  Could we exist without consciousness?  Well if you are a zombie or android you could exist but only in a limited sense.  Consciousness’ has no limits and can canvass the multi-dimensions of the Universe.

Multi-dimensional realities have already been proven to exist, through quantum physics and scientific theorems.  Skeptics may still dismiss an afterlife and the days of organized religions leading you to believe that there is a heaven and hell waiting for your consciousness to arrive depending on the type of life you led is wearing thin since we don’t so readily buy into the fear (False Emotions Appearing Real) or the “guilty as charged “mind set anymore during these spiritually evolving times. 

As we gain more knowledge of the paranormal many of our existing concepts about physical science, biology and even our relationship with “time” will have to be revamped.   Are ghost hunts, hauntings, paranormal activity and other scientifically unexplained events merely just a look into a worm hole devoid of the illusion of time?  Where does consciousness go after physical death or can it experience a multitude of life experiences simultaneously as parallel realities?  Surviving Death: A Paranormal Debate, is a soon to be released documentary that takes the talk to the table with expert interviews and a trip to one of the world’s most haunted places, Eastern State Penitentiary.   Please follow the link to like the Facebook page and also watch the opening teaser scene from this innovative look at consciousness.




  1. Hello Lisa,
    Thanks for all this information you are sharing, if you find time, would be nice to have your opinion on third eye opening experience I have had 9 years ago. It seems to activate electromagnetic field of consciousness, which is individual identity, and I listen to your show speaking about it being able to hold vibration. I have had enlightenment's too and maybe it is about holding highest or clear vibration by individual identity, which is light of love really:)
    Thanks for your time,
    Gela, E-mail

  2. This article is really informative, honestly! Anyway, I was actually looking for articles in relation to psychic reading and I stumbled on your blog. But I'm glad I did. It gives additional knowledge into this things.


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