Paranormal Investigations: Are we the Observer or the Observed?

Back in August of 2010, I wrote a blog called: Do Ghost Ever Retire from Hauntings? (See archived posts)  Since then I have taken part in the production of the documentary, Surving Death: A Paranormal Debate, which will help you become even more aware of what we call “the paranormal “and why we  have  a natural desire to find out what happens to our soul or consciousness after we physically expire. Where does the energy body go?  Does it change, reincarnate, stay trapped, caught in a web of heavy emotional energy or does it continue on as an intelligent energy; a compilation of downloaded information consisting of its prior life experiences.

This time of year, the Halloween season, seems to be the most popular for ghost hunts, paranormal investigations and exploring the things that go “bump in the night” but do we know what we are walking into as we attempt to tune into the frequency of this invisible energy environment?  Do we fail to realize the seriousness of delving into this “Cosmic 220 line” of voltage because of the paranormal’s extreme popularity in pop culture, which in a sense hurts to legitimatize the exploration of it. This taboo subject matter has been relegated to entertainment to the point that even universities won't consider it worthy enough to be taught.  The University of Virginia and Duke once had programs for paranormal studies but a lack of funding due to the fact that it was seen as having limited potential for manifesting plausible careers along with not being accepted by mainstream science, led to the demise of these departments.  Science-everything has to be able to be studied or should I say “double blind studied” with consistent results in order to be seen as “REAL.”  Seen is the operative word.  What about the unseen?  Can we only consider the science of matter and energy and their interactions if we call it quantum physics? I like paranormal activity better. 

Everything is made up of the same thing (energy); therefore experiencing different states or layers of imprinted consciousness (paranormal energy) is essentially just the manner in which you choose to communicate with it.  Psychic hits, paranormal activity and such are all very random because these things do not exist only or should I say “souly” in a controlled environment.  Energy is expansive and moving at all times and if you catch a frequency wave, you ride it in and get to experience an alternate way of tapping into the vast vault of vibrational information that is available to you. 

Our fascination and curiosity about the paranormal makes us ask: What is a ghost? What is a demon? What is a haunting? How can you photograph a ghost if it isn’t physical in nature?  How do you ultimately know that you are tuning into the essence of a long dead poet, movie star or family member? Remember-there are a lot of trickster energies out in the dimensions that transcend time and space and what you may be tuning into is a fragmented  loop of  psychic mis-information.  What you entertain yourself with as paranormal investigation or Ouija board spirit contact, may entangle you with a mass of ungrounded energy that can have a dangerous influence on things that are experienced by you such as electrical malfunctions due to higher energy mixing with your own energy essence and even bouts of telekinesis, which causes things to be moved or pushed around.  Is it them, the ghosts, or possibly a charge to your own energy that may cause these paranormal things to happen?

Graveyards and old buildings are not the only holding places of extreme paranormal activity because contemporary buildings are also capable of holding overloads of emotional energy, especially hospitals and crowded airports.  Any place that is exposed to a lot of emotional energy output and drama can become a hot bed for what we call paranormal activity. Every single person has psychic potential  and because we mostly live through our logical mind, our extrasensory system often goes unrecognized except for a rare admission to a hunch or  a funny feeling that something is going to happen before it actually comes about. All day long we are leaving psychic residue wherever we go and depending on the intensity of our charged thoughts the energy left behind can be as weak as a battery or as strong as an explosion. 

The world of the paranormal can be explored using both enlightened thought and traditional scientific methods.  After all-it is all energy that if slowed down enough can also appear as physical matter. We are beginning to realize that parapsychology is no longer to be considered a pseudo-science. If you are truly interested in pursuing ghost hunts, haunting’s and open portals to other dimensions, I highly recommend that you approach the subject with respect and some education along with training from a well versed expert in the paranormal. Safety should be your first concern when dealing with this type of energy.

Consciousness and paranormal activity are not necessarily one and the same. Consciousness is an intelligent energy capable of selective paranormal displays but you can have a placebo effect if you cause yourself to generate a lot of your own emotional energy. Think about it.  How many times have you worked yourself up enough, generated so much energy and experienced something breaking or going wrong?  We are energy generators so not all paranormal activity is related to ghosts, demons or hauntings.

I often wonder as I walk through designated haunted places or watch a medium attempt to contact specific people, are we the observer or the observed?  Why should energy existing in a faster frequency choose to be directed back down to the earth plane, a lower frequency, in order to entertain a group on a ghost hunt?  Can we make contact with specific elements of someone’s consciousness or are we tapping into a pre-recorded energy imprint?  Are warnings and messages supposedly given by deceased loved ones actually coming from  that source or are we being helped out by other dimensional beings who wear the mask of familiarity so we will listen to their message?  Can some of the beings we tap into possibly be aliens of higher intelligence who wonder “what the hell we are doing” when we light our candles and walk through dark, creepy places hoping to have the shit scared out of us.  There is a lot of territory to yet be explored and as William Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

For more information on the documentary, Surviving Death: A Paranormal Debate, please join the facebook page for the above named film and also listen to Coast to Coast on October 18th, 2012, when  a select group involved with the making of the film will discuss “What is the Paranormal.”



  1. Lisa, you always can get to the quick of things! And good that you do. I only hope that others will read this post (I'm going to share it on social media) so they can think about what they are doing, while "playing around" in a haunted house or with a ouija board.

    There are so many variables dealing with paranormal events, that it should always be approached in a sane and reverent manner. As they say, "You don't know what you don't know," and that is very true when it comes to things like this. Research is in process, and organizations like the Institute of Noetic Sciences is just scratching the surface.

    So, shall we enter into the Halloween time with respect and not go off half witted.

    Thanks so much for enlightening us in this subject! ~~Melissa Leath

  2. Thank you Melissa. You are someone I highly respect when it comes to the world of the paranormal and metaphysics. Let's keep the movement going in the right direction.



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