December 21, 2012, The New Renaissance for the Spirit

Watch my friends, as the time is drawing close for the lifting of the veil as we approach the season of enlightenment officially to commence on December 21, 2012.  As we move toward a time of new thought and spiritual evolution, in a mystic sense not a religious sense, we will notice that what was once hidden is now beginning to be revealed. Whether through the turn of the Tarot card, astrological insight or by the uncanny realization of our own innate psychic senses, the truth will no longer elude us.

It seems like we are waiting for some great event or major Earth changes to herald in the anticipated move toward the Galactic Center and the end date of the Mayan Calendar.  If we focus our energies on catastrophes, earthquakes and other dramatic events we are sure to bring them about since collectively our thoughts will cause an outward manifestation of that which we choose to focus our attention.  Choose your thoughts CONSCIOUSLY and carefully. Your creative, manifesting abilities are stronger now than ever and what you bring about will have far-reaching consequences. Think about a cause that's worthy of your attention and for the good of all humanity.

The year 2012 marks the beginning of a spiritual Renaissance and an overall evolution for mankind.  Words, thoughts, frequencies all have an effect on our programming and studies show that there are strands of our DNA that respond more to frequency and light while our basic strands, the double helix, codes to proteins.  As we enter a new place within the Milky Way Galaxy, we will pull in new frequencies as well as energy and light from the stars surrounding the Galactic Center. 

Similarly, this new phase of enlightenment that we are about to experience, urges us to be more humanitarian. The Renaissance that followed the Dark Ages had a major effect on contemporary theology, particularly in the way people perceived the relationship between man and God. Our new Renaissance allows us to see through the false structures and limits of religions based on guilt and fears so we can honor true spirituality as opposed to the separateness and differences that have caused so many religious based discriminations and wars. We are moving out of the Age of Pisces, which is all about religions, confusion, “the hand is quicker than the eye” mysticism and suffering in the shadows of the mind.

The Age of Aquarius is getting closer, offering the celestial frequencies to bring about technical progress, spectacular inventions, Internet, information super-highways, satellites, high-tech communication systems, psychic sensing, telepathy and the probability of acknowledging that UFO’s and celestial visitors are now a part of the new world  in which we live. Our basic nature is one of an electric, spiritual essence, we call consciousness or soul and we are soon to realize that we are connected vibrationally to every part of the vast Universe and the one Divine source of all things. We are one and the same.  This is a very powerful time as we are not limited by what we were told to believe as “human limits’ because we now know what we are capable of as we connect into the banks of  Universal knowledge through the new light of  the stronger frequencies coming from the center of our Galaxy.

So, will we all still be here on December 22, 2012?  You are damn right we will be here because this is the opening for spiritual evolution and the recent revolutions against suppression and control in many parts of the world are indicators that the empowering shift into a new golden age for mankind has begun. The evolution of our consciousness allows us to experience life beyond the limits of the third dimension and takes us to the realms of higher knowing and sensing.



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