Rogue Emotions and Consciousness

Yikes!  Did you ever have one of those moments when you have some rouge emotion show up out of the blue and suddenly touch off a reactive hot button in you?  Crazy residual emotions file in one by one and before you know it you are embroiled in an out of control situation fueled by enough emotional energy to bring a building down. One hot mess indeed!

Emotional energy makes up the complex personality of our consciousness.  It is a magnetized field consisting of a combination of both positive and negative charges, cataloging all of our experiences from every lifetime by way of emotional energy imprints. These energy imprints or memories, can fuel the behaviors that get us caught up in our own emotional traps, complicate our relationships, affect our health, and sabotage life in unexpected ways especially if they go rogue.

Imagine for a moment the components of a car engine.  The wrong fuel, dirty filters and low maintenance can and usually do effect the car’s performance.  Breakdowns and failures are the usual norm when conditions and problems aren’t addressed.  The same criterion applies to your subtle body energy field, the home base of your eternal consciousness.  There are seven subtle bodies, or layers, around the physical body, which create the auric body system (aura).  Each level of the aura has its own seven chakras, which are nested within the other auric chakras.  So in actuality, the base chakra, for example, will have 7 major chakras, all vibrating at different frequencies. This way, energy can be transmuted between all bodies to all chakras. Your chakras are the components of your subtle body's energy system and  your thoughts , mental images along with emotions are in a sense the fuel.  Living consciously and aware is the preferred maintenance for your spiritual components.

The second layer of our subtle body, The emotional field , carries vivid memories of all unresolved feeling states and emotional traumas from past lives, such as fear of physical violence, anger, depression about a hopeless situation, grief, shame from abuse or humiliation, or worthlessness from having failed in some way. This field extends two or three feet around the physical body, and can be sensed or clairvoyantly "seen" as a person's aura, often in colors corresponding to feelings, states, or moods.  If someone has been deeply hurt the etheric body, the smallest of the bodies, will carry with it an imprint of that hurt, which becomes an etheric blueprint, influencing future lives at the physical level. There may be other residues in the emotional field as well. For example, if the person lived a very lonely life, there may be bitterness in the emotional field attached to images of loneliness.    

Unresolved issues imbedded into your subtle body can at any time resurface when an emotion goes rogue. Our consciousness survives physical death  so when you  die, the energy imprinting stays engraved eternally unless you, during  your current  incarnation has an awareness to transmute any negative vibes into a more neutral or higher vibration.  This is how we bring about transformation to reach a higher level of consciousness. We have to know when to LET GO of situations, relationships and other things in our life that do not serve our highest good.

A person who is harboring a grudge from a past life time may unconsciously reactivate that grudge if a similar situation triggers that emotional “hot button.”  For instance, let's say that in a prior incarnation you had horrible relationships all ending tragically.  In your current life you somehow manage to sabotage every opportunity to be in a good relationship because on some level of your consciousness you have  a fear of relationships. Maybe they let you down, hurt you  and that energy imprint may show up currently as a rogue emotion misfire that was never corrected.  

Are you doomed?  No way.  Once you have one of those “Ah Ha” moments you release and let go of your fear (false, emotion, appearing real) and CONSCIOUSLY make an adjustment by honoring your feelings, letting go of past hurts and tuning into the higher frequencies that bring about a resolve.  This is perfection of the spirit which gives us a lighter emotional load to carry.  Dense, dark emotional energy imprints are too heavy to carry forward into the higher realms of consciousness so at some point or another you need to address what holds you back from the bliss of elevated consciousness and true transformation.

A rogue emotion can even be the cause of physical illnesses or conditions. These energy imprints will show you one way or another whether through interactions in relationships or through physical manifestation that something is amiss in the fabric of your consciousness.  If there is an emotion that is literally eating away at you, usually held as anger, chances are that a physical cancer will develop.  You have to realize that you are an ENERGY system first and foremost and the physical manifestation is what you look at to see how either right or wrong things are progressing in your life.

As we develop greater self-awareness, we begin to learn about the management of our own emotional energy and this also means we become more aware of how to protect our auric space and free ourselves from negative or energy draining emotional links with others.  Energy vampires and people who operate without a filter can corrupt your own energy field by pulling you into their emotional drama; Drama is an acronym for DOING REAL ASSHOLE MOVES ACCORDINGLY. Certainly we all know someone like that and they are usually put in our path so we can learn a lesson and make a necessary correction in our own consciousness.  As they say, “No enemies, only teachers.’ 

Sometimes emotions we experience aren’t even our own as is the case with empaths or highly sensitive people. Super energy sensitive people can take on emotional pain and even experience the physical pain of others. The more you live in a state of awareness the more you become empatic which helps you relate to the pain of others so you, yourself , realize that you have a united field of energy with everyone and everything therefore spurring you on to not be careless or hurtful in your dealings with others and even the environment.

Moving beyond the limits of unconscious emotional reactions allows you to think rationally and make more intelligent choices for yourself and your loved ones.



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