The Ultimate Experience is “YOU’

As we move along during the process of spiritual evolution and transformation it is a common occurrence to sometimes feel “stuck.”  Here you stand with one foot firmly planted in the material world and the other foot trying to steady itself in the higher dimensional world of vibrational frequency.  We sometimes begin to feel discontent with our jobs, relationships and other areas of our life. You may begin to realize that some situations and relationships just aren’t comfortable anymore. Very often people who aren’t in alignment with your vibes will seem to just drop out of your life. As you transition into a higher frequency it is easier to let go. Your relationships and quality of life are now experienced differently as you move into a world where “matter doesn't matter” as much as frequency and energy do.
As you evolve and awaken to the new energy shift, you will notice that things seem to line up in your life almost magically. We begin to go with what feels right for us instead of focusing on what looks impressive to others. Being authentic and true to yourself is the Mantra for a successful transformation into living within the realms of the higher dimensions of consciousness.  Notice how synchronicities become more frequent as you merge into the finer frequencies if the Universe otherwise known as the “Divine order of randomness”. You will always seem to be in the right place at the right time and needed information will magically become available to you even in the sometimes cryptic language of repeated number patterns, chance happenings and even on billboards and signs.

The more you evolve the more you begin to realize that you and you alone are the source of your own happiness and contentment.  Blaming others for your misfortune doesn’t fly in higher consciousness.  Once you realize that you have control over your emotions and feelings you will no longer be in “victim consciousness” or be able to have other people trigger your “hot buttons” and piss you off……well sometimes, I have to admit, you might very well have dealings with an asshole, a liar, or an energy vampire but see them as an evolutionary endurance test instead of being reactive to their disruptive energy.

Getting “unstuck” is the secret to transformation.  All of the false realities, fears, dogma, and oppressive situations equated with the material world are nothing more than the illusion of being anchored to conditions that hinder your ascension.  You have to stop looking to other people, places, jobs or things as a source for happiness.  How can you expect someone to love you if you don’t find yourself lovable?  How can you perform at a job that you feel doesn’t inspire you and ignite your creative juices? Big houses, expensive cars, and other material things make us more comfortable but they are not the source of our happiness.  

Allow yourself to let go and feel the excitement of the free-fall.  Remember there is a Divine order to the randomness of the Universe and sometimes just staying in the moment, not planning too far ahead or getting stuck in past situations allows you to automatically recalibrate your frequency to the frequency of the magical moment of self-awareness.

Socrates and other philosophers studied primarily questions of human existence. A man, who knows himself, knows thus the entire universe. A very profound thought indeed and also an encouragement to all of us to honor our true power, our extrasensory senses, the power of the truth, our ability to heal on every level and the ultimate realization that our consciousness is an eternal time traveler experiencing every thought that we dare to conceive and believe.

The ultimate experience is “YOU.’  Don’t get stuck in your own shit or that of others.  Live your truth, be authentic and reap the rewards of transformation into the higher realms of consciousness.

            “I must first know myself, as the Delphian inscription says; to be curious about that which is not my concern, while I am still in ignorance of my own self would be ridiculous.”
(427?-347 B.C.)



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